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  1. Yep, basically what raynebc said. I haven't implemented much in the past month. I mostly just added MIDI export. Although I'm still refining the spec. I think it looks pretty clean but I doubt many others would enjoy authoring using REAPER. I also worked on the CELT encoding. I had fixed the issue with previews not playing correctly and implemented packet offset calculations. Result is a smaller file size. The main things I left to implement are an GUI for song conversion/import. I'm also thinking about how I want to package customs so that they can be distributed. I'm considering something along the lines of pre-serializing RIFF/CLT files and saving them into a compressed archive. From that you should be able to import the files into a BF game directory and update its index/catalog entries.
  2. Hey guys. Sorry it took so long but I finally have a working prototype for converting songs over to BandFuse. Over the past month I've re-written my entire RIFF serialization code, added support for celt encoding/decoding, and added midi import functionality. I've still got a lot left to implement but I just wanted to give an update. If you weren't already aware, BandFuse does DLC much differently than RS/RB. Each new package has an index entry which lists every file in the entire BandFuse archive including all previously released DLC. So distributing customs in an STFS package like releases from C3 is out of the question. For now I have a workflow for importing a custom then generating and updating the necessary RIFF files within an archive. I still need to add tone switching, album art conversion, better tab import, and probably a bunch of other stuff. Right now it just imports song charts from RB3 midi files that include pro guitar/bass tracks. I'm currently looking to either expand on RB3's midi spec for additional tab notation and/or implement an XML/JSON import feature. I'll coordinate with raynebc for EOF support when I get to that point. In the meantime, check out these gameplay videos of customs in action! "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" - Quiet Riot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q8c3COvbDE "When I Come Around" - Green Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHvFKonTGR0 P.S. If anyone knows of any open source or free to distribute libraries for encoding BINK videos please let me know.
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