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  1. @@Alex360 Think of it this way- if I want an isolated stem for each path in Rocksmith, I need at *least* three variants of the song- one for stemless guitar, one for stemless rhythm, one for stemless bass. The main issue with Rocksmith never getting it is that they're 1,000+ tracks in- there'd just be too much chaos and confusion (e.g., why does this recent DLC have stems, but this old one from a song that came out in 2015 doesn't, or if we get new songs from say the 1960s, why don't those have stems?) for the average consumer, and Rock Band is already running into those problems with their hardcore base. Plus, it's just been proven that throughout the years, people are fine with the way Rocksmith runs on just the one mastered track. And I am too! I just really like the idea of master stems in these games (Rock Band and Guitar Hero too!) and BandFuse just neatly wraps it up. Are there less amps and tones? Sure. Could the interface be better? You bet. But I just... *like* the game a lot, I guess. And I'm excited to produce high-quality content for it.
  2. Basically, stems and vocals are the only advantages to BandFuse. Liking the notation is subjective (I like both games just fine), and I own all the content from BF before it was taken down. Vocals could go away as an advantage if a theoretical next Rocksmith introduces them, but Rocksmith will never introduce master stems. They're in too deep to have a separation of content like that. And I really, really dig the master stems.
  3. Popping back in to this thread just to say how excited I am about this project coming together!
  4. I hope to pick it up again in the next two weeks. Semester's been a bit hectic, and I've been deadlocked by file indexing since early March. I'm glad there are still people interested. Makes me pretty happy. :)
  5. Dunno any way to get the key. I suppose if I could find a way to monitor the hypervisor or get Xenia (X360 emulator) on PC to build it would be possible- seems like the only way, anyhow. But that is totally awesome that you took the time to help out. :)
  6. That's because only the highest difficulty is lead. Every other difficulty is rhythm.
  7. Unfortunately, .bik support does not work in multiplayer, meaning that BF customs, unless someone gets audio working, will be solely a single-player experience. EDIT: Well, you can do vocals and another instrument simultaneously, but yeah, nothing with multiplayer that doesn't involve vocals.
  8. I appear to have spoken a bit too soon. Static was more than likely the result of a separate, failing test I was working on. :/
  9. Interesting discovery: I can sub .bik files into the stem locations, and static will play (no audio plays with .wav files). I haven't tried flagging the files as .bik in the .rif files yet, but this seems like it could lead to some interesting experimentation.
  10. Yep. In an alternate scenario where you're charting to Rock Band stems, you could also just record a video of that game if there wasn't a music video available.
  11. You have to rip them from the disc or extract the .rif files from the DLC.
  12. Did a few more tests with Roundabout, Pull Me Under, and Rock This Town, everything appears to be in check so far.
  13. UPDATES: - Chord sections have been figured out - Added the tone information that I have
  14. Brief update in the thread today: - Tempo indicators - Time Signature - BEAT Track (Not actually called BEAT, but its function is identical to Rock Band's BEAT track).
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