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  1. yup. free and open-source. check it out at https://unjammit.com tracks are supposedly backed up online with no one charging for it
  2. You mean you have created your own JCF content, playable on Unjammit? Would you share to take a look?
  3. So i've heard, but I'm not a huge fan of having tracks people contributed sold back to us (that "free with the app" excuse is just plain bull) I'll play the tracks I bought back in the day without paying extra, thanks
  4. jammit was brought back, btw
  5. btw, the jammit app was "resurrected" as open-source. check out unjammit.com tracks are also around
  6. yeah, it worked well for me but the app is no longer available however, some clone was developed and can be downloaded at https://unjammit.com also, I heard the content was salvaged by the users so tracks should still be available
  7. good that you mention that. sadly, Jammit as a company went under But there is a fully functional clone at unjammit.com (works on all devices) also, the community backed up the whole catalog
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