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  1. hopefully they'll be some Metallica,Amorphis,Def leppard,Motely crue,Bon Jovi,Skillet,Vixen,Danger Danger,Disturbed,Godsmack,Children of bodom,Linkin park,Creed and trivium in the future.
  2. hopefully Vixen,nightwish,Amorphis,Scorpions and bon jovi are on bandfuse custom in the feature
  3. hopefully sometime in the feature the songs will be available to play on bandfuse custom.
  4. hopefully we'll see some custom form Disturbed,Godsmack,Five finger Death punch,Seether,Skillet,Red,Europe,Linkin park,Demon hunter,Bon Jovi,Kiss,Damn yankees,Danger Danger,Cradle of flith,Nightwish,the Offspring,Children of bodom,Def leppard,Killswitch Engage,papa roach and Shinedown.
  5. Anything happening on the BF DLC front? My son keeps on asking... He would really like some more songs to play.
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