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  1. Just stopping by to show support and interest in BFForever. Can't wait. Already looking for stems in preparation. Thanks in advance for your dedication to Bandfuse Mr. Guts
  2. https://github.com/PikminGuts92/BFForever Here is another code repository for someone else who has been working on cdlc. Maybe this along with the other bits can be helpful.
  3. Found the above link through here where it talks about using the CLT tool with the Reaper(?). http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=22876
  4. http://www.tonbandstimmen.de/cuelisttool/index_e.htm This site has a CLT tool and has some explanation of what it does and how to use it. Maybe this and Alex360 stuff would work good together.
  5. I'm testing the Bandfuse Import for Rocksmith at this point, syncing the tabs with an MP3. Just finished goofing around with Rebel Yell, again the tabs were behind by 3 beats, adjusted by leading silence. This .rif file did import the vocals with lyrics. I found that the vocal melody roll is pretty good as well, at times it looks like there are no lyric line definitions but there actually are, they are just out of range, the piano roll (keys) octave needs to be adjusted to the melody range. For me the guitar difficulty levels are jumping around between rhythm and lead parts...
  6. Hmm. The other day I was fooling around with avisynth/megui, it uses clt files for designating cuts for video editing. I think maybe between the clt and bik files there might be some audio volume settings going on. I was also fooling around with Bink and was able to convert a bik to avi video, the Alanis video from the PS3 Bandfuse files. When I tried mixing audio into the video all I was able to get was static. Today I fooled around with EOF importing the Bandfuse tabs from the rif files. Had success with Alanis and Megadeth. The import included the different difficulties and only real bass and real guitar parts, no voice or second guitar. The tabs for these two were three beats behind the mp3 so I compensated with 3 beats of leading silence, after that the tabs were right on. I also tried importing Testament but the tabs were 3 beats ahead of the mp3 and I didn't know how to adjust, I wanted to add 3 beats to the start but couldn't figure it out. Note: I downloaded your homemade bk2 video the other day, I was able to see it but could not hear anything... Today I clicked on your video and heard your music, don't know how or why. Note 2: I'm fooling around with a tor dl'd version of the ps3 Bandfuse files, not an iso but the files (as info).
  7. thought a list of game partners might be useful to review for potential tech direction. Blue Shift Inc. Mercenary Tech. Wave Group McDSP - I think this is tone design or audio sampling? Autodesk Scale form Bink video Mastiff bEHAVIOUR Nady Harmonix Fender Rogue Games
  8. the -boy because apparently .clt can also be used for something with gameboy... a search of this: <.clt xbox -boy> came up with some interesting results that might be helpful... I found this link to be, hopefully helpful, http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php?title=GRAF:Abomination_CLT also this: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?pid=289355%23pid289355 This for potential future reference: Also, I was able to identify the .xpr counterpart for the PS3, that being the .gtf file. searched <.gtf ps> and as above.... found this to be informational as well... http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5164 One more search of <.clt ps3 -boy> resulted in this french site: http://www.framasoft.net/article4663.html I ran that through google translate, mentions both Xbox and PS3, talking about MeGUI, video conversion software.
  9. Has anyone looked at Jammit as a possible basis for the cdlc? I haven't tried it but it sounds like has the stems or something similar for its music tracks, of course along with the separate tabs...
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