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What's Your Goal?


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I have stared fooling around with building custom cdlc songs for personal preference to what isn't on custom forge. I haven't completely finalized one yet and am trying to do this one hit wonder band oleander "why I'm here". It's definitely harder than I thought but I'm determined. From someone who barely knows his way around the computer even harder. I have watched tutorials on how to do this, and most give you the steps but there is alot of things that are a language I have no idea what this or that means. I do believe though it will help with my having a key ear for music and identifying tones in a song. What I would like to ask is if anyone knows of any good tutorials that maybe I possibly have not ran across yet. Like maybe some steps on understanding the details and understanding what the details mean. Like why changing milliseconds does and how it works and etc.

I have found this site this best site I have ever messed with everyone is awesome and seem to want to help. I have made my contributions and will continue to do so and can't wait till I am able to put one of my cdlc on custom forge.

There is no limit as to what you can learn from here and I understand that it's really all about what u want to learn and how determined you are.

I battle from bipolar depression and this place "custom" forge is my medicine and has truly helped out with that, so thank you custom forge, for giving this to those who want it or need it.

Even if this site required a subscription it would be well worth it. But I understand why it's free and why it needs to be and therefore will continue my donations so that this will always be available.

Sweet!! Love to try your cdlc. Yeah I'm going to continue my donation too, this place is amazing! 

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Learning electric guitar is just an adventure. Time has come to take the next steps - finish it or start a professional course. 2 years ago I couldn't imagine myself as a guitarist. I got some piano experience in my childhood and I didn't understand massive guitar excitement. Other instruments unpopular? I don't think so. They have bad reputation so players don't boast. However, I like rock/metal music. There is a lot to do on the identity rock scene. Summer 2013. Try something new? Why not? It's never too late. It's the best time to start it by the end of 1st university degree (a lot of free time for writing thesis). I discovered choosing a decent instrument is difficult. Some local high-quality brands, cheap brands, expensive items and many Fender imitations. You can easily sell cheap guitar with low money loss but more expensive guitar increases your motivation. Moreover, I started to work soon. I still have some free time to play Rocksmith but not enough to go to a professional teacher or practice every day.


Initial goals

1. Learn to play rock/metal/hardcore on electric guitar from scratch.

2. Form a band and play concerts OR publish covers over Internet.

3. Start a music project and try to create new songs with other instruments.


Current goals

1. Enjoy playing Rocksmith and create some more CDLC in free time until my next step.

2. Boost guitar technique to cooperate with others and upgrade hardware OR finish the adventure.

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Main goal - getting rich and create as many customs as PC Plum did.


A more appropriate goal when buying the first version of Rocksmith was to touch the guitar more often than before and from this it was a success and continued with the 2014 version. There're different methods to learn, but the motivation comes from Rocksmith and playing songs with others in a community. And of course the fact that I can play songs I like and create one by myself if it's missing.

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My first goal was to sing and play at the same time on a gig, now that I have, I decided to aim even higher, so my next step is to play the Instrumedley by Dream Theater perfectly :lol:, and since I have a lifetime to accomplish that, there's no pressure xD .

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Game over

I revised my goals. This is the end. It was an epic adventure but it needs to be finished. Rocksmith helped me to learn a lot but I have no time for professional course and no vision to show off, e.g. join or establish a band. Playing guitar for myself won't earn money. However, I will finish CDLC that are work-in-progress so I don't sell my Cort KX-5 for the time being. I might return to piano (keys) in far future.


Other reason alongside job and studies is health, e.g. wrist issue when playing power chords. If I screw it, I won't be able to write code.


19th October 2015

Some fellows maintain it's not too late for chickadees. Learn a number of catchy songs, throw a party, take your guitar, start playing and all chicks belong to you. But no time to learn and practice. No free room.

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