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  1. I´m tired of RS. I´m no longer interested so it seems. I want to be unsubscribed. I´m even considering of abandon playing guitar. But´s that´s another topic. Anyway Customsforge is no longer helping me at all but I appreciate all the wonderful people who made this site possible and all those users who create cdlc. Keep the good work and thank you. No hard feeling but I don´t want to be member of this site anymore. Even if is not possible I´m planning of no entering anymore. Thanxs for your understanding.Bye :)
  2. I hate the 100 percent reset.It´s killing me right now. :angry:
  3. I am a music listener a lot since I was a little kid, I used to play the smurfs in that long plays at 6 or 7. Later at 10 I used to listen to the old records from my father like Glen Miller. Was at 13 that I would like to play battery like Iron Maiden. but my father just grunt in disagreement. So like you was pretty late in been interested in playing guitar ,after playing Guitar Hero. At first was fun GH, but later realized how unreal was to play that toy with programmed sounds that really inspired to play guitar for real,so it wasn´t all the music groups that heard before just that silly video game. :P . Never imagined how hard it would be. So there´s me right now struggling to play guitar right after spending quite some time with RS since almost the first release. So history repeats again somehow like Guitar Hero.Ha,ha,ha. :D :D :D Ah the irony.
  4. I can enter but songs aren´t displayed, is like it´s broken or something. Edit. Looks like it´s working right now but isn´t showing songs recently updated by default, instead is showings all bands in alphabetical order it´s a little confusing. :wacko:
  5. I have to agree with you.In fact I have a love /hate concept of Rocksmith. I´m in a point that relying completely of Rocksmith is useless right now because I think I´d reached a stall point were I cannot longer learn exclusively from it but still I use it as an active complement. I´m afraid that RS don´t help me to develop muscle memory, in facts it´s quite the opposite. Maybe it´s just me but I feel it that way. So I recently asked myself: Is Rocksmith actually for beginners or mostly medium/advanced players? However I can´t deny Rocksmith motivates/introduce me for playing the guitar and there´s a plus pro in the fact that you can recreate your fav songs with custom tools with just tabs for the game itself. My recommendation for every beginner is to get a decent amp and to try to play with just tabs or youtube videos or subscription sites frequently and still playing RS, and that would make a world of a difference maybe not right on but after quite some time you´ll see why.
  6. It´s bad idea to change tunings frequently in a single guitar, if that your question that I´m already assuming because if you have this type of question 4 a beginner you probably won´t set your guitar only for playing a single song from Audio Slave. To keep a guitar in a single type already adjusted is fine but changin´ it constantly is not.The cons are that you can disarrange the curvature of the fretboard or neck,in case your neck is already set. When a neck bows for,the strings may be to high,making the guitar difficult to play. When a neck bows back ,the strings may be to low causing fret buzz.The neck is made of wood that is flexible and the strings along with the bolt-on neck design, keep it on certain shape and is in constant tension. Furthermore this tuning change can cause your strings to lost tension and you have to keep them at tune frequently. To check if your neck is set correctly do as follow. On the low E string,push down on the first and last fret.Sighting under the string at the 8th fret.the gap should be around about the thickness about 3 sheets of papers. In case that neck needs adjustment take it to the guitar store. In the least case your tunings would be unstable.The ideal thing would be to have different guitars ,each from a single type of tuning. A cheap solution would be to get a pedal that change the pitch for your guitar at will for different type of tunings, I heard that this kind of pedals work in RS.There was a pors before like this and there there´s the kind of pedals for it.
  7. Nice, this is an example of what self conviction can achieve. Playing guitar is an art that few can really understand.It´s an art that´s very difficult but not impossible. It´s about effort and visualization.You can have the best rated guitar,one of the best guitar players as a teacher and one of the best learning tools if there´s any out there, but if you aren´t convinced at all of the sacrifice and will you have to put in it, then you are nothing but fooling yourself.Hail the gods of music for music and human sake!
  8. Nei,did yo wrote the song and earn the same income as him????
  9. But the main issue here is how do you feel. Is like you feel like you looked like a lifeless rag doll? Well this have to do with your aura, karmic fields ,at what grounds are of your spirit.Thing seems pretty gray. First of all is about not doing anything but how do you feel. For example if your spiritual mood is on a positive level no matter how static you are you and the people who surround you would like to see/feel you at that time if by the other way your spirit is on a negative mood the whatever you do you and others would feel pretty uncomfortable around you. Looks like you spirit is aiming to the void. This have nothing to do with guitar but on esoteric areas and you need to address that ASAP. Unfortunately I´m not expert in the matter but you can search over the internet.
  10. But at the end is like Dave Mustaine said to Scott Weiland whe STP began to be famous: You´ll have a lot o´ pussy a lot o´ drugs... just beware of drugs. And now Weiland is dead by an overdose just like Prince and a lot of musicians nowadays. Beware of drugs, they are no joke, whatever if you´ll be famous or not.:(
  11. 9000? What? Do you actually play ´em all?
  12. Very impractical and uncomfortable experience evidently.And now I understand what´s going to be motion sickness in that technology, just look at the 360 edge fretboard.:P
  13. Isn´t riff repeater like guitar hero? Actually you can play all songs in guitar hero but you aren´t learning anything because is solely a game though. Is just playing and imaging you are the real deal for show and fun. For beginners would be best to avoid difficult songs in RS,they hadn´t quite the level to even try difficult songs for themselves so why bother?. Besides I think RR don´t help at all but extend the learning process of learning a song and makes it more boring. Learning guitar is boring you know to make it more complicated,it doesn´t help out in that sense.
  14. To master the guitar you have to be reaaaally really passionate. The "I´m so lazy" is not an excuse. There´s no magic drug ,technique ,or method to master the guitar art but pure conviction and persistence, we are all different persons as we all have different methods. And for the thing of playing extended hours you aren´t to get any better but injured.
  15. Urghhh I hate Madonna so I couldn´t tell. I´m not clicking that.
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