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  1. As I have been booted from all the official pages for my views on subscription ill ask my none related Q's here i knew i had Dobie Greys Drift away and thought it was on the new version. did it not get exported over from version 1 ? i find it in my account but when i try to play it in version 1 ( yes i'm that old i still have it on my Pc ) it does not recognise my bass as plugged in yet RS 14 recognises the cable no problem
  2. If you made another there would be 3 ;)
  3. I have had this also. My solution is to put all CDLC's into a spare folder then place the ones i want to play into the game folder for that session. It took some setting up as I have over 2000 songs and have now put them into sub folders of style and also have a sub folder for any new ones i download to check before moving them into there style folder. It also helps the game load faster as its not reading all the songs every time it starts up
  4. I know its probably on here somewhere so please direct me as i cannot find it. I have created setlists in CFSM and whant to either open RS with just one list or be able to view them from within RS in Filter by song list to enable only that list. How do i do this Thanks in Advance
  5. as stated i have already have CFSM 'I ticked the box in the song manager but when i run RS its still the same.'
  6. Help point an old man in the correct direction :-) A lot of CDLC's start with full notation even when i go into score attack level 1. I ticked the box in the song manager but when i run RS its still the same. Do I need to then open RS from within song manager or should it change the song files anyway
  7. they need adverts to help keep this site up and running
  8. That explains it thanks
  9. When I go into score attack i have noticed that the CDLC's no longer have entries but the DLCs still do is it something my end or are CDLC's blocked now
  10. Probably me but i play mostly Reggae bass guitar and the style is meant to have a laid back relaxed feel all the great reggae players that can be found on youtube play this way. so why is it that whether DLC or CDLS when i try most seem to be charted with large stretches making them harder to get to grips with
  11. Most artists do not play the same song twice the same way so for Ubisoft to pick the exact studio version of a CDLC seems too much of a coincidence to me :-) call me a cynic
  12. Interesting to see that when some official DLC come out they seem to replicate the older CDLC that has been on here for a while. I hope the charter gets paid creation rights.
  13. Has anyone created a CDLC without the backing track just with the TAB file and maybe a click track for timing to learn a song. I Have found a Tab (that needs tweeking) of a very famous claranet piece and wish to use RS as a tool and not just a playalong. Is it doable
  14. Have you thought about the good old Guitar amp :-) plenty of buskers use th m portably and some of the newer ones have USB sockets Personaly i just run headphone output from my laptop to input
  15. No selections ticked and it only seems to be a very small amount
  16. The best ones seem to be charted by people who play first and game 2nd as they seem to be more aware of finger positioning
  17. you can always create your own :-) plenty of good how to videos about
  18. Get away from Bob ( all great works whether official or not) definitely under represented be good to see reggae covers of originals as well also what about 1st & 2nd wave ska, Rocksteady and Jamacan Calipso just to get me started
  19. You are aware its 14 minutes 18 seconds in length :-) =
  20. I have an issue where some CLDC's do not show in the game but are in the DLC forder and of the correct type. An example was "One love people get ready" It did play before. The only way I could fix this was to delete the song and re download but with the amount of songs I have I only find out the song is not showing when it pops into my head and want to improve. I have CSM and run a full repair but no joy. Is there an easy way to check for others not showing without simply writing down my DLC list and cross referencing the in game list
  21. burning and looting ( Bob Marley with Pete tosh on Bass) bass if possible
  22. On a certain song I am working on all most of the online videos and Tab I have seen play Dm Am Em but the CDLC version uses Dm Am and G is this just the charters querk (both Barr chords) or is it common practice for people to substitute 1 chord
  23. buy an amp and just run the audio out the headphone socket of laptop into the amp
  24. You could always add a rest as the first beat. Most reggae misses the 1st beat (1 drop)
  25. I can see the request thread getting very long and as time goes on possibly multiple requests for the same songs. Is these just a thread to appease the people that request songs. The older way of having a search facility with a voting system seamed more effective to me
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