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  1. I'd love a bass CDLC of GO!GO!7188 - まやかしの世界:
  2. Save Ferris - Come on Eileen by @@SlaughterMasta
  3. This song by @LaceyB is no longer available. And there is another Specials song: The Specials - Too Much Too Young, ska by @@Elara
  4. OK, so it's not just me then. Good to know. :D
  5. As an absolute beginner bass player (only had the bass for < 2 weeks) I probably won't be able to submit this week. I just don't have the chomps to do the finger style for that song. I can't even play it at 80% in RR. :( And no I'm not going to use a pick if it's fingered. I'll never learn to finger style if I never finger style. ;) I'll just have to practise more and more and more and more and I'll eventually get there. Sad considering that I didn't have too much issue last week... :(
  6. Just added The Interrupters - She's Kerosene.
  7. Was just playing through some random songs and realised I slight beat my accuracy, so here it is:
  8. EDIT: Never mind. EOF UI is just horrible to me so I'm looking at using something to create GP5 to import into EOF so I don't really care what the answers are to these questions. ;) New to EOF and have two questions: 1) How can I get the first beat of a song to not be the 1st beat of the measure? I've got a song with a lead in or two and it feels wrong that the 1 beat is not on the 1 beat. 2) How can I make a slide off a note and how do I make the destination not be another note? TIA!
  9. Bah, only just realised there were 2 beginner bass songs this week (is that normal; one for pick and one for fingered?) so here it is. Like the last one this is my second go after riff repeating the triplets a few times to get the timing right. If I hadn't mucked up the slide in the beginning I probably would have done a bit better. :( I'd probably fair better if I actually used 2 fingers to play, but like I said before I only just picked up the bass a few days ago and haven't gotten comfortable with it... yet. ;)
  10. Just got my bass a yesterday and couldn't wait to jump in. ;)
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