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Favorite Strings to Use?


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Dean Markley Blue Steel for bass - Medium Light.  I love the metalic sound they give, but that sounds fades quickly.  They still sound good after, but that bright metal sound is great, as long as you are not trying to imitate someone else's sound.  But they are also 'spensive, so I don't use them as much any more.

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I've been using the DR incandescent strings for about a year.  


They make a multi- colored set that is Rocksmith colors oddly enough.


I have black strings on my red guitar, red strings on my black guitar, and ultraviolet white on my beige guitar.

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EB Slinky 12-56... But now I think, that I'm gonna swap em for 13 - ?.

To be able to play also in B Drop...





Feel free to edit my CDLCs, use tones etc.

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1 guitar: D'Addario 9-42 for only E OR 10-46 E to Eb (D) tunings


2 guitar: D'Addario 11-56 to D-(Ö)


Just bad e ball memories, broke too many too fast when started to play...

its just feeled that d'addario can take more force damage than balls---  nowdays more gently but memory still remains.

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