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  1. Charts have been made for all songs already! Since we have a thread for Nightmare and Avenged Sevenfold I figure I would post my album I am still planning on updating these songs. Since most a7x songs have two lead parts, I still have to add the bonus lead to a lot of these tracks, but all of them are complete with DD, lead, rhythm, bass, and vocals! all of these charts are by me here they are: (THESE LINKS ARE BROKEN DON'T USE THEM WORKING LINK BELOW) 1. Beast and the Harlot (Official DLC, Ain't Happening) 2. Burn it Down 3. Blinded in Chains 4. Bat Country (Official DLC, Ain't Happening) 5. Trashed and Scattered 6. Seize the Day 7. Sidewinder 8. The Wicked End 9. Strength of the World 10. Betrayed 11. M.I.A. These are all old links find my stuff here now on google drive P.S. I included Guitar Pro tabs for the songs I had the files for. I will add the other tabs as I find them. Think I did them on a different computer which is far far away. Sorry bout that.
  2. If possible could someone please make a chart for the lead guitar for this slipknot song. Many Thanks
  3. Hi guys, if you enjoy techdeath genre and you want more techy cdld, we can share some tabs we have with each other. Oficial tabs that are not in ultimate guitar, so maybe its helps to motivate us to create more techdeath. This days i bought Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion album and Vipassi-s album guitar tabs. If you are interested and you also have something that is not in ultimate guitar just ask me
  4. Looking for BASS GUITAR for NILE Can anyone add more NILE Songs with the bass guitar that are not already on here. THANKS
  5. I'll just be starting this thread for progressive metal for the moment. Again, this is a pretty expansive genre, so I'll try to stick to one link per band. It will be incomplete for a while. I'm not entirely sure how to organize this. At the topmost level it probably makes sense to do some sort of division between clean vocals and mixed/harsh vocals, but it might make sense to subdivide those as well. Thoughts? Notable charters @@Fyres, @@Nacholede, @@Shinyditto12, @@cdeath, @@albatross213, @@Ki113r94, @@Brooklyn_Sounds, @@bernixix, @@Jansku79, @@rummhamm87, ... Clean Vocals Ayreon (20 songs) Demetori (10 songs) Dorje (2 songs) Dream Theater (88 songs) Evergrey (4 songs) Fates Warning (2 songs) Galneryus (7 songs) Ghost (30 songs) Haken (14 songs) Pagan's Mind (2 songs) Queensryche (19 songs) Riverside (14 songs) Secret Sphere (2 songs) Seventh Wonder (11 songs) Shadow Gallery (2 songs) Symphony X (52 songs) Tool (44 songs) Voivod (5 songs) Mixed/Harsh Vocals Amorphis (28 songs) Atheist (2 songs) Between the Buried and Me (36 songs) Communic (2 songs) Cynic (5 songs) Dan Swano (8 songs) Death (35 songs) Devin Townsend (47 songs) Disillusion (2 songs) Edge of Sanity (2 songs) The Faceless (9 songs) Into Eternity (3 songs) Intronaut (3 songs, two are 5-string bass only) Leprous (1 song) Mastodon (52 songs) Meshuggah (5 songs) Native Construct (6 songs, some bass only) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) The Ocean (2 songs) Opeth (42 songs. Songs from Damnation, Heritage, and Pale Communion are clean) Periphery (18 songs) Sigh (1 song) Tesseract (3 songs) Veil of Maya (16 songs) Instrumental Animals as Leaders (1 song) Angel Vivaldi (3 songs) Blotted Science (6 songs) Conquering Dystopia (1 song) Intervals (12 songs, instrumental except for songs from A Voice Within) Jeff Loomis (2 songs) Liquid Tension Experiment (6 songs) Scale the Summit (31 songs, often extended range, 5- or 6-string bass or 7-string guitar. See discography page for more detailed breakdown)
  6. I figured it's probably time to make a topic for this, given my and @@cdeath's activity over the past few months. So, here goes! Songs are done by me unless noted otherwise. All songs have riff repeater, and those done by me have .psarcs with DD available at the download links. All songs are in D standard tuning, except for the bass part on The Edge of Forever, which is in D drop C. Symphony X 1. Into the Dementia 2. The Raging Season 3. Premonition 4. Masquerade 5. Absinthe and Rue 6. Shades of Grey 7. Taunting the Notorious 8. Rapture or Pain 9. Thorns of Sorrow 10. A Lesson Before Dying The Damnation Game http://i.imgur.com/1Z63lQk.jpg 1. The Damnation Game 2. Dressed to Kill [LRB] by @@cdeath 3. The Edge of Forever [LRBV] 4. Savage Curtain [LRBV] 5. Whispers 6. The Haunting 7. Secrets 8. A Winter's Dream - Prelude 9. A Winter's Dream - The Ascension The Divine Wings of Tragedy http://i.imgur.com/pJX0iY0.jpg 1. Of Sins and Shadows [LRBV] 2. Sea of Lies [LRBV] by @@Daikano 3. Out of the Ashes 4. The Accolade [LRBV] 5. Pharaoh [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. The Eyes of Medusa 7. The Witching Hour 8. The Divine Wings of Tragedy [LRBV] by @@Daikano 9. Candlelight Fantasia Twilight in Olympus http://i.imgur.com/c89Gyay.jpg 1. Smoke and Mirrors [LRBV] 2. Church of the Machine 3. Sonata 4. In the Dragon's Den [LRBV] 5. Through the Looking Glass [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. The Relic [LRB] by @@cdeath 7. Orion - The Hunter 8. Lady of the Snow V: The New Mythology Suite http://i.imgur.com/ERc83yd.jpg 1. Prelude 2. Evolution (The Grand Design) [LRBV] 3. Fallen [LRBV] 4. Transcendence (Segue) 5. Communion and the Oracle [LRBV] 6. The Bird-Serpent War / Cataclysm [LRBV] 7. On the Breath of Poseidon (Segue) 8. Egypt [LRBV] 9. The Death of Balance / Lacrymosa 10. Absence of Light [LRB] by @@cdeath 11. A Fool's Paradise [LRBV] 12. Rediscovery (Segue) 13. Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology [LRB] The Odyssey http://i.imgur.com/fMTCYQw.jpg 1. Inferno (Unleash the Fire) [LRBV] 2. Wicked 3. Incantations of the Apprentice 4. Accolade II [LRBV] by @@Daikano 5. King of Terrors 6. The Turning [LR] by @@cdeath 7. Awakenings 8. The Odyssey [LRBV] by @@Daikano Paradise Lost http://i.imgur.com/DcX4Dje.jpg 1. Oculus Ex Inferni 2. Set the World on Fire [LRBV] by @@Daikano 3. Domination [LBV] by @@Daikano 4. The Serpent's Kiss [LRBV] 5. Paradise Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. Eve of Seduction [LRB] by @@cdeath 7. The Walls of Babylon [LRB] 8. Seven [LRBV] 9. The Sacrifice (I've looked at this, and the bass tab's not complete and not always accurate) 10. Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) [LRB] by @@cdeath Iconoclast http://i.imgur.com/9muZdOT.jpg 1.1. Iconoclast [LRBV] 1.2. The End of Innocence [LRB] by @@cdeath 1.3. Dehumanized [LRBV] 1.4. Bastards of the Machine [LR] by @@cdeath 1.5. Heretic [LR] by @@cdeath 1.6. Children of a Faceless God [LRB] by @@cdeath 1.7. When All is Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.1. Electric Messiah [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.2. Prometheus (I Am Alive) [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.3. Light Up the Night [LRBV] 2.4. The Lords of Chaos [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.5. Reign in Madness [LRBV] Underworld http://i.imgur.com/ODjRnc9.jpg 1. Overture 2. Nevermore [LRBV] 3. Underworld [LRB] by @@cdeath 4. Without You [LRB] by @@cdeath 5. Kiss of Fire 6. Charon [LRBV] 7. To Hell and Back [LRBV] 8. In My Darkest Hour [LRBV] 9. Run with the Devil [LRBV] 10. Swansong [LRBV] 11. Legend [LRB[ Works in Progress: If you have any works in progress, post in the thread and I'll put them here and make sure that we don't duplicate our efforts while working on these songs! Updates and Fixes: Let us know if there's anything that we should fix. The more specific and easy to implement your advice is, the better! So if the tab or sync is wrong, can you tell us where, and how to fix them? If the tones can be improved, do you have suggestions for tweaks, or other tones that might work better? The more specific your feedback is the more likely we can fix those problems! -Album for Rediscovery Part 2 is marked as "V - The..." instead of "V: The...". The song title should also be made to match the official. -@@cdeath - The song title for The Lords of Chaos is currently "The Lord of Chaos" -I will work on resyncing and re-polishing many of my songs. A few older ones still need resyncs, and among other polishing things, I realized I should set hand positions more carefully during tapping sections. Future Plans: If you're planning on working on one of the songs in the near future, or you really want to get a shot at a particular song, let us know and I'll post it here. When new tabs from Underworld get posted I'll try to get them linked here as soon as possible. I really want to do Legend, but I could be convinced to let other people try some of the other songs :)
  7. Welcome to my workshop! This is where I shall post all of my custom songs, upcoming songs, and current artists I am working on! About my CDLC: I am a huge metalhead, and as such, all of my custom songs shall be metal. I don't plan to stretch out to other genres, as I plan to keep my workshop metal oriented. I normally just chart songs/artists that I can think of, but I also take requests! About Requesting: So I usually take requests, so long as they are metal songs that you want. I normally chart all requests I get, no matter what sub genre it may be (NO CORE). There may be reasons that I am not able to chart your request, maybe due to lack of tabs. Keep in mind, my request list is usually rather long, so I can not tell you when your request will be worked on/released! You will just have to be patient! It would make my life much easier if you look for a guitar pro/power tab in advance for me to use! Please note that I will NOT chart a song if I can not chart all instruments. I will only chart a song if I have access to a tab that has all instruments included! If you would like to give me a request, the best way to contact me is to inbox me directly here on the customsforge! I usually check my inbox everyday! Cool, now they are out of the way, we can get to the interesting stuff! Artist I am currently working on: N/A Song I am currently working on: N/A Artists/songs I have already released: KEY: DEATH METAL BLACK METAL THRASH METAL SLUDGE METAL GRIND METAL MISC Aborted-The necrotic Manifesto Aborted-The Saw & The Carnage Done Akercocke-Man Without Faith Or Trust Akercocke - Lex Talionis Akercocke-Verdelet Amorphis-The Wanderer Anaal Nathrakh-The Final Absolution Archspire-Lucid Collective Somnambulation (BASS ONLY) At The Gates- At War With Reality Avantasia-Dying For An Angel Avatar-Bloody Angel Avatar-For The Swarm Avatar-House Of Eternal Hunt Behemoth-Demigod Behemoth-Conquer All Bloodbath-Like Fire Bloodbath-Outnumbering The Day Brain Drill-Apocalyptic Feasting Carcass-Heartwork Carcass-Embodiment Carcass-Corporal Jigsore Quandary Carcass-This Mortal Coil Crowbar-Planets Collide Dagoba-The Things Within Decapitated-Spheres Of Madness Decapitated-Homo Sum Decapitated-Post (?) Organic Deicide-Homage For Satan Fleshgod Apocalypse-Healing Through War Haunted Shores-Harrison Fjord Ingested-Endgame Jungle Rot-Worst Case Scenario Jungle Rot-Virus Jungle Rot-Strangulation Mutilation Jungle Rot-Another Fix Jungle Rot-Circle Of Death Jungle Rot-Humans Shall Pay Kataklysm-Blood On The Swans Morbid Angel-Desolate Ways Morbid Angel-God Of Emptiness Municipal Waste-You're Cut Off Municipal Waste-Beer Pressure Napalm Death-Suffer The Children Nile-Execration Text Nile-Sacrifice Unto Sebek Nile-Blessed Dead Nile-Unas, Slayer Of The Gods Nile-Annihilation Of The Wicked Nile-Lashed To The Slave Stick Nile-4th Arra Of Dagon Nile-Eye Of Ra Nile-Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld Nile-Ithyphallic Nile-Black Seeds Of Vengeance Obituary-Visions In My Head Opeth-The Lotus Eater Overkill-Fuck You Rotting Christ-666 Rotting Christ-For A Voice Like Thunder Rotting Christ-The Four Horsemen Rotting Christ-Nemecic Rotting Christ-Ze Nigmar Septicflesh-Sunlight Moonlight Septicflesh-Anubis Septicflesh-Sangreal Septicflesh-Lovecraft's Death Septicflesh-Communion Sepultura-The Hunt Superjoint Ritual-Waiting For The Turning Point Superjoint Ritual-Alcoholik Superjoint Ritual-Fuck Your Enemy Winterfylleth-Defending The Realm So there is all of my CDLC released so far. I hope there was at least one song that I have charted that you will enjoy. Please let me know what you think of my charts, and if there are any artists/songs you would like to see! Thanks for reading everyone! Stay awesome! \m/
  8. Hi everyone. i want to realease an EP with my singles and if you want teel me what you think about these songs. the first i wrote when i was fallen in love for a girl ìbut I never had the courage to declare myself. she told taught me the word love. I've had other girlfriends but I think I'll never get that feeling when I see her eyes....the second song i wrote when the world fall inside your heart. this song is for everyone who lost work, girlfriend or boyfriend , friends or else. we are a joke of the destiny and there's an end but again an start andrea Buoncompagni - how does it feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhPMW6UMK94 Andrea Buoncompagni - Chaning Page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVN6zeZSD-A&feature=youtu.be i wait some comments thank you
  9. POLSKA SEKCJA Cześć wszystkim! Customy polskich piosenek w najwyższej jakości (przynajmniej na 2014). Ukończone Perfect "Autobiografia" Dżem "Naiwne pytania" Kabanos "Czołg" ENGLISH SECTION Hello everyone! High quality customs (in 2014 at least) of some nice songs. Done Linkin Park "Iridescent" Linkin Park "Burning In The Skies" Linkin Park "Valentine's Day" Linkin Park "Blackbirds" Eminem "So Far..." Pink Floyd "Is There Anybody Out There?" Monty Python "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" Linkin Park "Wastelands" Linkin Park "The Summoning" Led Zeppelin "Moby Dick" (Intro/Outro Rough Mix) Linkin Park "Reading My Eyes" (Live) Linkin Park "Final Masquerade" Jeremy Soule "Call of Magic" (Morrowind Intro Sountrack) Keiki Kobayashi "Zero" (Pixy Boss Fight Theme) - solo only Led Zeppelin "Ten Years Gone" Linkin Park "Rebellion" (featuring Daron Malakian from SOAD) Imagine Dragons "Warriors" - solo only Linkin Park "Until it Breaks/Tinfoil/Powerless" Medley Linkin Park "Drawbar" (featuring Tom Morello from RATM)
  10. Since no one else has started this yet, I figured I would. Will be doing one link per band, because who has time to link all of the Metallica and Megadeth customs individually? If you have any suggestions on ways to subdivide these, other artists to add, let me know. Notable charters: @@bernixix, @@Shinyditto12, @@Nacholede, @@Mercenary, @@dreddfoxx, @@Sharkman828, @@Tiberya, @@gizmo, @@AntonZap, @@bokkiej, @@favor, @@ice9, @@lukesome544, @@Snake3169, @, @@Nino83, @@smirocsmo, @@viper83 Angelus Apatrida (1 song) Annihilator (16 songs) Anthrax (20 songs) Artillery (3 songs) Aspid (1 song) Certain Death (7 songs) Coroner (8 songs) The Crown (3 songs) Death Angel (4 songs) Demonoid (1 song) Destruction (4 songs) Evile (2 songs) Exodus (14 songs) Exhorder (1 song) Gama Bomb (7 songs) HavoK (5 songs) Heathen (2 songs) HeXeN (4 songs) Iced Earth (39 songs, their earlier stuff is thrashier) KAT (5 songs) Kreator (27 songs) Lamb of God (39 songs) Machine Head (36 songs) Megadeth (151 songs) Metal Church (8 songs) Metallica (202 songs) Nevermore (17 songs) Newsted (5 songs) Overkill (3 songs) Pantera (43 songs) Sepultura (15 songs) Sodom (3 songs) Skeletonwitch (11 songs) Slayer (34 songs) Stam1na (6 songs) Suicidal Angels (1 song) Suicidal Tendencies (6 songs) Sylosis (21 songs, three with bass) Tankard (4 songs) Testament (22 songs) Toxic Holocaust (1 song) Vektor (11 songs) Violator (1 song) Voivod (5 songs) Warbringer (3 songs) Things I'm surprised are missing (or we don't have more of) Artillery (11 tabs) Coroner (~30 tabs) Dark Angel (13 tabs) Demolition Hammer (7 tabs) Destruction (~30 tabs) Evile (11 tabs) Flotsam and Jetsam (12 tabs) Forbidden (6 tabs) Hexen (6 tabs) Municipal Waste (25+ tabs) Nevermore (~50 tabs, but lots in Bb standard 7 string) Overkill (30+ tabs) Razor (11 tabs) Sabbat (9 tabs) Sacrifice (7 tabs) Sadus (8 tabs) Skeletonwitch (~25 tabs) Sodom (30+ tabs) Testament (30+ tabs) Violator (20 + tabs) Warbringer (~20 tabs)
  11. Welcome to my workshop! I just wanted to create a post where I can update current projects and keep my CDLC organized as I upload more. Below you'll find a link to my Trello board, a timeline where I'm far more active in updating what's going on with my charts. From there you'll be able to see possible charts, charts that are up next, in progress, on hold, and uploaded. You'll also be able to see exactly what stage of completion a chart is in with checklists I create for each one. *Click here to visit my Trello workshop!*
  12. UPDATED 21/07/2020 I take a lot of time to do CDLC to make them playable and enjoyable with good guitar / bass tones. This is a list that contains all my CDLC. Feeling Every Sunset: Feeling Every Sunset - Heartless The Standells: The Standells - Dirty Water Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged Sevenfold - Lost Trivium: Trivium - Of All These Yesterdays Baiser: Baiser - Flora Simple Plan: Simple Plan - What's New Scooby-Doo? M.O.V.E.: M.O.V.E. - Rage Your Dream [ Initial D ] Policeman: Policeman - GAL-O Sengen ~Since I'm a brony, I'm working alone on this Brony Project because there's not many CDLCs of Brony music~ PrinceWhateverer: PrinceWhateverer - Are You There PrinceWhateverer - Breaking Bonds PrinceWhateverer - Between Fairytales and Happy Endings PrinceWhateverer - Bullies and Best Friends PrinceWhateverer - Rainbow Thrash ( Album Ver. ) PrinceWhateverer - Rainbow Thrash ( Revised ) PrinceWhateverer - The Fight Inside PrinceWhateverer - Guardians of Equestria PrinceWhateverer - Spectacular PrinceWhateverer - Taking Flight PrinceWhateverer - What's New Apple Bloom? PrinceWhateverer - Promises PrinceWhateverer - Your Own Sky PrinceWhateverer - The Swarm is the Law PrinceWhateverer - Not Letting Go PrinceWhateverer - Frailty PrinceWhateverer - Destabilize PrinceWhateverer - Solidarity (In This Together) PrinceWhateverer - Restoration (R1 The Awakening) PrinceWhateverer - September PrinceWhateverer - Reparation (R3 The Sorrow) PrinceWhateverer - Miscommunication PrinceWhateverer - Better Tomorrow PrinceWhateverer - L_ST-_N-D_TA (Destabilize Pt.2) PrinceWhateverer - Guardians of Equestria (2019) PrinceWhateverer - Delta Vee PrinceWhateverer - Constellations PrinceWhateverer - Conviction AcoustiMandoBrony: AcoustiMandoBrony - Generosity AcoustiMandoBrony - Kindness AcoustiMandoBrony - Laughter MandoPony: MandoPony - Picture Perfect Pony Joaftheloaf: Joaftheloaf - Swing! Tavi Swing! Daniel Ingram: Daniel Ingram - You're in my head like a catchy song Forest Rain: Forest Rain - Great to be Different Nowacking: Nowacking - All About That Bass Cannon Burning Gryphon: Burning Gryphon - Deevoted to Dee Artist Etherium Apex: Etherium Apex ft. Burning Gryphon - Wait For You
  13. Lunar Strain - 1994 1. "Behind Space" 2. "Lunar Strain" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 3. "Starforsaken" - @@firekorn 4. "Dreamscape" - @@firekorn 5. "Everlost (Part I)" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 6. "Everlost (Part II)" 7. "Hårgalåten" No Guitar or Bass 8. "In Flames" 9. "Upon an Oaken Throne" - @@firekorn 10. "Clad in Shadows" - @@firekorn Subterranean (EP) - 1995 1. "Stand Ablaze" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 2. "Everdying" - @@firekorn 3. "Subterranean" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 4. "Timeless" - @@firekorn 5. "Biosphere" The Jester Race - 1996 1. "Moonshield" - @@firekorn 2. "The Jester's Dance" - @@firekorn 3. "Artifacts of the Black Rain" / E std version - @firekorn 4. "Graveland" - @@Thorgal 5. "Lord Hypnos" - @@Thorgal 6. "Dead Eternity" - @@firekorn 7. "The Jester Race" - @@firekorn 8. "December Flower" - @@Thorgal 9. "Wayfaerer" (instrumental) - @@Thorgal 10. "Dead God in Me" - @@Thorgal Black-Ash Inheritance (EP) - 1997 1. "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 2. "Gyroscope" 3. "Acoustic Medley" (instrumental) 4. "Behind Space" (live) Whoracle - 1997 1. "Jotun" - @@firekorn 2. "Food for the Gods" - @@Thorgal 3. "Gyroscope" - @@Thorgal 4. "Dialogue with the Stars" - @@firekorn 5. "The Hive" - @@Thorgal 6. "Jester Script Transfigured" - @@Thorgal 7. "Morphing into Primal" - @@Thorgal 8. "Worlds Within the Margin" - @@Thorgal 9. "Episode 666" - @@firekorn 10. "Everything Counts" (Depeche Mode cover) - @@ulvulvulv 11. "Whoracle" - @@firekorn Colony - 1999 1. "Embody the Invisible" - @@firekorn 2. "Ordinary Story" - @@firekorn 3. "Scorn" 4. "Colony" - @@firekorn 5. "Zombie Inc." - @@firekorn 6. "Pallar Anders Visa" - @@firekorn 7. "Coerced Coexistence" 8. "Resin" - @@Thorgal 9. "Behind Space '99" - @@firekorn 10. "Insipid 2000" - @@Thorgal 11. "The New Word" 12. "Man Made God" - @@firekorn Korean Edition 13. "Clad in Shadows '99" 14. "Murders in the Rue Morgue (Iron Maiden cover)" Clayman - 2000 1. "Bullet Ride" - @@firekorn 2. "Pinball Map" - @@firekorn 3. "Only for the Weak" - @@firekorn 4. "...as the Future Repeats Today" 5. "Square Nothing" 6. "Clayman" - @@Thorgal 7. "Satellites and Astronauts" - @@firekorn 8. "Brush the Dust Away" 9. "Swim" - @@cdeath 10. "Suburban Me" - @@JR33 11. "Another Day in Quicksand" Japanese Edition 12. "Strong and Smart" (No Fun at All cover) The Tokyo Showdown (Live) - 2001 1. "Bullet Ride" (from Clayman, 2000) 2. "Embody the Invisible" (from Colony, 1999) 3. "Jotun" (from Whoracle, 1997) 4. "Food for the Gods" (from Whoracle, 1997) 5. "Moonshield" (from The Jester Race, 1996) 6. "Clayman" (from Clayman, 2000) 7. "Swim" (from Clayman, 2000) 8. "Behind Space" (from Lunar Strain, 1994) 9. "Only for the Weak" (from Clayman, 2000) - @@firekorn 10. "Gyroscope" (from Whoracle, 1997) 11. "Scorn" (from Colony, 1999) 12. "Ordinary Story" (from Colony, 1999) 13. "Pinball Map" (from Clayman, 2000) 14. "Colony" (from Colony, 1999) 15. "Episode 666" (from Whoracle, 1997) Bonus disc 1. "Clad in Shadows '99" 2. "Strong and Smart" 3. "Man Made God" 4. "Behind Space" (live) 5. "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids" Reroute To Remain - 2002 1. "Reroute to Remain" 2. "System" 3. "Drifter" 4. "Trigger" - @@firekorn 5. "Cloud Connected" - @@firekorn 6. "Transparent" / Drop D version - @firekorn 7. "Dawn of a New Day" 8. "Egonomic" - @@firekorn 9. "Minus" 10. "Dismiss the Cynics" 11. "Free Fall" - @@firekorn 12. "Dark Signs" 13. "Metaphor" 14. "Black & White" - @@firekorn Japan & Korea Bonus 15. "Colony" (Live)" Trigger (EP) - 2003 1. "Trigger (Edit)" 2. "Watch Them Feed" 3. "Land of Confusion" (Genesis cover) - @@firekorn 4. "Cloud Connected (Club Connected Remix)" 5. "Moonshield (C64 Karaoke version)" The Quiet Place (Single) - 2004 1. "The Quiet Place" - @@firekorn 2. "My Sweet Shadow" (Remix) 3. "Värmlandsvisan" (Live) - @@firekorn Soundtrack To Your Escape - 2004 1. "F®iend" 2. "The Quiet Place" - @@firekorn 3. "Dead Alone" - @@firekorn 4. "Touch of Red" - @@JR33 5. "Like You Better Dead" 6. "My Sweet Shadow" - @@firekorn 7. "Evil in a Closet" - @@firekorn 8. "In Search for I" 9. "Borders and Shading" 10. "Superhero of the Computer Rage" - @@firekorn 11. "Dial 595-Escape" - @@firekorn 12. "Bottled" Korean Edition 13. "Clayman (Live in Wacken 2003)" 14. "Discover Me Like Emptiness" Come Clarity - 2006 1. "Take This Life" - @@firekorn 2. "Leeches" - @@firekorn 3. "Reflect the Storm" - @@firekorn 4. "Dead End" - @@firekorn 5. "Scream" - @@firekorn 6. "Come Clarity" - @@firekorn 7. "Vacuum" - @@firekorn 8. "Pacing Death's Trail" - @@firekorn 9. "Crawl Through Knives" - @@firekorn 10. "Versus Terminus" - @@firekorn 11. "Our Infinite Struggle" - @@firekorn 12. "Vanishing Light" - @@firekorn 13. "Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone" A Sense Of Purpose - 2008 1. "The Mirror's Truth" - @@firekorn 2. "Disconnected" 3. "Sleepless Again" 4. "Alias" - @@firekorn 5. "I'm the Highway" - @@firekorn 6. "Delight and Angers" 7. "Move Through Me" - @@JR33 8. "The Chosen Pessimist" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 9. "Sober and Irrelevant" - @@gurra1234 10. "Condemned" 11. "Drenched in Fear" 12. "March to the Shore" - @@JR33 Japanese Edition 13. "Eraser" 14. "Tilt" 15. "Abnegation" Sounds Of A Playground Fading - 2011 1. "Sounds of a Playground Fading" / Drop D version - @@firekorn 2. "Deliver Us" / Drop D version - @@firekorn 3. "All for Me" - @@firekorn 4. "The Puzzle" - @@firekorn 5. "Fear Is the Weakness" - @@firekorn 6. "Where the Dead Ships Dwell" - @@firekorn 7. "The Attic" - @@firekorn & @@Trolybab 8. "Darker Times" - @@firekorn 9. "Ropes" / Drop D version @firekorn 10. "Enter Tragedy" - @@firekorn 11. "Jester's Door" - @@firekorn 12. "A New Dawn" - @@firekorn 13. "Liberation" - @@firekorn Sirens Charms - 2014 1. "In Plain View" - @@JR33 2. "Everything's Gone" 3. "Paralyzed" - @@firekorn 4. "Through Oblivion" - @@firekorn 5. "With Eyes Wide Open" 6. "Siren Charms" 7. "When the World Explodes" (feat. Emilia Feldt) - @@rvictor000 8. "Rusted Nail" - @@firekorn 9. "Dead Eyes" - @@JR33 10. "Monsters in the Ballroom" 11. "Filtered Truth" Deluxe Edition 12. "Become the Sky" iTunes Edition 12. "The Chase" Battles - 2016 1. "Drained" 2. "The End" @firekorn 3. "Like Sand" 4. "The Truth" / Drop D version @firekorn 5. "In My Room" / Drop D version @firekorn 6. "Before I Fall" / Drop D version @firekorn 7. "Through My Eyes" / Drop D version @firekorn 8. "Battles" / Drop D version @firekorn 9. "Here Until Forever" 10. "Underneath My Skin" 11. "Wallflower" / Drop D version @firekorn 12. "Save Me" 13. "Greatest Greed" 14. "Us Against the World" Down, Wicked & No Good - EP - 2017 1. "It's No Good" (Depeche Mode Cover) 2. "Down In A Hole" (Alice In Chains Cover) 3. "Wicked Game" (Chris Isaak Cover) 4. "Hurt (live)" (Nine Inch Nails Cover) I,The Mask - 2019 1. "Voices" / Drop D version @firekorn 2. "I, the Mask" / Drop D version @firekorn 3. "Call My Name" / Drop D version @firekorn 4. "I Am Above" / Drop D version @firekorn 5. "Follow Me" / Drop D version @firekorn 6. "(This Is Our) House" / Drop D version @firekorn 7. "We Will Remember" / Drop D version @firekorn 8. "In This Life" / Drop D version @firekorn 9. "Burn" / Drop D version @firekorn 10. "Deep Inside" / Drop D version @firekorn 11. "All The Pain" / Drop D version @firekorn 12. "Stay With Me" / E std version@firekorn 13. "Not Alone" Clayman 20th Anniversary Edition - 2020 1. "Bullet Ride" 2. "Pinball Map" 3. "Only For The Weak" 4. "...As The Future Repeats Today" 5. "Square Nothing" 6. "Clayman" 7. "Satellites And Astronauts" 8. "Brush The Dust Away" 9. "Swim" 10. "Suburban Me" 11. "Another Day In Quicksand" Bonus: 12. "Themes And Variations In D-Minor" 13. "Only For The Weak (Re-recorded)" 14. "Bullet Ride (Re-recorded)" 15. "Pinball Map (Re-recorded)" 16. "Clayman (Re-recorded)"
  14. Hello there This is the topic created for the organization purposes. You can find here every Opeth chart sorted by album. (All customs made by me unless otherwise stated.) Orchid (1995) 1. In Mist She Was Standing 2. Under the Weeping Moon 3. Silhouette (Piano instrumental) 4. Forest of October (Created by Flapman) 5. The Twilight is My Robe (Created by mattrxcool) 6. Requiem 7. The Apostle In Triumph Morningrise (1996) 1. Advent (Created by bernixix) 2. The Night and the Silent Water 3. Nectar 4. Black Rose Immortal 5. To Bid You Farewell My Arms, Your Hearse (1998) 1. Prologue (Piano instrumental) 2. April Ethereal (Created by albatross213) 3. When 4. Madrigal 5. The Amen Corner 6. Demon of the Fall 7. Credence 8. Karma 9. Epilogue Still Life (1999) 1. The Moor 2. Godhead's Lament 3. Benighted 4. Moonlapse Vertigo 5. Face of Melinda 6. Serenity Painted Death 7. White Cluster (created by albatross213) Full album chart Blackwater Park (2001) 1. The Leper Affinity 2. Bleak 3. Harvest 4. The Drapery Falls 5. Dirge for November 6. The Funeral Portrait 7. Patterns in the Ivy 8. Blackwater Park 9. Still Day Beneath the Sun - Bonus Track 10. Patterns in the Ivy II - Bonus Track Deliverance (2002) 1. Wreath (Created by albatross213) 2. Deliverance (Created by albatross213) 3. A Fair Judgement (Created by albatross213) 4. For Absent Friends (Created by Sammerh) 5. Master's Apprentices (Created by albatross213) 6. By the Pain I See in Others Damnation (2003) 1. Windowpane (Created by FearTheTitan) 2. In My Time of Need (Created by albatross213) 3. Death Whispered a Lullaby 4. Closure (Created by albatross213) 5. Hope Leaves (Created by albatross 213) 6. To Rid the Disease (Created by albatross213) 7. Ending Credits (Created by albatross213) 8. Weakness Ghost Reveries (2005) 1. Ghost of Perdition (Created by FearTheTitan) 2. The Baying of the Hounds (Created by albatross213) 3. Beneath the Mire (Created by albatross213) 4. Atonement 5. Reverie/Harlequin Forest (Created by bernixix) 6. Hours of Wealth 7. The Grand Conjuration 8. Isolation Years Watershed (2008) 1. Coil (Created by albatross213) 2. Heir Apparent (Created by albatross213) 3. The Lotus Eater (Creater by ghgeek20) 4. Burden 5. Porcelain Heart 6. Hessian Peel (Created by solservo) 7. Hex Omega 8. Derelict Herds - Bonus Track 9. Bridge of Sighs - Bonus Track / Robin Trower Cover Heritage (2011) 1. Heritage (Piano instrumental) 2. The Devil's Orchard 3. I Feel the Dark (Created by Mach) 4. Slither 5. Nepenthe (Created by solservo) 6. Häxprocess 7. Famine 8. The Lines in My Hand (Created by albatross213) 9. Folklore 10. Marrow of the Earth (Created by twentyskulls) 11. Pyre - Bonus Track 12. Face in the Snow - Bonus Track Pale Communion (2014) 1. Eternal Rains Will Come 2. Cusp of Eternity (Created by FearTheTitan) 3. Moon Above, Sun Below 4. Elysian Woes 5. Goblin 6. River 7. Voice of Treason 8. Faith in Others (Created by FearTheTitan) Sorceress (2016) 1. Persephone (Created by DearkenedGod) 2. Sorceress 3. The Wilde Flowers 4. Will o the Wisp 5. Chrysalis 6. Sorceress 2 7. The Seventh Sojourn 8. Strange Brew 9. A Fleeting Glance 10. Era 11. Persephone (Slight Return) 12. The Ward - Bonus Track (Created by Sammerh) 13. Spring MCMLXXIV - Bonus Track
  15. Bass Tuning Always stuck on E Standard since updating... trying to finish v2 of Gojira - Oroborus like many of Gojira's Tracks... everything should be in D Standard... i did the usual in the tookit... the Guitars seems to work fine... but the bass is always E Standard in-game when i check.... even tried to see if it was just off by 2 steps... and tried C Standard setting for bass in the toolkit in hopes of bypassing the problem but it still came out E instead of D... :( and i've never had this issue until updating the toolkit today...
  16. I still have pretty much no idea what to do with tones (especially for guitar, since I don't have one). If anyone could advise on the most common types of adjustments (EQ, pedals, whatever) that would be a great help! I recently (as of Feb. 2016) started adding the notes.eof files to my download folders. For some of the older ones I think the .ini files were different which can cause the sync to get screwed up, so I'll try to update the older ones (I'll probably be wanting to do serious updates to lots of my older CDLC anyway). So far, my Blotted Science, Between the Buried and Me, Coroner, HeXeN, Nevermore, Skeletonwitch, Streetlight Manifesto, Testament, Vektor, and Warbringer customs have the notes.eof file in the download folder. See here for the basics of how to set things up so you can use the notes.eof files. Finished CDLC (organized roughly by genre): I haven't done every custom by every band listed here, which should hopefully be obvious. Just that I've done at least one by each band (I'll try to add the exact number I've done in parentheses). If I feel a band belongs in multiple categories, I'll put them in multiple times. Rock (classic/progressive/heavy blues etc.): Blood Ceremony (1 song) Clutch (20 songs) Corrosion of Conformity (1 song) Graveyard (3 songs) King Crimson (1 song) Riverside (7 songs) The Rolling Stones (3 songs) Rush (3 songs) Steven Wilson (1 song) Tricot (2 songs) Yes (1 song) Miscellaneous bass focused stuff: Bob Marley and the Wailers (9 songs) Bruno Mars (1 song) Jamiroquai (1 song) Michael Jackson (1 song) Ozric Tentacles (2 songs) Sade (2 songs) Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1 song) Streetlight Manifesto (5 songs) The Four Tops (1 song) The Maytals (1 song) The Spinners (4 songs) The Supremes (1 song) Vulfpeck (12 songs) "Classic" style metal: Enforcer (1 song) Iron Maiden (14 songs) Judas Priest (17 songs) Miscellaneous metal I'm too lazy to create categories for: High on Fire (1 song, stoner metal) Lamb of God (18 songs, groove metal) Moonsorrow (5 songs, epic blackened folk/whatever) The Dillinger Escape Plan (2 songs, progressive mathcore) The Sword (5 songs, doom/stoner metal) Progressive Metal (clean vocals/Instrumental): Andromeda (2 songs) Conquering Dystopia (1 song) Dream Theater (8 songs) Galneryus (7 songs) Haken (13 songs) Intervals (8 songs, mostly instrumental) Liquid Tension Experiment (2 songs, instrumental) Mandroid Echostar (1 song) Myrath (2 songs) Pomegranate Tiger (3 songs) Scale the Summit (23 songs, instrumental) Symphony X (26 songs) Progressive Metal (mixed/harsh vocals): Atheist (1 song) Between the Buried and Me (32 songs, mixed vocals) Disillusion (2 songs, mixed vocals) Gorod (8 songs) Leprous (1 song, mixed vocals) Native Construct (6 songs, mixed vocals) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs, mixed vocals) Opeth (17 songs, mixed vocals) Orphaned Land (4 songs, mixed vocals) Sigh (1 song) The Ocean (2 songs, mixed vocals) Power Metal: Galneryus (6 songs) Helloween (29 songs) Gamma Ray (1 song) Iced Earth (15 songs) Savatage (1 song) Death Metal: Amorphis (5 songs) Atheist (1 song) Beyond Creation (3 songs) Blotted Science (6 songs) Cannibal Corpse (13 songs) Dark Tranquillity (4 songs) Death (3 songs) Disillusion (2 songs) Gorod (8 songs) Kalmah (2 songs) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) Obscura (8 songs) Omnium Gatherum (1 song) Opeth (17 songs) Possessed (2 songs) Quo Vadis (1 song) Spawn of Possession (1 song) The Absence (1 song) Year200X (3 songs) Thrash Metal: Anthrax (2 songs) Coroner (8 songs) Destroyer 666 (1 song) HeXeN (4 songs) Iced Earth (15 songs) Kreator (11 songs) Lamb of God (18 songs, more groove) Nevermore (15 songs) Possessed (2 songs) Skeletonwitch (8 songs) Slayer (1 song) Testament (17 songs) Vektor (12 songs) Warbringer (3 songs) Guitar virtuoso: Buckethead (1 song) Intervals (8 songs) Jeff Loomis (2 songs) John 5 (3 songs) John Petrucci (4 songs) Liquid Tension Experiment (2 songs) Rusty Cooley (1 song) 5-string bass (some of which has been rearranged for 4): Blotted Science (6 songs) Between the Buried and Me (32 songs) Cannibal Corpse (13 songs) Chris Letchford (3 songs) Exivious (1 song) Galneryus (7 songs) Iced Earth (15 songs, only more recent stuff on 5-string) Ihsahn (2 songs) Intronaut (1 song) Jeff Loomis (2 songs) John Petrucci (4 songs) Liquid Tension Experiment (2 songs) Mandroid Echostar (1 song) Myrath (2 songs) Native Construct (6 songs) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) Nevermore (15 songs, only later songs on 5-string) Spawn of Possession (1 song) Streetlight Manifesto (5 songs) Year200X (3 songs) 6-string bass (some of which is playable on 5 or has been rearranged for 4): Andromeda (2 songs) Beyond Creation (3 songs) Control Denied (1 song) Dream Theater (8 songs) Haken (13 songs) Obscura (8 songs) Scale the Summit (23 songs) Seventh Wonder (7 songs) Collaborations: I did much of the bass chart and some testing on Mastodon - The Motherload by @@rummhamm87 I did a little bit of testing and suggestions for an update of Graveyard - Right is Wrong by @@bernixix
  17. Little list of CDLC's I have been working on and released. The more I create, the more I learn and may mean I revisit released charts for revisions. Feedback is always welcome on any of my projects. Note that I don't go for the most accurate tones, I use some of my personal favorites. Amon Amarth Warriors of the North Before The Dawn EclipseThrone Of Ice Black Sun Aeon A Song For My Sorrow CyHra Heartrage Insomnium Out To The Sea Omnium Gatherum ColdEverfieldsFrontiersOphidian SunriseSkylineThe UnknowingThese Grey HeavensWatcher of the Skies Pain Call Me Words of Farewell Gaia Demise I will be doing fixes here and there as they are reported.
  18. Loving these! A few new metalcore videos you might enjoy or want to turn into cdlc
  19. TIMELESS MIRACLE I figured this might be an easy band to chart out the discography of this band, because as of now they only have one album out. However, they and some of their members have been featured in various projects during the interim of their absence and working on their next album, which is titled "Under the Moonlight". My goal is to have the list completed some time before their album releases, and then listen to their new album and chart it out to have a complete discography for this band. Because power metal is essential, especially when building strength for long strumming sections. 2005 - Into the Enchanted Chamber Curse of the Werewolf3, (L,R,B, vocals still open) Witches of Black Magic Into the Enchanted Chamber The Devil3, (L,R,B, vocals still open) The Red Rose A Minor Intermezzo (Omission, no guitars)1 Return of the Werewolf Memories The Gates of Hell Down to the Gallows The Dark Side Forest (Omission, no guitars)1 The Voyage2 The Gathering (Bonus) (Omission, no guitars)1 Church of the Damned (Bonus)*1) These are being omitted because as the notes say, these songs feature absolutely no guitar in them. *2) This song is 14 minutes long. No joke. It's going to take a while to chart it out. *3) This song is either complete or is in the process of being completed. 2006 - Present (until next album release) - Unreleased Works Heaven in Hell (2006) Sir Martin (In the Year of Our Lord) (2015) Full Moon (2016) (Cover)Please either reply or PM me showing interest in this project. Unfortunately, one track has already been completed, The Devil, with the exception of vocals. Curse of the Werewolf is already underway as well, but everything else is still up for grabs!
  20. I thought I need a Workshop as well.... So here is an overview about my CDLCs. I am going to add the avaible Arrangements (Green = available / Red = not available) and the Tuning also. If I have linked, written or whatever anything wrong please notice me! I appreciate any Feedback I get! Black Metal Cradle Of Filth - Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) Cradle Of Filth - The 13th Caesar Cradle Of Filth - For Your Vulgar Delectation Deathcore All Shall Perish - Better Living Through Catastrophe All Shall Perish - Deconstruction [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Death Metal Bloodbath - Eaten Bloodbath - Cancer Of The Soul Bloodbath - Brave New Hell Hypocrisy - Sky Is Falling Down Hypocrisy - Eraser Hypocrisy - Tamed-Filled With Fear Hypocrisy - The Eye Hypocrisy - Scrutinized Kataklysm - Blood In Heaven [L/R/B/V] B Standard Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm [L/R/B/V] B Standard Kataklysm - Crippled & Broken Kataklysm - At The Edge Of The World Kataklysm - Thy Serpent's Tongue [L/R/B/V] B Standard Kataklysm - Breath To Dominate [L/R/B/V] B Standard Kataklysm - As Death Lingers [L/R/B/V] B Standard One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Devil On The Red Carpet Deutschrock (German Rock) Böhse Onkelz - Nur Die Besten Sterben Jung Böhse Onkelz - Heilige Lieder Böhse Onkelz - Auf gute Freunde Böhse Onkelz - Wir Ham Noch Lange Nicht Genug Böhse Onkelz - Narben Böhse Onkelz - Feuer Böhse Onkelz - Wenn Du Wirklich Willst Böhse Onkelz - Nr. 1 Böhse Onkelz - Leere Worte Böhse Onkelz - C'est La Vie [L/R/B/V] E Standard Böhse Onkelz - Macht für den der sie nicht will [L/R/B/V] E Standard Die Toten Hosen - Nur Zu Besuch Die Toten Hosen - Unsterblich Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Niemals Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Krieg Frei.Wild - Halt Deine Schnauze Frei.Wild - Südtirol Frei.Wild - Mehr Als Tausend Worte Frei.Wild - Irgendwer Steht Dir Zur Seite Folk Metal Finntroll - Häxbrygd Finntroll - Mordminnen Gothic Rock Lacrimas Profundere - Again It's Over Groove Metal DevilDriver - Ruthless DevilDriver - These Fighting Words DevilDriver - Hold Back The Day DevilDriver - Unlucky 13 DevilDriver - Swinging The Dead DevilDriver - I've Been Sober DevilDriver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost Five Finger Death Punch - The Pride Heavy Metal Running Wild - When Time Runs Out Industrial Rock/Metal Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls Lindemann - Praise Abort Lindemann - Skills In Pills Lindemann - Fat Lindemann - Fish On Mittelalter Rock (Medieval Rock) Saltatio Mortis - Worte Saltatio Mortis - Prometheus Saltatio Mortis - Miststück Saltatio Mortis - Sieben Raben Saltatio Mortis - Spielmannsschwur Melodic Death Metal All That Remains - A Song For The Hopeless [L/R/B/V] C# Standard All That Remains - Become The Catalyst All That Remains - Before The Damned [L/R/B/V] C# Standard All That Remains - We Stand Amon Amarth - Shape Shifter Amon Amarth - We Shall Destroy Amon Amarth - Live For The Kill Amon Amarth - Wrath Of The Norsemen Amon Amarth - Where Is Your God Children Of Bodom - Mask Of Sanity Children Of Bodom - Children Of Decadence Children Of Bodom - Towards Dead End Children Of Bodom - Bodom After Midnight Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll Children Of Bodom - Sixpounder [L/R/B/V] D Standard Children Of Bodom - Morrigan Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos Dark Tranquillity - Misery's Crown Dark Tranquillity - Final Resistance Dark Tranquillity - Single Part Of Two Dark Tranquillity - Her Silent Language Degradead - No One Prevail Degradead - Kept In The Dark Disarmonia Mundi - Celestial Furnace Disarmonia Mundi - Red Clouds Mors Principium Est - Dead Winds Of Hope Mors Principium Est - Monster In Me Mors Principium Est - Pure Mors Principium Est - Finality Mors Principium Est - Cleansing Rain Soilwork - This Momentary Bliss Soilwork - As The Sleeper Awakes Soilwork - Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter Sonic Syndicate - Freelancer Sonic Syndicate - Jailbreak Sonic Syndicate - Only Inhuman Sonic Syndicate - Jack Of Diamonds Sonic Syndicate - Soulstone Splinter Sonic Syndicate - Callous Sonic Syndicate - Mission: Undertaker Sylosis - Indoctrinated Sylosis - Mercy Sylosis - Leech Sylosis - Fear The World Sylosis - Overthrown Sylosis - Sands Of Time Sylosis - Empyreal Sylosis - Where The Sky Ends Sylosis - Kingdom Of Solitude Sylosis - Paradox Sylosis - Beyond The Resurrected The Unguided - Deathwalker The Unguided - Where The Frost Rose Withers The Unguided - Miracle Of Mind The Unguided - Phoenix Down The Unguided - Betrayer Of The Code The Unguided - Inception The Unguided - Defector DCXVI Metalcore As I Lay Dying - The Only Constant Is Change [L/R/B/V] D Standard As I Lay Dying - Upside Down Kingdom As I Lay Dying - Forsaken Bury Tomorrow - Last Of The Ice [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Bury Tomorrow - Man On Fire [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Bury Tomorrow - Of Glory [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Bury Tomorrow - Watcher [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Caliban - We Are The Many Caliban - Memorial Caliban - I Believe Callejon - Blitzkreuz Callejon - Kind Im Nebel Callejon - Dunkelherz Callejon - Porn From Spain 2 (feat. KIZ, Mille & Madsen) Demon Hunter - Driving Nails Demon Hunter - Collapsing Demon Hunter - The Soldier's Song Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design [L/R/B/V] D Standard Killswitch Engage - Strengt Of The Mind [L/R/B/V] D Drop C Killswitch Engage - Life To Lifeless [L/R/B/V] D Drop C Killswitch Engage - Take This Oath [L/R/B/V] D Drop C Parkway Drive - A Deathless Song [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parkway Drive - Dedicated [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parkway Drive - Destroyer [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parkway Drive - Bottom Feeder [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parkway Drive - Fractures [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parway Drive - Swing [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parkway Drive - The Sound Of Violence [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Parkway Drive - Vicious [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) OOMPH! - Träumst Du OOMPH! - Ich Will Deine Seele OOMPH! - Sex Hat Keine Macht OOMPH! - Augen Auf OOMPH! - Labyrinth OOMPH! - Gott Ist Ein Popstar OOMPH! - Das Letzte Streichholz OOMPH! - Brennende Liebe (feat. L'ame Immortelle) OOMPH! - Niemand Nu Metal Korn - Get Up! [L/R/B/V] A Standard Pagan/Viking Metal Obscurity - Nach Asgard Wir Reiten Obscurity - Varar Varg - Blutaar Varg - Schildfront Progressive Rock Karnivool - Themata Punk-Rock Betontod - Hömmasammawommanomma Betontod - Glück Auf Die Ärzte - Deine Schuld Stoner Rock/Metal Sparzanza - The Temple Of The Red-Eyed Pigs [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Sparzanza - Follow Me [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Sparzanza - My World Of Sin [L/R/B/V] Eb Drop Db Sparzanza - Gone [L/R/B/V] C# Drop B Synth-Pop Depeche Mode - Precious Depeche Mode - Freelove Technical Death Metal Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Forsaking Revocation - Fracked Revocation - The Grip Tightens Revocation - Deathless Thrash Metal Annihilator - Time Bomb HateSphere - Need To Kill [L/R/B/V] C Standard HateSphere - Resurrect With A Vengeance [L/R/B/V] C Standard HateSphere - Smell Of Death [L/R/B/V] C Standard Sodom - Blood On Your Lips [L/R/B/V] D Standard Testament - A Day In The Death [L/R/B/V] Eb Drop Db Testament - Native Blood [L/R/B/V] C# Standard Testament - Demonic Refusal [L/R/B/V] Eb Drop Db Wave The Cure - Burn
  21. jamtrackcentral.com is a website that not only offers jam tracks but also lead guitar recordings by an expanding roster of high profile guitarists. A lot of the material seems to be improvised by the players on the spot but there's certainly a few artists who also prepare some building blocks before actually recording their material. Either way, these tracks are a great opportunity to learn from fantastic guitar players around the world and to improve your lead guitar playing and soloing skills. Most of the material is suited for intermediate to advanced players but a handful of artists also offer tracks for novices. This thread will be a place to collect all tracks on CF that are available from JTC and can also serve as a platform for discussion about everything related to the website and their artists, as well as coordinating a possible JTC custom creation project. One of the things that I'm not sure about listing yet, is those JTC releases that present albums of their artists with full or partial transcriptions (like the ones that are already available from Guthrie Govan, i.e.), because they were not specifically produced for JTC and are not intended as learning material. It seems more reasonable to treat those as regular releases but I'm willing to discuss this. The list will be ordered alphabetically by the artists last name and also contain the name of the pack it belongs to, as well as the genre and difficulty information one can find on the website. It's split into three categories: tracks that are already released on CF and can be downloaded; tracks that are already in the process of being made into customs; tracks that are only planned and therefore reserved by a specific charter. Released will have links to the database entries and the name of the charter; WIP and Planned will also have the charters name, so all projects can be immediately associated with the appropriate person. Released: Cyrka, Jan - From Your Lips Charter: @PC Plum Pack: From Your Lips Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Cyrka, Jan - In The End Charter: @PC Plum Pack: In The End Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Hutchings, Alex - Summer Of Love Charter: @DanPro777 Pack: Custom Fusion Series 1 Genre: Fusion Difficulty: Advanced Ilett, Denny - Short Skirt Blues Charter: @PC Plum Pack: Jazzin The Blues Genre: Blues Difficulty: Intermediate Lockwood, Dave - All The Way Down Charter: @Aludog Pack: Blues Variations Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Lockwood, Dave - Always And Forever Charter: @Aludog Pack: Moody Blues Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Thammarat, Jack - Gliding Charter: @Aludog Pack: Smooth Ballads Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Thammarat, Jack - Morning Jam Charter: @PC Plum Pack: Morning Jam Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Thammarat, Jack - On The Way Charter: @PC Plum Pack: On The Way Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Willson, Jack - Misfits Charter: @Aludog Pack: Melodic Horizons Genre: Rock Difficulty: Advanced Wylde, Zakk - Farewell Ballad Charter: @Alex360 Pack: From The Vault Genre: Rock Difficulty: Advanced WIP: Planned: Lockwood, Dave - Moody Blues Pack Charter: @Aludog Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Lockwood, Dave - Blues Variations Pack Charter: @Aludog Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Lockwood, Dave - Smooth Grooves Pack Charter: @Aludog Genre: Fusion Difficulty: Novice
  22. I figured it was time to get started on this page, so here goes. I can't say I really have the intention of doing every song listed here (particularly as many of them have no resources available), but I do hope to finish a majority of their stuff. Out of Myself (2003) http://i.imgur.com/qINgBKC.jpg 1. The Same River (In progress. Bass mostly done, guitar text tab available) 2. Out of Myself (somewhat flawed GP available) 3. I Believe (GP available, not certain of quality) 4. Reality Dream (LB) 5. Loose Heart (LBV) 6. Reality Dream II (guitar mostly done, bass cover available) 7. In Two Minds (text guitar tab, bass cover available available) 8. The Curtain Falls (in progress, guitar mostly done, bass partway) 9. OK Voices in My Head EP (2005) http://i.imgur.com/RL5QoGr.jpg 1. Us 2. Acronym Love 3. Dna ts. Rednum or F.Raf 4. The Time I Was Daydreaming (text guitar tab available) 5. Stuck Between Second Life Syndrome (2005) http://i.imgur.com/IbeSvWJ.jpg 1. After 2. Volte-Face 3. Conceiving You (somewhat flawed GP available) 4. Second Life Syndrome (flawed GP available) 5. Artificial Smile (in progress) 6. I Turned You Down (LBV) 7. Reality Dream III (LB) 8. Dance with the Shadow 9. Before (GP available, can't comment on quality) Rapid Eye Movement (2007) http://i.imgur.com/Cx2f90a.jpg 1. Beyond the Eyelids 2. Rainbow Box (LBV) 3. 02 Panic Room (LB) 4. Schizophrenic Prayer 5. Parasomnia 6. Through the Other Side (GP available, can't comment on quality) 7. Embryonic 8. Cybernetic Pillow (text guitar tab available) 9. Ultimate Trip Anno Domini High Definition (2009) http://i.imgur.com/m01y0GE.jpg 1. Hyperactive (flawed GP available) 2. Driven to Destruction 3. Egoist Hedonist 4. Left Out (LBV) 5. Hybrid Times Memories in My Head EP (2011) http://i.imgur.com/lgeTdbA.jpg 1. Goodbye Sweet Innocence 2. Living in the Past 3. Forgotten Land Shrine of New Generation Slaves (2013) http://i.imgur.com/dbW80EZ.jpg 1. New Generation Slave (LBV) 2. The Depth of Self-Delusion (GP available, can't comment on quality) 3. Celebrity Touch (LBV) 4. We Got Used to Us (In progress, bass is done, guitar tab available) 5. Feel Like Falling (text guitar tab available) 6. Deprived (Irretrievably Lost Imagination) 7. Escalator Shrine (In progress, pretty far along with both instruments but not done) 8. Coda (LR) Love, Fear and the Time Machine (2015) http://i.imgur.com/JBtWCJS.jpg 1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?) (LRBV) 2. Under the Pillow (In progress, guitars done, bass halfway) 3. #Addicted (somewhat flawed GP available) 4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire (bass cover available. Don't think there's anything for guitars) 5. Saturate Me (LB) 6. Afloat (LBV) 7. Discard Your Fear (LRBV) 8. Towards the Blue Horizon (In progress, guitars mostly done) 9. Time Travellers (LRB) 10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching) (LB) Eye of the Soundscape (2016) http://i.imgur.com/QLwDTQi.jpg 1.1. Where the River Flows 1.2. Shine 1.3. Rapid Eye Movement (2016 mix) 1.4. Night Session - Part One 1.5. Night Session - Part Two 2.1. Sleepwalkers 2.2. Rainbow Trip (2016 mix) 2.3. Heavenland 2.4. Return 2.5. Aether 2.6. Machines 2.7. Promise (LR) 2.8. Eye of the Soundscape
  23. Okay, it's time to organize Dream Theater's works and the customs we have on this site. People should let me know what they're working on so I can keep track. I love you all! Key: Done In progress Not Started Studio Albums: When Dream and Day Unite (1989): "A Fortune in Lies" "Afterlife" "Light Fuse and Get Away" "Only a Matter of Time" "Status Seeker" - Chazite WIP "The Killing Hand" "The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun" "Ytse Jam" - Chronofreak25 Images and Words (1992): "Another Day" - Soilman (Chazite 2014 conversion) "Learning to Live" - ferras "Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper" - Peterpunk "Pull Me Under" - Soilman "Surrounded" - ferras "Take the Time" - WIP Chazite (lead finished) "Under a Glass Moon" - WIP Chazite (lead finished) "Wait for Sleep" - Instrumental, but has bass part Awake (1994): "6:00" - albatross213 "A Mind Beside Itself: I. Erotomania" - ferras "A Mind Beside Itself: II. Voices" "A Mind Beside Itself: III. The Silent Man" "Caught in a Web" "Innocence Faded" - Chazite (currently having issues) "Lie" "Lifting Shadows Off a Dream" "Scarred" "Space-Dye Vest" - bernixix (Nacholede WIP still?) "The Mirror" A Change of Seasons (1995): "A Change of Seasons" Falling Into Infinity (1997): "Anna Lee" "Burning My Soul" - Nacholede "Hell's Kitchen" "Hollow Years" "Just Let Me Breathe" "Lines in the Sand" - albatross213 "New Millennium" "Peruvian Skies" - wynterwolf "Take Away My Pain" "Trial of Tears" "You Not Me" Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory (1999): "Scene One: Regression" "Scene Two: I. Overture 1928" - combo w/ Regression, Nacholede "Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu" - ferras and bernixix (two different versions) "Scene Three: I. Through My Words "Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy" - kjhfkk "Scene Four: Beyond This Life" - Nacholede "Scene Five: Through Her Eyes" "Scene Six: Home" - sacredobelisk "Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity" - Nacholede / Shinyditto12 "Scene Seven: II. One Last Time" "Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On" - Soilman "Scene Nine: Finally Free" - Nacholede Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002): "Blind Faith" "Disappear" - Ki113r94 "Misunderstood" "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" - All parts by Nacholede "The Glass Prison" - Nacholede "The Great Debate" Train of Thought (2003): "As I Am" - J1nn "Endless Sacrifice" - Nacholede "Honor Thy Father" - Nacholede "In the Name of God" - Nacholede "Stream of Consciousness" - ferras "This Dying Soul" - Nacholede "Vacant" Octavarium (2005): "I Walk Beside You" - Ki113r94 "Never Enough" - lukesome544 "Octavarium" - Ki113r94 "Panic Attack" - Nacholede "Sacrificed Sons" - Nacholede "The Answer Lies Within" "The Root of all Evil" - ferras "These Walls" - Nacholede Systematic Chaos (2007): "Constant Motion" - Nacholede "Forsaken" - Nacholede "In the Presence of Enemies" - Nacholede "Prophets of War" "Repentance" "The Dark Eternal Night" - Nacholede "The Ministry of Lost Souls" - ferras Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009): "A Nightmare to Remember" - Nacholede "A Rite of Passage" - Nacholede "The Best of Times" - Nacholede "The Count of Tuscany" - ferras "The Shattered Fortress" - Nacholede "Wither" - Nacholede A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011): "Beneath the Surface" - ferras "Breaking All Illusions" - Nacholede "Bridges in the Sky" "Build Me Up, Break Me Down" - Nacholede "Far from Heaven" "Lost Not Forgotten" "On the Backs of Angels" - Nacholede "Outcry" "This Is the Life" - bokkiej Dream Theater (2013): "Along for the Ride" - bokkiej "Behind the Veil" "Enigma Machine" - Nacholede "False Awakening Suite" - Nacholede "Illumination Theory" - Nacholede "Surrender to Reason" "The Bigger Picture" "The Enemy Inside" - Nacholede "The Looking Glass" - Nacholede The Astonishing: Act I 01. Descent Of The NOMACS - Nacholede 02. Dystopian Overture 03. The Gift Of Music 04. The Answer 05. A Better Life 06. Lord Nafaryus 07. A Savior In The Square 08. When Your Time Has Come 09. Act Of Faythe 10. Three Days 11. The Hovering Sojourn 12. Brother, Can You Hear Me? 13. A Life Left Behind 14. Ravenskill 15. Chosen 16. A Tempting Offer 17. Digital Discord 18. The X Aspect 19. A New Beginning 20. The Road To Revolution Act II 01. 2285 Entr'acte 02. Moment Of Betrayal - Nacholede 03. Heaven’s Cove 04. Begin Again 05. The Path That Divides 06. Machine Chatter 07. The Walking Shadow 08. My Last Farewell 09. Losing Faythe 10. Whispers In The Wind 11. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices 12. Our New World 13. Power Down 14. Astonishing Non-Studio Album Releases Majesty Demos (1986): "A Vision" "Another Won" "March of the Tyrant" "Two Far" "Vital Star" "Your Majesty" The Silent Man, Awake (1992): "Eve" Lie, Greatest Hit (…and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) (1992): "To Live Forever" Images and Words sessions (1992): "Don't Look Past Me" Live at the Marquee (1993): "Another Hand" "Bombay Vindaloo" Hollow Years, Falling Into Infinity sessions (1997): "The Way It Used to Be" "You Or Me" Falling Into Infinity sessions (1997): "Cover My Eyes" "Raise the Knife" "Speak to Me" "Where Are You Now" God of War: Blood & Metal (2010): "Raw Dog"
  24. Hey, everyone! I'm thinking of buying a new electric guitar, I have a budget of about 850$. Personally, I am a metal head and I want to get a guitar that reflects that taste of music. I'm torn between either Jackson or Ibanez (also there is a 7-String PRS SE Custom I came across while looking around which I really liked). What do you guys think? What should I get? (Oh and I'm considering Orange or Blackstar regarding amps.)
  25. http://theriffrepeater.com/song-speculation-dream-theater-makes-rocksmith-debut-metropolis-petrucci-myung/ :D
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