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  1. I'd love to chart more Aether Realm, but there's not nearly enough tabs available unfortunately. My chart for "One Chosen by the Gods" is actually a tab from Donny. We'll see what I can find in the future.
  2. I really enjoyed this single, especially for bass. I'd like to chart it as soon as I find tabs
  3. Been wanting to chart this. If you find GP files of it send them my way!
  4. Always willing to chart more PPC if you've got the tabs!
  5. I actually started transcribing the tab for this into guitar pro a while back. Maybe I'll look into it again if I've got the time. It's a great song
  6. Love this song and I've wanted to chart it for a while now. I'm pretty backlogged with charts right now, but I'll add it to my list and let you know if I come up with anything
  7. Enjoy https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/56018
  8. I actually started charting this one but stopped at the solo/outro part. Maybe I'll give it another go.
  9. @The SamW4I'd love to chart some more Car Seat Headrest stuff. Working on adding lead+rhythm to "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" currently, however if you can get a GP5 put together for "Fill in the Blank," I'd be happy make a CDLC for you
  10. No worries! Love to hear that! PPC are fantastic. New chart coming this week
  11. Welcome to my workshop! I just wanted to create a post where I can update current projects and keep my CDLC organized as I upload more. In terms of what I chart, I usually create CDLC for whatever interests me at a particular moment; however, a majority of my charts are metal. I normally try to create CDLC with all three instrument paths, however rarely I will do bass only or lead only charts. I don't normally take requests, however if you know of a song you think I'd like (and have the gp5 and official, quality audio), maybe I'll give it a shot I try my best to create high quality CDLC, and only use high quality audio with my customs. If you come across any issues with my charts, please kindly let me know and I'll do my best to sort out the issue as soon as I can. Below you'll find a link to my Trello board, a timeline where I'm far more active in updating what's going on with my charts. From there you'll be able to see possible charts, charts that are up next, in progress, on hold, and uploaded. You'll also be able to see exactly what stage of completion a chart is in with checklists I create for each one. *Click here to visit my Trello workshop!*
  12. In my experience, it takes me three separate computers to create CDLC on Mac... Yes you read that correctly, three. I play rocksmith on my Macbook running the latest Catalina, and have always had trouble trying to run the custom toolkit or EOF. Instead, I use an old Mac Mini running Mojave to make CDLCs and it does so just fine. However while I'm able to create CDLC's without any problems, where I hit a roadblock is with Wwise, as it's next to impossible to find the correct version to work for Mac. I then usually put the CDLC's on a flash drive and load them into Wwise (2013) on this horrible HP laptop/tablet thing I got for free. It's good enough to run Wwise, but not good enough to even load Rocksmith unfortunately. After running the CDLC's through that piece of shit, I load them into rocksmith on my Macbook. So to recap: Mac Mini (Mojave): Create CDLC via EOF HP 360: Wwise2013 Mac Mini (Mojave): Rocksmith Song Creator Macbook Pro (Catalina): Play the game... I'd like to think there's an easier way to create CDLC's on Mac, and there probably is... but it's proven difficult for me. At this point, I'm probably just gonna buy a PC just for gaming anyway. However, I'm happy to process CDLC's in Wwise for anyone Mac users who've at least gotten far enough to create them in EOF :)
  13. I'm having a similar problem. All my CDLC's are working, however I can't load new ones into the game. We may have to wait for another update :(
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