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  1. I tried creating my own CDLC, but all tutorials I found leave something out, so it´s more of a patchwork of various tutorials. I didn´t try it yet but everybody who takes a look at it will know that it will not work and it looks like a child with no arms drew with crayons. I desperately needs somebodies help because there is so little tutorials or documentation about all the things needed to create one. I believe I already have all the programs, but I could be wrong of course. If anybody experienced would kindly have some time to help me and take a look at my burning trashpile that would be deeply appreciated. Correction: It actually works kind of okay, but I still need help with setting the correct tone and somebodies ear because I have some notes wrong.
  2. Hello guys! here is the thing. I'm working on the version 2.0 for the Legions Of The Dead cdlc and I only need this little assistence for the final part. For the Solo part in the song the bass and guitars have more notes than just the palm muted 0's. You can see it at minute 2:23 in the live video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO3wa-vEGqo And this is my tab in Guitar Pro. Can you tell if it's like the first 2 compasses or the other 2?
  3. Hey Guys, I got a problem with the song toolkit... When I try to generate a song this error pops up Dont really know what to do... I got the recommended Wwise Version and the path in the tool is the correct one... I did everything exactly as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL_PDEhoc7Y (as far it was possible) Does anyone know what I could do there?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to put in what is normally called a return bend, but Rocksmith calls them pre-bends. How would I go about doing this? My plan was to put a regular bend upwards, then link it next to a pre-bend. Help please?
  5. Hello, I've been trying to set up a note that will slide up to fret 22, hold there for a few seconds, then tremolo. Could anyone help me out with something like this?
  6. Am I missing something obvious, or am I right in saying that you can only have 1 of each part? i.e. PART_REAL_GUITAR PART_REAL_GUITAR_22 PART_REAL_BASS, etc? I have done a couple of songs where both rhythm and lead need all 24 frets, or I have done 4 separate guitar parts (1 lead, 1 rhythm, 2 combo as bonus lead/rhythm).... This might be due to the original design, but in a future release, how hard would it be to just have "track 1,2,etc", and then assign the instrument part to it?
  7. I do have a tab of Greensleves in GuitarPro. It uses more than one voice to author notes that last longer than these in the first voice. It looks like that: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r192/a_peter42/RsCustomsTools/GuitarPro6-Greensleeves_zps71c7f92d.png I learned, that EoF only imports the first voice. But how do i author this in EoF? If i add the note at the A string at the same position like other notes and raise the sustain, the duration of all notes will change. Even more it is not possible to do a sustain that is longer than the next note. I've tried it, but the sustain may only reach the 3rd fret on string H. My questions are: Could it be possible to change the import of Guitar Pro files to read the second voice like above? If not, is there a possibility to author these notes by hand like shown above? Is it possible to change the sustain of only one note of a chord? Do i have to edit the exported "PART REAL_GUITAR_RS2.xml" manually? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am having an odd issue with a song which has a lot of chord strumming. The first chord fingerings, chord name and notes are shown and then every chord the same after that is ghosted. I don't know if "ghosted" is the right term, basically where the same chord is repeated and so Rocksmith only shows the first chord and then has transparent rectangles to indicate repeated strums. The problem I have is that the ghost strums continue for the rest of the song! How does one control whether a ghost chord or the actual notes and fingerings are displayed? The song is already in sections but that doesn't seem to have any impact. This is an old EOF file that I am updating, I am wondering if something broke somewhere or that is introduced behavior with either EOF or the Rocksmith toolkit. THANKS!
  9. I can take a RS file and using CST unpack it into the various files. I would like to then reload it into EOF and resave it with the RB files options checked. How do I load the unpacked files back to EOF?
  10. Hi! Would EOf and the RS Toolkit work with windows 10?
  11. I have multiple slide down notes that aren't working. I have notes connected with "Linknext", selected as "Slide Down", and even set the end fret (ctr + shift + L) and the slides still aren't working. I have slide lines highlighted with purple that are working but the slides that aren't working have a black line instead of purple. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/o41oslvei0v92au/slidesOnPurpleOffBlack.png?dl=1
  12. I realize that this has been posted before in video form ( http://customsforge.com/topic/841-how-to-make-cdlc-full-in-depth-tut-completed/ ), but seeing as people still ask about it, and there are still CDLCs showing up without sections or very few sections, I thought It'd be a good idea to make a quick, easy tutorial (no video!) on how to add sections to your arrangements. Here goes: Sections are what separates your full arrangements into, well, sections e.g. Chorus, Verse, Bridge, which are selectable in RR (Riff Repeater). So, how do we go about making them? 1) Load up your eof file 2) Select the BEAT MARKER where you want the section to BEGIN. Do this by clicking on the beat marker (the arrow): http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/34538/2edcca345370955.jpg 3) Press Shift + S 4) Select one from the list of names. Enable "Also add as RS phrase". Note: The DDC might make its own phrases. I still have "Also add as RS phrase" enabled and ddc works without a hitch. 5) If you want the section start to be just for your current arrangement, enable "Specific to <Part x>" http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/34538/a17db1345371221.jpg 6) Press Ok 7) Repeat for every beat marker where you want a section to BEGIN. 8) ??? 9) Profit! Now, some notes: 1) Use the "noguitar" section name (second to last one in the list) if you have a long part without any notes being played. This allows you to skip this section in RS2014. 2a) Always start a section on a beat that has a note on it. If your section starts on a beat marker that has no note at the same time, the section will not be selectable in RS2014. So, do NOT do this: http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/34538/ea8f0c345371670.jpg 2b) In the rare case that your notes will start before or after a beat marker, cheat. Only do this AFTER you've synced up everything (in every arrangement) and AFTER you've confirmed that the section is not selectable if you put in on the beat marker before a note, like so: http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/34538/56834a345371859.jpg If the section is not selectable in RR, just do the following: Make sure you do not have "Auto adjust notes" enabled Anchor the previous beat marker (select it and press "a") Drag the beat marker over the note Set the BPM back to what it was, and do NOT enable "Adjust Notes" Done! 3) There is nothing to "end" a specific section, besides the "noguitar" section. Sections end where the new section starts. Plan accordingly. 4) Don't be too stingy, and don't be too generous with sections. 5) If you have too many sections (I believe this starts to become a problem around 25 sections or so), RR might bug out a bit visually, and not show any bars. RR will still work, but the bars visual representation will just be bugged. If this is the case, refer back to note 4 (so, don't be too generous!) 6) RS2014 does not care how many choruses or verses there are. That's it. If I see any new CDLC from now on without proper sections I'll hunt you down!
  13. Can I make a note that starts on an arbritary fret and ends on a determined fret? Some thing like /9, without choosing the fret to start the slide. Because I have a tab in Guitar Pro that have a slide like that, I tried importing in EOF and it put the note one fret lower and makes it slide to the note I want, which is not showed in game ¬¬ http://i.imgur.com/3ytvY1F.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/DlUm6hv.png?1
  14. History You all knew that tabs used beats(BPM anchors -vertical white lines in eof) for sync chart with audio. You know where you can get this BPM values for the song(even EOF can do that, just click BPM - > Estimate BPM -> OK). But when you deal with floatingUn-staticVariable BPM you better bless god that in this song BPM changes won't be more than 4-5 times, cause you know Tool songs and there very creative drummer so we got this kind of issue. How to Solve it? Use this software with presets that I recommend and you'll get 98% accuracy on generating BPM map(aka Beat Map) NOTE: You will need EOF minimum r1271 (now its RC9 r1302 and its ok, DL new version guys) Plus better add Leading silence(about 2000ms = 2 seconds) before song to get smooth start. Download and install Sonic Visualizer for you platform(I know that better get Audacity, but it can't export .svl file) Get plugin named QM-vamp-plugin(Queen Mary university stuff) direct link to v1.7 and link to QM plugin page *For windows* To install plugins open %Program Files%Vamp Plugins Now unpack plugin data there, a-a-a-and done, its installed. Open Program (Sonic Visualizer). Load you audio. Go to Transform menu, select "Analysis by category>Time>Tempo>Tempo and beat tracker: Beats". *You can adjust the plugin parameters in the window that pops up if you want to experiment, otherwise just click OK and wait a minute.* If you played song and you don't satisfied by results - use another plugin preset. Go to Transform menu, select "Analysis by category>Time>Tempo>Tempo and beat tracker: Beats". Set this values: Beat tracking method: new Onset detection function Type: Broadband Energy Rise or Spectral Difference Adaptive whitening: unchecked(this will mess up your BPM-map) *You can set one channel in advanced settings to make detection more accurate)* You can export the beat positions to a file that EOF can import. To do so, make sure that layer is still in the foreground (it is the selected layer tab on the side of the program) and use "File>Export annotation layer" Choose a place to save the file. *your project folder would be a good place*. In EOF, while your project is open, use "File>Sonic Visualiser Import" and select the file you just exported from that program. *The beat map will be updated to reflect the information in the file, and you can undo the changes if they didn't turn out the way you like*. That is it, I think its very progressive way to get BPM map and its not taking so long, but if you know actual BPM and its static you can sync tab with couple anchors :) Thanks to Me(Alex360), Raynebc, QM university team, Sonic Visualizer team, all other good peoples.
  15. Hey there, pretty new to editing/creating cdlc files so I'm pretty lost. Some songs in my library that I've downloaded don't have any riff repeater sections, making certain parts difficult to learn. I've been playing around with eof and the rocksmith toolkit to try and edit files to include sections but to little avail. Has anyone tried doing this? Thanks for any help Edit: Found a tool that does exactly what I need to do. It can also sync up notes if need be! It's called the BPR tool and it super easy to use. Here is a link: http://customsforge.com/topic/15687-beats-phrases-resynchronizer/page-1 Thanks to Chlipouni for making it!
  16. I'm having lots of trouble getting tone changes to work, I've put the names in the eof, then assigned them to the gui, and i still can't get them to switch in game. Would someone please help. :c
  17. so ther i am trying to layout things and testing out stuff on the EoF program when i noticed that frets above 17 are considered muted notes...this is an issue for ME specifically if i ever wanted to make a song that happens to go above that fret; which i'm sure i'm gonna be running into at some point in time. my guitar has 21 frets and others may go above that count i'm sure but is this an error on the program maker's part? or is this a bug that needs to be addressed? or maybe i set 1 of my settings to make it think it's not a guitar? idk any hlp on this would b very much appreciated and i thank you in advance for taking the time to read and/or read/respond
  18. Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I'm fairly new to CDLC, but after a couple weeks I think I get the whole process pretty well. I'm still getting used to Editor on Fire, especially since most tutorials revolve around importing Guitar Pro tabs while I prefer inputting the notes directly into EOF. I understand beat mapping, sustaining notes, bends, slides, fret hand positions, tech notes, all that good stuff. There are some things I have a few questions about though: 1. Is there a way to remove chord names on double stops? http://i61.tinypic.com/333ecue.png Or even chord names on any kind of chord? But double stops especially shouldn't have names, right? My workaround has been to go to Note > Edit Name and type a space " " which would clear it, and it seems to look fine ingame. Is there a better way to do this? 2. How do you work with chord "phrases"? There's probably a better term for that... By "chord phrase" I mean the blue lines that extend from a chord outline, and the "blank" outlines mean you repeat the same chord, until the phrase ends. The repeated chords are slashes [/] in EOF. http://i57.tinypic.com/2uoj62x.png In this example, the first [A5] starts a chord phrase and the [/] repeats that chord. The palm mutes cut the phrase off, and a new phrase starts with the second [A5] and [/]. How can I make it so these two phrases are connected as one phrase? The second [A5] would then be another [/] instead and the palm mutes would be "extra" notes within the phrase. I've seen some songs do this (watch the intro of Dream On). I think it looks better and smarter that way. http://i62.tinypic.com/23rpwjn.png On the other hand... here are two pairs of [E5] chords. As you can see there's a gap between the first pair and the second. But the second pair is just more [/], meaning it continues from the first pair, and ingame these pairs are part of the same chord phrase and connected regardless of the gap between them. How can I split these pairs into two separate chord phrases, even though they're the same chord? http://i62.tinypic.com/v3h8gx.jpg 3. And finally... how do I fix this? I pressed the wrong button too many times and I flipped it upside down hahaha
  19. Hi guys, i'm having trouble importing the xml files from my Spit Out The Bone custom from Metallica, i have this message, can anyone help me? http://i.imgur.com/oYeHeVQ.jpg
  20. So I have tried to do a bunch of CDLC, yet they are all out of sync when I import them into EoF. In Guitar Pro they are all correct synced and have correct BPM, yet the BPM from the tab doesn't get imported into EoF. Is dragging the notes so they line up with the song really the only option? I'm trying to do black metal songs where there is a lot of tremolo picking so lining everything up is very hard. Also sometimes when I "Undo" if I made a mistake, the program crashes and I have to start everything over.
  21. Hello everybody. There is this one piece in the song "The Brain Dance - Animals As Leaders" that I have been having trouble learning, so I wanted to turn it into a cdlc to help me kinda visualize the tabs better. Unfortunately, the part im trying to learn is towards the end of the song, and there is a lot of BPM changes before it. When I put the tab in EOF, I can never get the part of the song im trying to learn to be synced with the audio because of all the notes before it and the BPM changes in the tab. Is there a way I can apply mid-song BPM changes in EOF, or is there a way I can cut all the notes before the piece I want to learn in EOF? I would just go and edit the original tab, but I have no experience in editing tabs and uploading them to a gp5 file. Any help or quick tutorials I can get? Thanks so much! P.S. I was planning on uploading a cdlc that I made, but there is one issue at the end regarding a bpm change.
  22. I have uploaded already a couple of CDLC's with only lead track. I now wanted to test it on bass, but when I start the song in RS2014 there are no notes. Its just empty. I tried real part bass and real part bass 22 track in EOF but none of them work. I really don't know what i'm dong wrong. Anyone suggestions? Thanks
  23. So, I have a custom that crashes RS2 every time. Sometimes it's the speaker/no highway kind of crash, other times it's a crash with a windows crash window pop up. I've uploaded the project files here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/528fy0rlyw04pb4/Dream%20Evil%20-%20By%20My%20Side.rar EoF gives me no errors, except for one bend that has no strength value, and will thus be exported as a half bend.
  24. Got some time to waste, got bored, and noticed that there were still some sub-par CDLCs being released. I've already noticed that a lot of songs have incorrect chord sustains (usually this concerns repeated chords that are seperated by a rest, but are not drawn that way in RS2014), some are lacking sections, some have their guitar volume too soft. Easy to fix, if you only know how ;) Now I would like to ask the audience: what's your sticking point? What don't you understand? What do you think could be improved in your CDLcs, but don't know how? Could be anything from stuff in EoF to wwise or the toolkit. Go!
  25. Hey guys, working on my first CDLC and somewhere along the way, through the versions, i seem to have picked up some funky fingering. Is there a way to remove it all, without having to go through the song note by note ?
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