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  1. Hello, has anyone been able to build EOF as 64 bits application for OSX Catalina?
  2. Hi, EOF seem to have room for three guitars only (real guitar, real guitar 22, real guitar bonus). How are the CDLC with four guitars made? Is there need to create two EOF songs to be able to import all of them to toolkit? Thanks, Seppo
  3. Wow, yes EoF runs on macOS Mojave! Edit: I tried an old project first (that I've run with Wine) and seemed like editing worked. When trying to create new project the guitar.ogg gets created into "/Applications/<artist> - <title>" and EoF doesn't find it. I'll try to edit the created eof.cfg to get the paths right. Edit 2: I tried to put the source wav to my eof/<artist> - <title> directory and choose option use existing folder but I got the same issue that guitar ogg is not found. I couldn't find a way to trick EOF to work for start from scratch.
  4. Is it possible to run the Windows EOF version with Wine on OSX?
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