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  1. Hello, has anyone been able to build EOF as 64 bits application for OSX Catalina?
  2. Hi, EOF seem to have room for three guitars only (real guitar, real guitar 22, real guitar bonus). How are the CDLC with four guitars made? Is there need to create two EOF songs to be able to import all of them to toolkit? Thanks, Seppo
  3. Wow, yes EoF runs on macOS Mojave! Edit: I tried an old project first (that I've run with Wine) and seemed like editing worked. When trying to create new project the guitar.ogg gets created into "/Applications/<artist> - <title>" and EoF doesn't find it. I'll try to edit the created eof.cfg to get the paths right. Edit 2: I tried to put the source wav to my eof/<artist> - <title> directory and choose option use existing folder but I got the same issue that guitar ogg is not found. I couldn't find a way to trick EOF to work for start from scratch.
  4. Thanks, though that Toolkit version fails a bit later. I entered the .wem file and pressed Generate and got this. The .wem file was generated by Wwise 2015 running under Wine, hope it's not corrupt. https://imgur.com/a/f3fgtmP Maybe I should try the elder version. Edit - moved this question to another thread where it suits better.
  5. What do you mean by manual, text editing directly to config files of Toolkit? I haven't tried it yet (don't know where it's located). I've set the path correctly via configuration GUI into similarish path ending to "bin". That path setting works in native Windows in my other computer (cheapo laptop for car OBD usage, but it's too slow for EOF). With Wwise2015 install the path differs a bit from your example. I also tried to copy the wise exes and dlls needed to toolkit directory and change path accordingly but no help.
  6. I've finally had success with EOF and Wine in OSX. Song creation with beat map adjust and import from Guitar Pro works. The last step in CDLC build that needs Wwise fails for me. I've managed to install Wwise (2015) under Wine with the standalone msi installers. I'm even able to build a .wem file via the GUI. However even with correctly set path the RS Toolkit fails to execute WwiseCLI.exe. The fail looks the same with both .wem file and guitar.ogg file as input. What could I do? Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/z6u6fyQ Thanks! Edit: I'm trying with Wine since the native OSX Toolkit doesn't work for me. OSX native toolkit fails with the mono install requirement popup. I've tried many Mono versions and none of them was recognized to get past the popup.
  7. I noticed today that Wine (stable) runs EOF and RS Toolkit on Mac. I could load a wav and adjust the beat map with help of spectrum view and listen playback with beat ticks. However I'm not able to install Wwise 2015 or 2014 under Wine. What does RSTK need from Wwise installation? I wonder if I copy e.g. an executable from Windows PC (too slow for productive work) to Wine under Mac. Or could the Mac RS Toolkit version be used with native Mac WWise. Has anyone tried recently to make CDLC with Mac? Thanks!
  8. Is it possible to run the Windows EOF version with Wine on OSX?
  9. I see this issue in several songs, e.g. Toccata & Fugue in D Minor. The notes are played from everywhere and the fretboard view stays in the same place. It's quite annoying and makes learning the song hard. There are also other similarly buggy songs seen but I didn't yet took notes of problematic songs encountered. I use Mac OSX version of Rocksmith 2014 and I convert songs from PC to Mac. I don't have a PC to test if the same thing happens there. Also tip of how to add dynamic difficulty would be nice. I'd like to start learning with less overwhelming versions first.
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