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  1. I tried again with fully disabled antivirus, but got the same issue. The logfile is the same except the first line. ..... Now I tried on my studio pc with mainly the same software configuation without any problems. Only on my laptop EOF doesn't work. Not my prefered solution :(
  2. Hi @ all, my first attempt to use EOF stuck on a frozen start. After appearing of a grey programm window several black ones seemed to open in background. Title shows EOF - No song. No menu available. Quitting programm only via task manager. Facts: Version eof_1.8RC12 with Hotfix 12-20-2018 Windows 10 64Bit Install path D:\Downloads\Programme\CDLC\EOF eof.exe excluded from antivirus scanning (McAfee) tried win8 compatibility mode no unblock button on file preferences logfile attached Any further recommendationes to solve the problem? 394: Logging started during program initialization at 01
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