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  1. Yeah that's what I ended up doing. Bringing the .mp3 into Audacity, cutting off the unwanted end, and re-exporting the .mp3. So I had to pretty much start over. It would be nice to adjust the end of the song manually.
  2. I would like to realize this DUH moment. I have a song in EOF that I need to stop way before the mp3 track ends and "Edit > Set End Point" doesn't seem to stop the song. How can I move that red bar to the left?
  3. Thanks! I just went through and toggled off the ghost notes and then ctrl+M to toggle on palm mutes to create a similar effect.
  4. I know parenthesis means they're muted but what does the white background of the note mean? They're not showing in Rocksmith. Is there a way to toggle them on?
  5. I just deleted the notes and created new ones and now they work once I selected as "Slide Down" and set the end fret (ctr + shift + L).
  6. I have multiple slide down notes that aren't working. I have notes connected with "Linknext", selected as "Slide Down", and even set the end fret (ctr + shift + L) and the slides still aren't working. I have slide lines highlighted with purple that are working but the slides that aren't working have a black line instead of purple. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/o41oslvei0v92au/slidesOnPurpleOffBlack.png?dl=1
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