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  1. Yeah i know that but thanks for answering, i also think i misunderstood what my problem myself, i need to change the speed of the song since my Guitar Pro tabs changes BPM every now and then, so i figured i could just change the BPM for some part and then copy paste on notes in and it would auto fix it, but it doesn't synch them up at all :(
  2. Hey is there a way to change the highlighted BMP from the start to the end in one go ? or do i mannualy need to set change every BMP ? i need some parts to be 220 and some to be 274 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0qy554qxOiQdzwq72ZNhmP8EE5MzN8R/view?usp=sharing Didnt know how to upload a picture so i just share it
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