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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys! i'm having a weird problem. I downloaded a few customs but when i select them suddenly the game freezes (i can still play my guitar and hear the preview) but i can't move, and when i press the buttons they do nothing. When i close Rocksmith it throws me an error that it stopped working Don't know how to solve it, so i expect you guys could help me
  2. Hey there everyone, :) I have picked up Rocksmith 2014 almost two years, and since day one it got me frustrated but i kept myself trying to push to play guitar but it never got along. The problem i see is with the song collection in Rocksmith 2014 it seems that it goes from simple powerchords songs to complex songs in no time. And im still a beginner and dont know how to play guitar. The motivation is there but not the knowlegde. I love to listen to Hard rock and Metal and just want to learn the songs that my favorite bands play. My question is, Is there any like list of songs that start out for beginners and gradully get more complex, like a learning guide ? I fonund a list on Justin Guitar.com, but i wanted to check out if anyone here can give me help. Or am I working the wrong way with Rocksmith 2014? Thank you all for the help already in advanced :(
  3. Songs for electric guitar are great but i think sometimes i like to play a song for acoustic guitar. I think its a good for practice rhythm and in the same time to learn a chords. This is a list with a great chord songs, maybe someone with skills in CDCLC can make some songs . The Great Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook http://www.musicroom.com/se/id_no/051763/details.html The Best Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook (Platinum Edition) The New Big Acoustic Guitar Songbook All this books songs and a list with songs for each are here http://www.musicroom.com
  4. Yo guys let me explain. I have a muse pack dlc but when i put their on the game the others dlcs don't appear, like 3 doors down etc. how can i solve this problem?
  5. Don't have a capo laying around? Wanting to play some "Folsom Prison Blues" like me and not having a capo? Well, here is the tutorial for you! 1.) Load up the capo required song 2.) Tune your guitar without the capo 3.) When asked to put capo on, use the precision tuner to tune "with the capo on" (In our case, w/o it) 4.) When tuning, *with the capo on (actually off)* you will be ready. 5.) Now, when the song starts, play each note 1 fret lower than being said. Example: You have a note telling you to play the Low E string on the 5th fret. Instead of playing it like that, play the Low E String on the 4th fret (1 fret lower.) You have a note telling you to play the A string on the 12th fret. Instead of playing it like that, play the A string on the 11th fret (1 fret lower.) You have a note telling you to play an open G. Actually, just play the open G. That is the only note that doesn't need to be changed. And so on. Have fun!
  6. Hey guys, I'd like to learn new songs but I don't really know any that I could learn.I've been playing guitar for 10 months now and I can play songs like "Blackbird - Alter Bridge".Pleasy write a comment if you guys know any songs that I could learn (I'm not looking for a specific genre) Thanks
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