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  1. Happy Birthday Jerrett!

  2. Happy Birthday Jerrett!

  3. It'd be cool if you could do some Josh Turner, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Randy Travis, Hank Snow, Roy Acuff, etc.
  4. I had actually tried to tie a rubber band tight down. I also tried to get an adjustable wrench that was laying around but I couldn't find nothing to work lol Nice trick as well though ;) I'll have to try it :D
  5. No problem! I first tried that and I couldn't keep it barred while doing notes further up the fretboard and my hand would get tired. So I had to find an alternative til I get a capo :) Glad to help :)
  6. Don't have a capo laying around? Wanting to play some "Folsom Prison Blues" like me and not having a capo? Well, here is the tutorial for you! 1.) Load up the capo required song 2.) Tune your guitar without the capo 3.) When asked to put capo on, use the precision tuner to tune "with the capo on" (In our case, w/o it) 4.) When tuning, *with the capo on (actually off)* you will be ready. 5.) Now, when the song starts, play each note 1 fret lower than being said. Example: You have a note telling you to play the Low E string on the 5th fret. Instead of playing it like that, play the Low
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