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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I'm fairly new to CDLC, but after a couple weeks I think I get the whole process pretty well. I'm still getting used to Editor on Fire, especially since most tutorials revolve around importing Guitar Pro tabs while I prefer inputting the notes directly into EOF. I understand beat mapping, sustaining notes, bends, slides, fret hand positions, tech notes, all that good stuff. There are some things I have a few questions about though: 1. Is there a way to remove chord names on double stops? http://i61.tinypic.com/333ecue.png Or even chord names on a
  2. The problem is that,some times if i make chengens in a CDLC lead part and than go to do the rhythm part and than it mess up the lead part,and BTW RS toolkit don't want to import the rhythm guitar part,what shold i do?
  3. Greetings, I have been sitting all day working on a song, and I have now encountered a weird problem. Whenever the song reaches a certain point (03:53 to be exact) the audio is killed and about half a second later I return to the beggining of the song. When I press the skip forward button I return to the point where it put me back to the beggining again. Could this mean that the end or "finish line" is sooner than it should? If so, how can I change it?
  4. Hi! Would EOf and the RS Toolkit work with windows 10?
  5. Hi there! I am Saka and I have an important question regarding EOF ( It's BPM specifically) if anyone can answer. So, What I'm trying to do; Sync Lead, Rhythm, and Bass arrangements up. What was accomplished; I've Synced the starting note for all arrangements at the beginning and up to 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through. Problem; When I change the ending BPM to a faster beat after slowing the beat down for the last BPM change, the notes are cutoff for going off-track/ending of song. So far I've tried almost every possible combination to get around this 'cut' but it ends up happening either w
  6. After having - synced a project in EOF (with a lot of anchors and different BPM inbetween) - added silence and an offset to 0 (additional beat) I sometimes would like to - import a complete alternate GP5 for comparison - import a part of a GP5 consisting of some corrected/alternate bars (i.e. Solo) in an unused track. Tabs are imported in EOF at the 1st beat, with the BPM of these starting positions. Am I missing something in EOF, (or has this been answered before ?) but it doesn't seem possible to import a Gp5 in EOF at the closest/next beat of the current position (green vertical line)
  7. I'm trying to make my first CDLC song for Rocksmith, but i'm stonewalled by EOF. It won't import my guitar pro tabs. The tabs are made on Guitar Pro 6, which is supported, isn't it? What's wrong?
  8. i wanted to add sections in someones pscars because for some reason the dd sections arent rs sections (rr doesnt work) and even if they were they are placed in random spots. (also because he doesnt reply since its almost over a year old) so how do you delete the dd and sections because when i press delete dd it says warning there is one populated difficulty beyond the first 5 difficulties only the first 5 will export to midi, and when i press manage rs phases its not the list that i remember its just a difficulty list and if i press delete level then it will delete the notes that i want sooo
  9. So just what the tittle says. at the moment the chords are the length of the 24 frets eventhough ive defined the fingering. also im getting errors about handshapes before the notes or notes are lower than the highlighted fret. but i have no idea what to do because i've never encountered this problem before.
  10. I added leading silence to my cdlc, and now Rocksmith starts the song immediately while the notes start after the offset. It works perfectly in eof. Is there a way to fix this?
  11. When I use Eof and track a song it don't save a wav file for me to use in Wwise. Any clues ?
  12. Hey guys, I wonder if some of you may take the time to help me. I made a CDLC of the song Behind the Sun by Sylosis (Lead Guitar), but when it try it crashes the game, I've tried repacking twice (that's usually the fix in most cases), but it doesn't help. Everything seems fine with it, EOF didn't show any error/incompability message and RSToolKit generated it without any problem. Here's a zip with all the EoF files, .wav files, album cover and the generated .psarc files (no tone or gp file, but I can get you that if you want to): https://mega.nz/#!2U...-092T1DDzDkUt5U
  13. Hello, My name is Ben and I have recently made a few CDLCs. However, some people have been requesting dynamic difficulty, and I know that there is a Creator that does it for you in RS Toolkit, but I can't figure out how to seperate the song into phrases. Can anyone help me? If so, that would be awesome
  14. I'm having an issue with my one of my CDLCs: http://customsforge.com/topic/20054-sign-o-the-times-live-mtv-vmas-1987/?hl=prince There is a burst of notes at the beginning and then some chords, and the last chord in the sequence is sustained, then slides up the neck to another chord (via linknext), and then the chord changes to a single sustained note (also via linknext, and the rest of the notes are released) and then it's supposed to go to a downward unpitched slide (also via linknext), so that's like 3 or so links. In the chart, the final slide isn't shown, but it's definitely in EOF. I
  15. I can take a RS file and using CST unpack it into the various files. I would like to then reload it into EOF and resave it with the RB files options checked. How do I load the unpacked files back to EOF?
  16. Hey there! Sorry but I couldn't find the answer in any tutorial or video.. How can I change the length of a note in EOF? Is there a shortcut, similar to pressing F when I want to change the fret position? Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I'm working on a song that sounds to me like it has a tremolo (wammy) bar that dips lower in pitch, and then goes higher. Is there a way to chart this in EoF? I imagine I could use a bend to chart the higher pitches, but EoF doesn't allow negative bend strengths. How would any of you in the CF community here chart this? Thanks for your help, Tysylio
  18. I'm having lots of trouble getting tone changes to work, I've put the names in the eof, then assigned them to the gui, and i still can't get them to switch in game. Would someone please help. :c
  19. L33tr

    Count In

    Does anybody know how to get the count-in that occurs before the first measure that official DLC uses sometimes? I know that d318's Green Day charts have them, so it can obviously be done for customs, but I don't know how. Thanks in advance :)
  20. so ther i am trying to layout things and testing out stuff on the EoF program when i noticed that frets above 17 are considered muted notes...this is an issue for ME specifically if i ever wanted to make a song that happens to go above that fret; which i'm sure i'm gonna be running into at some point in time. my guitar has 21 frets and others may go above that count i'm sure but is this an error on the program maker's part? or is this a bug that needs to be addressed? or maybe i set 1 of my settings to make it think it's not a guitar? idk any hlp on this would b very much appreciated and i
  21. No matter what I try, I can't get a sustained note to use linknext for over one measure. I author a note like this:http://oi61.tinypic.com/29cmhko.jpgBut no matter what I've tried it comes out like this: http://oi57.tinypic.com/70xuz5.jpgAs you can see, the notes that come after the vibrato note (coincidentally, the note that is at the start of a new measure) does not appear. I know for a fact that it is because of the ending of the measure that this occurs because if I offset the note to slightly before the measure like this: http://oi59.tinypic.com/s6jb76.jpgThen it shows up in-game like thi
  22. How do the official DLCs make this chord frame? It doesn't seem to be an actual "arpeggio" that you'd make by using Control + Shift + G. As you can see, it doesn't have the same purple outline as arpeggios added by the aforementioned shortcut (as shown through the second picture). http://oi57.tinypic.com/2i90ya.jpg http://oi61.tinypic.com/2vl7kon.jpgAny help would be greatly appreciated :)
  23. I have just starting creating CDLCs for Rocksmith and I'm having a blast. Most of you are light-years ahead of me in terms of EOF knowledge, but I thought I would share this anyway in case it helps someone else out there who is starting out. Please chime in with any corrections or additions to my thoughts below. Over the past year, I have found the Riff Repeater to be critical to my use and enjoyment of Rocksmith. So, in creating CDLCs, I want to make sure that RR works in each of the songs. (I know that many of you also utilize the Dynamic Difficulty option, but I have not found it to b
  24. I have two questions that have bugged me and I can't seem to find an answer for anywhere. First one, in Editor on Fire, say you have your song completely done. When you play it, you notice a slight out of sync on the whole song, when this happens do you really need to edit on EOF then go back to Wwise and then repackage the song again? Or simply saving it with the changes on EOF and then repackaging it will do the trick? Next question, I am familiar with how to make tones, how in the world do you get them out as an xml. file and how do you find them? I am having to do the technique where you
  25. Hi So i charted the song i want in EOF and its all timed correctly and all so now what do i do??
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