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  1. Happy Birthday Sakata!

  2. Happy Birthday Sakata!

  3. Aimer - Insane Dream (feat. Taka)?

  4. Working on putting Boo! and Wataridori into the game, Jesus.. It's more difficult than I thought it would be :o

  5. Haven't made an update in a while, gonna be tabbing out some more Alexandros. Looking to make discography for ALXD and EXIST. Wataridori and Boo! is finished.

  6. Expect Zenzenzense to be done tonight

  7. Starting to tab out Zenzenzense tonight

    1. Kei


      Nice ! Welcome back dude ;'D

    2. Kei


      (Best song ever btw)

  8. Got my computer back and moved in

  9. Got my computer backed and moved in

  10. Not able to do much CDLC till about September

  11. Back for a little bit :P

    1. Kei


      Oh yeah, welcome back :'D

    2. RomeoK
  12. art of live? :(

  13. ONE OK ROCK's "Kanjou Effect" full album tabs complete.

    1. Kei


      Hehe, Good job bro !

    2. dso
  14. Please Art of life!!! T_T to x Japan please!!

  15. @@dso Break My Strings and CONVINCING are complete. Will PM in an hour or 2 on steam
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