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  1. Happy Birthday dso!

  2. Happy Birthday dso!

  3. The custom tones issue is normally an easy fix. I've been fixing the CLDC that failed for me and I don't have the original files, since I didn't create them. It's not hard, simply import the package with the toolkit and then edit the arrangement files. There search for the tones section on the XML and you'll notice the errors right away (tone definition names don't match the names on the tone change definitions). So, put the correct name on the tone changes and create the package again with the modified files.
  4. Apologies for off topic - but just an FYI / PSA about finding what's eating space on your computer, this tool - http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/ - is freeware, brilliant and works on winxp-win10 and can be run from a thumb drive if you prefer to carry handy utilities around with you. Just remember to run it as admin (rightclick the .exe) Exactly! I used something similar, not sure if it works on W10 though: https://windirstat.net/. Also found other files I could delete to make some space.
  5. Quick question / PSA regarding the CLI tool: Its creating files in the Temp folder (C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp), just like the toolkit does, but for some reason tools like CCleaner won't clean the files, unlike the files created by the toolkit, so its necessary to do it manually. I'm not sure if this is something normal or that needs to be fixed, but for those with not much free Space on their OS drive, you should really delete those files before you run out of space! I converted like 1300 CDLC and its close to 20GB in files, so be careful.
  6. Hey guys, I've used the new CLI to convert/fix songs for remastered and got error on multiple MUSE songs. Any idea if there's an easy way to fix them? Here's a list of the ones that failed for me: http://i.imgur.com/Tdcpadx.png And here's an example of the errors they were giving, I think most of them gave a similar error but I'm not 100% sure: http://i.imgur.com/s0arUKZ.png I'm not sure if all the ones I have are from the approved discography, but most should be. Thanks EDIT: Just saw BHMath's post, much more complete :)
  7. Hi! First of all thanks a lot for your fast work on the tools to fix all the remastered issues! I've been using the Remastered CLI tool this morning to fix all my CDLC and most didn't give any errors, but some others did. Is there a way to know which ones failed without taking notes every time you see one? The CLI window doesn't show all the text from the execution, only the last X lines, so you would need to be paying attention and take notes during execution. Maybe output the errors to a txt file? Again, thanks for your work!
  8. Hey earth! Wondering if you would mind taking a shot at another RADWIMPS tune when you have the time? I love the initial riff of this one :) Song title: 君と羊と青 (Kimi to Hitsuji to Ao) I found a japanese site with the tab for all the instruments, seems accurate (takes a while to load): http://guitarlist.net/bandscore/radwimps/kimitohitsuji/kimitohitsuji2.php And here's a guitar pro like version with audio playback, instrument muting, etc (hit the buttons to the left of page numbers at the top for previous / next page) http://guitarlist.net/bandscore/radwimps/kimitohitsuji/kimitohitsuji.php There's also some decente covers on Youtube. I think guitar is standard and bass is half step down, but not 100% sure. Here's another page that can help with the Rhythm part http://www.ufret.jp/song.php?data=1011 Mostly interested in Lead myself. I can also provide FLAC file for the audio if you need it, or just converted to 320 from the FLAC. I understand if it's not possible, you have so many request already >_<
  9. Apparently the guitar tab book comes out the 30th! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Drones-Guitar-Tab-Muse/dp/0571539238/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1434411396&sr=1-2-fkmr0&keywords=muse+drones+songbook
  10. Can't wait :) I guess most of the heavy songs are in Drop-D right? And I agree, Chris did a great job in this album. As a lot of people said though, I wish the mix made it more apparent, the bass is very low compared to their live performances.
  11. Only listened once to the new songs but overall I'm really enjoying what I hear. I actually enjoyed Revolt, but I agree, it's the black sheep of the album. "Drones" is very special, risky from Matt to pull off something like that, casual listeners will probably dish it too. Overall a pretty good album IMO, can't wait to try to play some of the guitar heavy tracks that are left to chart :) Good luck guys!! EDIT: Also major props to Chris, he has some killer Bass lines in this album. I really need to get one soon! :P Wish they would let Dom show off a bit more too.
  12. Good stuff indeed! But Psycho and Reapers are still up there for me (specially Reapers, I'm a sucker for the last part of the solo and the tapping). Can't wait for the custom :)
  13. Thanks for the information, I was going crazy thinking yesterday never happened haha
  14. I can't say much since I don't work on these but I think Big Freeze needed a rework, apparently the tab Slyver used was wrong. Sorry, I love Big Freeze :p Not sure about the rest he made.
  15. Did you guys hear the new song they played last night? (Reapers). Can't wait to play this, sounds quite challenging to chart and put tones to tho!:
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