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  1. Aimer - Insane Dream (feat. Taka)?

  2. Working on putting Boo! and Wataridori into the game, Jesus.. It's more difficult than I thought it would be :o

  3. Haven't made an update in a while, gonna be tabbing out some more Alexandros. Looking to make discography for ALXD and EXIST. Wataridori and Boo! is finished.

  4. Expect Zenzenzense to be done tonight

  5. Starting to tab out Zenzenzense tonight

    1. Kei


      Nice ! Welcome back dude ;'D

    2. Kei


      (Best song ever btw)

  6. Got my computer back and moved in

  7. Got my computer backed and moved in

  8. Not able to do much CDLC till about September

  9. Back for a little bit :P

    1. Kei


      Oh yeah, welcome back :'D

    2. RomeoK
  10. ONE OK ROCK's "Kanjou Effect" full album tabs complete.

    1. Kei


      Hehe, Good job bro !

    2. dso
  11. @@dso Break My Strings and CONVINCING are complete. Will PM in an hour or 2 on steam
  12. @@xarr @dreddfoxx can most likely help you with the issues. For now do not post multiple topics on the forum as this is spam. Also this topic has been moved to the Custom Song Manager > Issues section
  13. Just a quick notification that I will be charting ONE OK ROCK's music again as I have just ordered the band scores! Notify me/Add me on Steam if you want a link to the CDLC when they are finished as they will not be uploaded until all songs from the album are finished*** Update 10/29/15: CONVINCING and Break My Strings finished and in RS.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAtIFY2wH_g All Time Low Song Pack – $7.99 All Time Low “Dear Maria, Count Me In” – Drop D – [XBL] All Time Low “Somewhere in Neverland” – Eb Drop Db / Eb Standard [bass] – [XBL] All Time Low “Weightless” – Drop D – [XBL] For more information please see our partner website: TheRiffRepeater.com
  15. Indeed haha, awaiting its Steam release :P
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO5SI7Tp8FM Blues Rock Song Pack - $7.99 / Steam Joe Bonamassa “Sloe Gin” – Drop D [bass] - [XBL] / SteamKenny Wayne Shepherd “Blue on Black” – Drop D [Lead] - [XBL] / SteamPhilip Sayce “Out Of My Mind” – Eb Standard - [XBL] / Steam Special thanks to @Jazzie for bringing us 'Blue on Black' first! For more information please see our partner website: TheRiffRepeater.com
  17. Glad to hear and completely fine with you using the video haha, will download version 2.3 now. Thanks again! @@bernixix
  18. Always getting a miss for the slide during the A5/D#5 chords but other than that it was pretty awesome to play through the song, got some things to improve on definitely and will be working on it soon haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOJM2ArdjVw&feature=youtu.be
  19. I believe Rodman is online in which he can check the leaderboards for ya @@fiddlesticks as they are the organizers haha Also welcome to the championship @@Sebastien92! Glad you could join us :D
  20. MC Lead: http://i.imgur.com/bvvDH6W.jpg MC Rhythm: http://i.imgur.com/tyKg7oB.jpg Final scores for the week! Challenging lead arrangement indeed, been tabbing out some songs is why im uploading this late ahaha :P ready for next weeks championship!
  21. Just tested them and only one song will appear at a time like you stated, One Rainy Wish is the one appearing only for me after putting all 3 of them within the folder. Took a look at all the files in Toolkit and could not find anything @@Alex360 would most likely be able to solve the problem when he is online.
  22. Also I normally let the Toolkit generate the file in the respective EOF folder and re open Toolkit so I don't run into any problems as I truly never had this problem creating CDLC. Any more information would be of good help
  23. The AppID should apply to whichever ODLC you have downloaded for the songs to appear, definitely check if anything is causing errors within the charts or Toolkit. I will take a look at the CDLC in the meantime!
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