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  1. I see, thanks. That was something along the lines I tought it would do.
  2. @@raynebc Is there an info thread somewhere for handshapes? Because I don't seem able to find anything. Are the handshapes just to group notes played from the same chord? Like an arpeggio but not with the whole chord shown at the start?
  3. I see, I'll have to look into handshapes then, don't think I ever used those before. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Thanks! didn't think of using arpeggio for a rake. Might try it out if there's a section that benefits from it but I agree it can block out some view, but just putting the notes very close together isn't that great either so I'll have to test it. And shame other ones aren't supported, altough I guess for a strum direction, if slow enough, you can just use an arpeggio too or a small distance between the notes but that might make things a bit too confusing
  5. So I have a few questions to check if I'm not missing something Are these things possible to author in EOF / supported by RS? Staccato: This doesn't matter too much and most likely isn't supported by RS, but I was wondering if there is something possible to add visually to see if a chord or note is played staccato. Maybe with the crazy note status? Don't have much experience with 'crazy' so maybe I overlooked something. Rake: I guess this can be authored by just having the notes very close together. Just wondering if there is any special feature for it to make it more visible since all n
  6. Thanks! Must have forgot that was a thing. I'll just use that then
  7. So in EOF, in order to get the muted chord part to show up in RS at a "good" position you need to assign notes to it. I used it as the first chord in a series of chords as muted, but now RS never shows the actual chord to play but just the empty windows, since the "first chord" displayed is muted. I don't know if it's possible, but I don't think a muted chord should be considered as a real chord and the next "real" chord should still be displayed in RS. I know the example isn't the best as I probably should use the previous chord as muted, but I have several other sections in the song with
  8. I think if you use the link next option on the sustained note it will not show the last note in RS. not 100% sure about that tough shortcut for linknext is [shift + n]
  9. You might want to add how you did it, could be usefull for other people that have the same question and stumble on this thread I know you can just use set up a ghost note at the end of the sustain and use a slide from that note. But maybe it's possible to do this with tech notes too, since you can use slides in them. I just tried it in eof but the view doesn't change so I'm wondering RS would recognise it or not. Anyone know if that works? Or someone know the forum post with info about using things like slides/vibrato in tech notes? I remember seeing it in a thread but couldn't find it any
  10. Not sure about your issue but you can try using http://www.chevolume.com/ to try to force the application to use the different audio device, maybe that helps.
  11. Yeah I'm not even sure how it happened or if I just missed it while making the cdlc. I know some parts are probably because I copied a section, but there seem to be way more parts off from the beat map. It's tedious, but probably wouldn't be that much different, but at the moment I'm just using the "highlight non grid snapped notes" to see wich ones are off and snap them back to the grid. Just not sure how all these notes shifted this much since I imported them from a gpro file. Guess I did something wrong somewhere a while back because I have the same problem in a few songs
  12. Is this possible? I opened a song I was working on and for some reason some beat markers are off from the notes. Is it possible to drag the beatmarkers to the notes (who are on the beat) without adjusting notes? I know you can lock the beat markers but I can't find anything just for locking notes.
  13. nevermind, it was just the regular bend icon. first time I noticed that copied over tough -------------------------------------------------- I copied a whole phrase section in a song wich had a lot of bends. For the duplicate part it still shows the icons under the notes for bends. So I guess the icons are just bugged since you can't copy tech notes anyway. Adding/removing new tech notes on them doesn't make them dissapear but they don't interfere with it either so it's not that big of a problem.
  14. Thanks, the new hotfix fixed it for me!
  15. Is it possible to import this time signature properly from a gpro file? I can't seem to get it right. Time is always stretched out between notes, even when I import the gp5 time signature
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