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  1. Anyone in here have (or had) a jamplay membership? I got a code in a guitar string pack, wich I think is for a one month membership. I'm just curious wich lessons are worth it for an intermediate guitar player. Any recommendations? Preferably some blues/jazz/acoustic (rag/fingerstyle) lessons.
  2. Let me know if someone knows a RS streamer where you can hear the guitar playing over the music. Most, when I look, are just a radio station, you don't hear them actually playing. I don't mind people making mistakes or learning songs but i'm not going to watch a stream if I can't hear the guitar, I can just turn on spotify at that point.
  3. Yet you are already hung to a belief system by chosing one instrument, genre and music system. You are tying groove to your instrument, not to sound in general. The music system tied with the instrument or the western music system is already a belief system. If you really want to find the groove you have to let go of everything and reinvent it. Else you are just looking for the essence trough an already established music system. If that is not your true goal, then you might aswell delve into the theory and book-groove because it is what other people before you have done to find their groove, book-groove comes from other people's experiences just like what you are trying to do. You are already trying to find the groove trough other people's songs, there is no shame in that. The musical system is just that, a quest for the groove, whatever that may mean to someone. For some people it means different things, that's why we have an abundance of genres. If you truly want to find groove you might even delve into physics and find out what makes up sounds, how they are created trough instruments, how frequencies affect people, but wich again, is settings bounds. Wich doesn't seem like you want to, but overlook.
  4. Everyone else had to learn how to make tabs (wich isn't even hard if you already have them in text) so I suggest you do the same if you want to make CDLC's. Because eventually you'll have to use it, since it's easier to correct a tab than changing things in EOF. You'll maybe have to spend 30min to figuring things out and you'll be good to go. Just ask if you run into problems and I'm sure people will be happy to help
  5. A setup done by somebody who is used to do it shouldn't take much longer than one hour (probably even less) if there are no major issues. The question is wether they have time to do it that day, so it's probably best to ask what day they would and if it's possible to bring your guitar then instead of leaving it there until they have time. But I'm guessing that will depend on the shop/guy doing the setup because they might just do it randomly between other jobs. But can't hurt to ask. Might even be worth asking to be present when they do it
  6. Could be because of the audio exclusivity settings. Try turning it off in the audio engine settings if it's on.
  7. Don't know why I didn't mention this in my first reply, but this. If you are new to guitar playing you probably won't even notice this has a big influence on how you play. And in my opinion it's very counter productive realising you had the fingering wrong the entire time while you are leveling up the song. This too. RR is just such a waste of time most of the time it's ridiculous. @@chili_time also I'm not sure if you are aware, but you can get all the tabs from cdlc's with the toolkit. Very handy imo so I tought I should mention it.
  8. I was going to use DD for the first dlc's I made but it left out notes for some reason so I just never bothered to use it again after that. Also, to make it work properly for more complex songs is not that easy. Auto-generating DD is fast but isn't really DD as you should set up semi-identical phrases yourself if you want to make it work properly (if I remember correctly at least) I also never use DD myself. I think it's useless to be honest. It doesn't add anything. Unless RS is the first time you ever played guitar there is really no reason to ever use it, and even then I don't think you should even use it. Riff Repeater is 100x better for learning a song. Even tough I dislike the long intro's riff repeater has to even start the phrases you want to learn, specially if you tone down the speed. So I barely even like RR for that sole reason. I can learn a song 10 times faster with just using tabblature. I think they should really consider a new and better feature in the next installment of RS. Like showing the whole phrase at once like with tabblature instead of you having to wait for the notes, then completely get confused because you still suck at sightreading :D and just waste time to repeat the whole thing without having learned a single thing. But that's just my experience with it
  9. Just copy all different parts over to one of the tracks in gp5 so you have everything on one track.
  10. if your amp has an aux-in I don't see any problem with that. I'm curious tough. Why would you want to still use RS while using backing tracks? Just plug your guitar in your amp. Or you can buy an external sound device for your guitar, wich will give you much better options than RS when you use software to create your own guitar sounds with amps/pedals etc from the software. You'll even be able to record your playing that way. You can get a descent device with software (usually a light version tough) included for around €100-150
  11. Are you sure you are not using the default tone in the toolkit? That usually causes a cdlc to freeze after tuning from what I remember. Or maybe accidentally put your tone in the 2nd slot instead of changing it for the default tone, happened to me too
  12. I see, makes sense to why songs stay selected. Since I tought it was a bug. It's not really a problem now that I know what causes it, so it's easy to work around, but I assume most people that use the move function for the first time won't know what happens. And don't take it as me saying you what to do, I'm just trying to give some options on what would be possible to fix the issue, maybe making your job easier in the process. I know most fixes aren't as easy as writing/removing one line of code :D I assume you mean the feature in the list of songs of a setlist. Because this does not work for the songs in the [master songs] list, wich is where the problem comes from, and I don't think there is any button to deselect all songs in that list. Not sure if I should post this here too but while I'm at it, I tested the [select/deselect all] function in the song list of a setlist and I got this error. I also updated CFmanager and the other issues I posted errors for seem to be solved, so thanks for that!
  13. Yeah I was the user requesting to have move function back :D I wasn't trying to move a song to the same setlist again, but it happened because the moved songs stay selected while being moved down the list, so I never noticed this while I was moving other songs to the setlist. If you have a lot of songs in the list you don't see they are still selected unless you go look all the way down the list, making it so you can easily remove the songs without knowing what happened. I only noticed why it happens because I was trying to figure out why the songs vanished and only used 5 of them to test things out, so I saw the songs I moved to a setlist stayed selected and moved down the list. So if you go on making setlists without knowing this it can be confusing because songs will just appear to vanish. If it's less work, I think it would be enough to make sure the songs deselect after moving them so you can't accidentally delete them this way. Also If you re-enable and disable the option [show setlist song] they get hidden from the list but as soon as you move other songs to a setlist they appear again and are selected. So in this case the songs should be deselected as well. If the issue of setlist songs staying selected would be solved it would be enough to solve the problem in my opinion. I assume this would be an easier fix, and maybe just add a prompt when people try to move songs already in a setlist.
  14. I'm also getting an error when I try to disable my setlists
  15. I might start putting up the thread slowely with what I already got. Wich still isn't really that much at the moment, but it might be easier for people to ask more specific questions on what they want to have explained, or ways to practice certain parts. I'm also starting from the very basics, like explaining the fretboard / intervals / how to build chords and scales, and I'm not sure if a lot of people will have a lot of help from it since I have no idea what the general knowledge is from people on the forum and no way to really gauge it. Or if people are even interested in it. But I want it to be a guide for new, to more intermediate players so I have no choice rather than really to start from the very basics.
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