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  1. Sorry I did some of your projects, thought you had to take a break, and I was in the mood to redo some cdlc. Great update Job. Some people are born on the wrong continent. Next time, hand him over a sign "Don't forget Europe", I lodge him for free :D
  2. A trill is basically a tremolo with a fret toggle, and instead of picking a single note, its hammeron-pulloff two notes. It has to be manually done, define the first notes and copy them as long as the trill effect is supposed to last Check the GPro, to know which note, the higher or lower, is played first, or better, use your ears, Gpro notes are not always right.
  3. I don´t mind, I'm just giving you my personal opinion. Maybe it would be even better having the F11 the toggle button, and shift+F11 to enter preferences But that depends on your programming logic and changing the users habit. But then also, they will notice the change ;)
  4. I don't care much about chordnames. In the processes of setting Fingers and Hand positions, I often like to see how the song is structured in Section and Phrases I would rather have a quick toggle between Hand pos / Section-Phrases,
  5. I'd like to know if more charters often switch between Hand pos & and RS sections+Phrases, specially when finalizing a custom. Each time we have to enter preferences. It's almost the only reason I have to enter preferences with F11. Would it be possible to toggle the display Hand pos / RS section+Phrases by a short key, shift +F11 would be obvious. Thanks
  6. I can't understand your outburst. :wacko: So even if I prefer playing guitar I need to give you the facts. I also prefer keeping strictly to the rules of politeness, on this site. You call me a liar ? Are we equal before the rules? The 18th October I first reported the problem. It got no attention, so I guessed I was the only one experiencing the error. I only updated the report, I didn't want to spread my issue in that topic. The 29th October I update the report for the last time. I clearly stated that the problem is NOT the Toolkit, but DDC. Yes, later Chlipouni confirmed it is DDC. In this Post, at 4:25pm I stated that I found a workaround by putting Rhythm arrangement first. My CDLC (which you don't seem to like, but it's not stinking) was published at 5:58pm. It didn't need any update. None of my cDLC have (report of) serious problems, like crashing RS. You first replied to my problem at 8:58, three hours after my successful release. That's the fact, and I need no further. Yes I spent too much time in those ten days trying to identify the problem. But I do customs, I don't do tools, I don't correct tools. You like doing tools. Software have bugs, I did some professional programming myself, (in the previous century ^_^ ) When bug chasing is initiated, the old reflexes overwhelm me :lol: . I report errors, that's what charters are supposed to do, aren't they? I reported the hanging of the Toolkit. And the update still doesn't work. You have a lot to deal with, and I did not criticise. And @@Chlipouni asked me to pm more cdlc of this error in a very positive way, which I greatly appreciate. ;) He's not upset with the issue with DDC, and I'm not upset that my cdlc is exposed like crashing RS (which it does not) in this topic. So now I've spend enough time here, time to go to releasing some more delicious Buckethead pikes. :)
  7. Accusing, no certainly not, :huh: Master Peon but as I experienced the situation it seemed to me either the toolkit, or the DD updates were causing the problem. I must have released about 30 cdlc since September and only 3 were failing in the same way end of October. That's why I posted the problems in the topic of the 100% bug TK beta version I found now one of the other failing cDLC packed by the TK in 3 different versions. version 2.7#7 : crashing RS version 2.6 : working fine version 2.7#7 or later : newly rebuild - working fine I'm going to pm you the link to the files, I'm sure this will help. I got the cdlc running fine, without your contribution, without identifying the problem. I reported the problem because it cost me a lot of time, hours, and I wanted to contribute to avoid problems to other charters, and maybe to help fine-tune some code. I was only participating in testing your beta versions ^_^
  8. I used a phrase length of 2 in RS14, because DD reached rather quickly a correct player's level, as the player had less notes to play in a pattern to make difficulty rise. And then there were always note recognition errors which could prevent levelling. I never ran into the problem using the Toolkits 2.6 and 2.7 before the RS14 100% bug. Even now Toolkit 2.6 with DDC 2.6 doesn't make RS14R crash. Now that RS14R has improved DD settings, a phrase length of 2 is obsolete, and I finally have understood ^_^ how DD only breaks the charters phrase, if it is longer than the DD phrase length setting.
  9. To be clear, the error happens completely out of sight to the charter. On top of the image is the phrase DDC produced, but it was not in the EOF (bottom) http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/04bd/k4vxolhdquqdcx2zg.jpg I had two more songs with the same error, but I can't reproduce it. The error went away by magic, when I complete rebuild the Package in the Toolkit (and may be I changed some other things, can't remember, maybe set phrase length to 4 instead of 2) If it happens again, I send you the files. p.s. The picture shows that DDC set a phrase with a lenght of 1 (p12), which it should not do, ever. If uneven, DDC should rather use length +1 than length -1, or use a rest too small
  10. The cause why the DD fails is likely to happen with songs that have solos with long sustained notes. That may explain why I had 3 songs of similar style that crashed recently. (in development, before release) But I don't define phrases with only one note, and shouldn't DD generator respect the phrases defined in EOF? Or have an option to do so ? I normally set phrase length to 2 in DDC, (that was for RS14 to make DD more responsive), a higher value will it minimize the risk? Set to 12, it doesn't crash any more (it still crashed with 6) but DD will be less responsive. It's advisable then to put rhythm part first in toolkit, (as I did in the released version which worked fine) because chords tend less to get a level 0 by the DD generator.
  11. I cleaned everything up in EOF, like sustains overlapping phrases, I do sections and phrases separately, with care. There was no bass, but I'll keep that in mind.
  12. With the recent updates of the toolkit #7-9, I had unexplainable problems. I reported this here, but it didn't get any attention. The cdlc would crash RS14R as soon as the song starts after tuning. The same arrangements start well packed with TK2.6 or with the recent TK, but with the non-DD arr. I suspected DD, showlights, and found that a chordify in EOF sometimes crashes RS14R in any version of the TK, What's for 100% sure now, when I generate my last cdlc, with TK2.7.1.0 (rev a0da27af)#9 with DD, with the lead arr. first in list, it crashes RS14R with the rhythm arr. first in list, it works fine. Strange :huh: p.s. the crash issue has been identified with solutions here
  13. For now I only make cDLC with (good) tabs available, there are still about a hundred in the waiting, unluckily the left panel hasn't
  14. Whenever you have some leisure time to spare, you may update the thread ;)
  15. You can invert the order with the keyboard button above the tab (which is different depending on your country)
  16. I believe the bonus arrangements above 5 can be reached with the mouse wheel, and selected with no problem. But the score attack vanishes down from the screen, it can only be selected blind-eyed If the 5th arrangement is reached but not selected for a while, RS crashes, but it doesn't seem to crash after it's played. This happens with Don Henley - Boys of Summer Anyway, its a NO GO, and I know what I have to do for the Weekend ;)
  17. LaceyB like myself used non-dd arrangements as main and dd arrangements as bonus arrangement. The reason for non-dd arr. was that RS removed notes in DD arr.while playing which was pretty annoying. RS Remastered can now be setup not to downgrade notes. Click on edit : You should keep the files with DD in there name, they are larger too, and if they have the Bonus icon checked, uncheck it.
  18. I have to report a problem with the latest toolkit #7 #8 with tones, which I imported from my last cDLC in a work of progress. When I generate the cDLC with the latest toolkit, or v2.7.1, the song crashes RS after tuning. When I import the tones and generate with v2.6.1, it works fine. But v2.6.1 does not load tones from packages saved under the latest Toolkit I save this package v2.6.1 and reload it in the latest version #7, generate. And it crashes RS again! What's worse when I open a saved v2.6.1 in v#7, the toolkit changes it, and the tones are again lost in v2.6.1 Another cDLC with different tone imported from a different cDLC packed with the latest Toolkit, doesn't crash, but Tone is set to default "Guitar" in RS Rem. In tone designer, the tone works fine. So now I have 2 cDLC which I have to generate with TK2.6.1 to work. They don't have the 100%bug. Very Strange :huh: Solution : I rebuild the whole file in the latest TKBug100%#8, importing tones, regenerating the wem files, and they work now The problem may not be related to TKBug100%#8 but Tones saved still don't load under tk2.6.1. -------------------------------------------------------------- It happened again, now I'm suspecting DD, because the non-DD always worked fine. Toolkit #9 makes DD automatically, but without adding DD in file name. When I reload the project in EOF, the notes are not snapped to the grid anymore... Very Strange :huh:
  19. I'll look into that track, this week, it was in my list anyway, but the tabs are not from Bucketfel, so I have to check accuracy
  20. @RufusDelta Ubisoft is a profit making Cie, and as such they have to pay the artist's labels to release an oDLC. Customsforge is a non-profit site for educational purposes, and there can be no official relation with Ubisoft. By supporting Customsforge in any way, they would be considered bypassing copyright. Ubisoft never mentions the existence of cDLCs or Customsforge. (but I'm happy they inserted my idea of video player buttons in RR) They will never care if cDLC will work with an update or not. Even if they perfectly know RS2014 selling numbers are boosted by cDLC, legally they can never admit it. To release cDLC you should also know that copyright still exists. The charter and the player must legally own the song they chart, download, and play as a cDLC
  21. Ok, then lets say Phase shift is just a (freeware) tool as RS2104, to train along tracks, if someone wants to know what it takes to learn drums play, he better watch Whiplash ;)
  22. With the midi signals of the RB3 drums (I tried the GH4) You can use a plugin like addictive drums in a Daw : quite impressive You need eventually the tool PS360 Midi Drummer. And then there is "Phase shift" which clone the RB3 style games on the PC https://youtu.be/IQsaEcXrHXk?t=45 Check FretsofFire site.
  23. Who said Rocksmith is all you need to be able to become a guitar player. Ok, right, publicity! Who cares about publicity ? RS is just another way to learn, a damn effective way, specially in keeping you motivated. But it has a giant flaw : It accepts bad techniques, because it cannot see them. Bad technique is what slows down progression. Don't avoid exercices, youtube and face2face teachers. And why not attend are real guitar school, where the teacher gives you a deadline to master a special technique. And then play with a band, or in a duo, it's like running a race, it gives that little extra in concentration, attention. Progression is being able to see things happening slower than they are, and being able to react. Ever got that feeling, when you run to the finish line and you remember it like in slow motion? So much information and thoughts registered in a couple of seconds. The beginner is only focused on the next note, and one of his fingers. Progression is done by anticipation, not actually looking the next note, but the next couple, the next half a dozen of notes. And the fingers know by themselves what to do : it's called automation. My progression is constant, but very slow. I have to be patient. I have about 50 songs I play regularly, most of them Buckethead's. I note the number of errors at a speed (I normally start at 80%) When I replay a song 1-2 Month later, after the first or 2nd try, I always reduce my number of errors. So by daily playing, there is a progression. Though, I'll be probably 120years old before I can play like Buckethead. :lol: My advice : always keep an eye on a clean technique! This requires memorizing a couple of riffs from songs you play and playing them away from RS focusing on clean sounding strings and correct hand and finger positions.
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