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  1. Where has the bar with the donation goal gone ? Or are the donations now flowing in, making it useless ?
  2. Hi, I see you have Toto - Hold The Line in your list. No just forget it. I remember now. The guy with the advertisements who wants to make some cash too from his work on his blog Just leave this site, we are doing it for free, so this site won't be bothered by copyright issues You only release a single song, took a membership and left this list as a bait. Don't use this site to get people to your place, people who else would ignore you.
  3. What's missing in Rocksmith tool Riffrepeater, turn off the DD, but also video functions like stop, forward and rewind , setting your own start and ending points. And a zoom function. Sometimes, notes are so close together, you can hardly decypher, or why you miss that bend. Sometimes I download or create the playthrough video, cut out the hard parts and practice complexe solos with the kmplayer. In fact you can practice without RS just using youtube.
  4. Where are the Artists : German machine rolls over Brasilian's EuroTeam

  5. Why would anybody want "exclusive control" in a community based on sharing? Aren't we supposed to make the difference here, while elsewhere the slightest service claims itself "exclusive" ... to get paid. The creators of CDLC should be happy if somebody adds improvements to their releases. Let's take examples of complex bendings or other tech notes, when he can't do it, because he doesn't use Guitar Pro Or when he doesn't want to mess around with tones, or dynamic difficulty. Or when difficult Riffs or hand positions can be replaced by easier ways. "If links are posted in the original database entry, then the original charter still gets the credit." I agree to you, and the creator can agree or disagree on his page. People should not be allowed to create new entries with their fixed versions. It's annoying to have several entries of the same song, specially if names collide, and you want to try them both, RS2014 only loads one of them. Lets move on to teamwork, as suggested by "Songsterr"
  6. Beware of the German Keeper flying out in the field. Gives me an awful déjà vu of 1982
  7. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France in the quarter finals. Old Europe still at the top of football. And amidst, my country, shame of the game. :(
  8. Guitar Pro is a fantastic program. It has an RSE (Real Sound Engine) which means it doesn't play awfull midi sounds, but real tones, that can be changed, the same way as in Rocksmith. Though they don't sound equally good. Acoustic and drums tones are great. With the Export wave option, it is possible to save a music file, from the selected tab(s) and tones, Guitar with drums or bass. Convert it with Audacity to ogg format, load it in EOF, import the GP5 file, and save. No need to sync, every note is in place. In the Toolkit, build up the required fields, add a tone, add DD and generate. Transfer the .parc files in the Rocksmith dlc folder and start your teaching lesson. It take less then 10minutes. My release of Dueling Banjo was made that way.
  9. Try releasing conversions of your own. You'll get very deep in the understanding how a song is build up, about tuning, timing ...and if you care, you have to test your project a lot of times before giving it out to public. That's the way I stick with a song.
  10. But Apple will surely restrict the use of custom DLC
  11. Here are some of my projects, Some may never see the light of Rocksmith, if I get stuck too long. Currently postponed Bucketheadland - Witches on the Heath Trading Post Colma Homing Beacon Beware of the Holding Funnel
  12. Music and football, (why should I say soccer) have many basics in common. Its all about technic precision and execution speed, of anticipation and right decisions, of timing and mastering the instrument. Individually and in groups. Most impressive in control until now was Italy, but I'm sure Spain will be back. The Germans always playing like a machine, and Brasil and Argentina can't allow the Europeans conquer their continent.
  13. Ok, closing the subject. We agree to a different rating system. Some days later is fine, with a list in our profile, what we didn't rate yet. Because I admit to download some songs late into the night and then forget and rediscover them a month later... One of my releases got downloaded 333 times and not a single feedback. That must be a perfect one! Except I know the last note is wrong... So far, I'm just proposing. I don't "want" And not everybody can rate Buckethead
  14. Never got the slightest popup, nor any other annoyance from mediafire, that's why I use it. I mainly use for the .parc files But the problems may come from the browser, I don't know if there are still people using Iexplorer, Chrome is ok except its Google, NSA friends. I use Opera, Firefox seems alright too.
  15. There's only one answer to quality : Everything put in must be acceptable, a distortion tone can't stand for an acoustic tone, you can't care less for bass, and throw in a bass tab. At least accept members recommendations, but they should be constructive and precise. "Tones not good", "Sync problems" are no good answers. How, why, where, which section etc. What does the 5 stars mean on the release page ? You like the song or the work ? It would be better to give each part Bass, Lead, Rythm, Tones, Vocals a 5 star option That would keep me motivated to rework my releases. Finally, should'nt you put your conclusions also on the release page? That's where all the infos come together.
  16. I showed some friends what is the potential of RS, because they were put off by the songs on the cover, and what is happening here at customsforge, and they ran out to buy Rocksmith 2014. I gess this is happening worldwide.
  17. If if if, the world would be a paradise. But it's not... I'm presently working on some releases from people, who seem rather motivated by the quantity than the quality. I really don't care, in most cases I import their work in the Toolkit and make the changes for my own needs. But I won't release a corrected version, or else we would end with several releases, as it is already the case on the tab sites. You have to motivate the charters to improve their work, by qualifying their work. That's how the world gets better. not by if if ifs It would make this "test group" irrelevant, because, in a way, we are all testers
  18. You make a point, but as far as I could see, bonus arrangements stay empty 99% of the time. Happy to hear about different audio sources, hope the guys at rscustom.net find it usefull to provide
  19. It would be a good idea to have a button to report and identify a bad release on the release page of a song.. Some people care more for guitar than bass, some don't care about tones. It's not acceptable that releases keep missing a default tone, which makes it necessary to restart RS People who release a song almost take priority on this song, and it would be no good to see several releases of the same song. This means, a release must be corrected for clearly identified errors, and if the author does not have the time or is not willing or caring, he should allow others to do it.
  20. Several separated releases are posted twice, one with Dynamic Difficulty and one without. I'd like to draw the attention to the possibility of "Bonus arrangements". This means two different tabs for one instrument in one release. I find it tedious to enter each time the Riffrepeator to put all section to 100% It's often easier to learn at 100% at slow speed then with the sometimes strange notes not aligned to the rhythm with DD DD has it's advantages, thats why I will put my DD version as a bonus arrangement, and the non-DD as the main one. This also makes it possible to add DD and non DD in Multitracks releases without ending with 6 different files. It would be fine to agree on a general procedure
  21. Go against the flow

  22. I donated because I could read a list of donations and expenses. I can't find this document anymore, if you want donations, we want transparency to agree. It would be fine to include a column "version" (0.1, 1.0,2.0) in the cdlc search and in the file names
  23. Well, those who never heard of Triumph should listen and watch Rock'n roll machine on youtube, and the great guitar play of Rik Emmet, and listen to his solo career. Some classics guitars missing here, Wishbone Ash, for instance
  24. Files are loaded when they remain in subfolders of the dlc folder. I've made several subfolders, dislikes, favourites,etc which I put in and out of the dlc folder before starting RS. And No, there is no limit, when songs don't appear in RS, it's for other reasons : 1. they share a same name or ID with another song 2. their file is corrupted, which may happen if the download did not complete
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