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  1. what was the last album that you bought, that you can listen to without skipping any tracks? its sometimes difficult to find new music, so I ask to help myself and maybe others find bands and artists that we may not have heard before or just great albums that are worth checking out. Ill get started with Alabama 3 - Exile On Cold harbour Lane Its from 1997, a lot of people may have heard tracks in film soundtracks and the sopranos intro. So what have you been buying?
  2. a pretty weird, dark and funny film with the story centered around a band is Ex-Drummer, Some of the soundtrack is pretty good also other good films that I can think off the top of my head are; Alphadog He was a quiet man
  3. hi, I cant help you with finding your sound, but my experience with a marshal mg15 dfx that i had for a while was that i found the amp alone wasnt very good for varying my sound, I just found the gain uncontrolable, a sort of all or nothing sound when i used that channel and the other knobs did little in adjusting the tone. my opinion was that the amp alone was pretty poor sound wise, but with a multi fx pedal (i used a digitech rp 250) to give me various tones, the amp was fine and much more apealing. I have upgraded to a blackstar ht-5 now, but probably used the marshall for my 1st year and half of playing
  4. hi, i have both an epi sg pro and and eastwood gp. my sg is around 5 years old so doesnt have coil taps, but i think that it sounds great and is pretty well built, good for blues, crunchy or fuzzed out sounds, but I dont like playing it. I doesnt feel very well balanced compared to other guitars that I own, and the body cut out makes it sit in a way that it feels like the neck is overly long to reach the 1st 3 frets, especially if I sit down to play it. thats just my opion though, my friend loves playing it. My suggestion is to hold and play an SG before buying, if you havnt already. My eastwood, is not the one you mentioned and retails around £600, but 2nd hand its around 300. Im only really mentioning it to comment on the build quality which I think is really good, not perfect if you examine everything, but feels and plays really well, holds tune and sounds great for fuzzed and distorted sounds. I have it tuned to C for QOTSA and Kyuss tracks and it suits them really well, but again also good for overdriven bluesy type rock like Monster Truck
  5. RR = riff repeater? have you put sections in your track?
  6. I have not seen the guitar to comment, but agree with Fracks 2nd point, in my experience after getting a few varied songs under my belt on rocksmith, you'll soon realise how little you actually look at the fretboard, it just sort of becomes instinct
  7. I should have mentioned that both REM songs are official DLC. It was a pretty good pack and worth the money I think the pack consists of: What's The Frequency, Kenneth? Everybody Hurts Shiny Happy People The One I Love Überlin
  8. hi, personally I dont think its a stupid plan as such, but from my experience with rocksmith I find that the sound of my guitar gets lost in the mix for some tracks, so rather than play with settings, I use an AB-Y switch and use my amp with rocksmith. I like it this way, but I played rocksmith alone for around a year, so its just a case of what suits you and your wallet best. In time you may know more about tone and the sound youre looking for and there for have a better idea of what amps may suit your needs best.
  9. a few easy beginer songs for chords are: nirvana - jesus dont want me for a sunbeam smashing pumpkins - disarm alice in chains - nutshell alice in chains - rooster johnny cash - hurt rem - loosing my religion rem - the one i love travelling willburys - tweeter and the monkey man radiohead - high and dry david bowie - man who sold the world
  10. Yes, considering how many QOTSA tracks hes put together, theres a good chance they were his. I really appreciate Kiscsak98's effort here, well and everyone who puts these tracks together :)
  11. I have rocksmith 1 versions of how to handle a rope, 3 & 7s, and sick sick sick if you want them to extract the guitar tracks from. They were downloaded in the early smithys days so Im not sure who charted them. edit, actually thinking about it, they are most likely not the original tab as they will have been transposed from C to probably E standard for RS1
  12. I have the older version of Snowdogs pedal, Digitech RP250, Ive had it around 3 years now and its still really useful, I can use community shared patches downloaded for the newer pedals by tweaking a line in the xml files. 2nd hand they are really cheap, a friend payed around £50 for a 2nd hand rp255 recently I think it has enough features and patches available to satisfy most beginner and bedroom guitarists, and Boss provide something very similar, I cant think of the details, but both are worth a look at from my experience too many switches and buttons is a distraction to my playing so keeping it simple with the rp250 works for me
  13. there is a 30 minute song as a custom done by someone a while ago, Reverend Bizzarre i think it was Also someone made the dark side of the moon album as 1 track so it looks like it may be possible Dope Smoker would probably be fun as a jam track even if you cant chart the full song, we should be able to learn the riff within 30 mins and treat any unchartable part as master mode :)
  14. squire classic vibe guitars are apparently very good for the price, Im not sure price wise with the dollar conversion etc, but maybe look at the 2nd hand market. 80s made in Japan squier and fenders have good hardware for the price and have a good reputation fender usa highway 1 are cheaper than most usa models, so may also be worth a look at
  15. someone may come along and give you better info, and I have seen a tutorial somewhere, but it comes down to 6 basic steps... 1. unpack existing track 2. update and create showlights files etc with eof 3. create preview file with eof 4. convert audio with newer version of wwise 5. create a tone 6. repack if you look up how to achive those steps, you should be good to go edit - I totally forgot you should also create showlights files and an audio preview
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