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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for the replies. I see RS can be streamed to another PC or laptop by logging into the game on the host PC and other PC or laptop, not sure whether you can then shut down the game on the initial PC and keep playing on the other. I would like to use the TV as a monitor but would need a really long HDMI cable, just thought it might be possible to stream as my TV is connected to my network. Think I will just buy a long HDMI cable if its going to be a major hassle or have any lag problems.
  2. Hi Folks Are there any instructions on how to stream Rocksmith through to my TV. TV is connected to my network and it's easy to watch movies etc with just a click I can send it to the TV but how do I do this with Rocksmith. Help appreciated
  3. Thanks guys. One last question, I'm in Backup and Restore Programs downloading files to my Backup file in Steam, if things go wrong with the game can I use these downloaded files to return it to where I was before it went wrong, including all my scores.
  4. Okay downloaded Custom Game Toolkit and found a LocalProfiles.json and another file which goes something like this BCD2877186514C............ etc etc and tried to repair them but the game still goes to the begining. Am I trying to repair the wrong files? How can I download the files from Steam that are corrupt? If I can't and need to start again then I will, but then how do I save the new game save files? I have a back up of the saved files on my PC but when I open them up I have folders Disc 1 to Disc 11 so how do I use these? Help very much appreciated
  5. Just hit 100% on a couple of the suggestions above, over the moon as I never thought I would do it. Can I just ask that anyone doing the songs can they possibly make them DD, its the only way I am going to learn, much appreciated.
  6. Hi Folks All of your suggestions have helped a lot, many thanks for that. Please keep them coming as I improve with every song. PS. Anyone doing customs can you throw in some ballads with DD, no preference to which era as long as it has a good tune.
  7. Hi Folks In the past four weeks I have had the same message when opening steam. "Saved file corrupt on server" or something similar. When I get onto the game all previous scores are gone and I have to listen to the game telling me what to do next. Anyone have this happen to them and any way to get all the scores back?
  8. Hi Guys Many thanks for the suggestions, really appreciate it. Going to try all of these as soon as I can. Any other suggestions welcome.
  9. Hi Folks, have downloaded most of the suggestions and will give them a try. Recently lost my profile on RS2014 so sort of starting again. This forum is the best and have made more progress in two weeks than I have since starting due to the songs available and the help, Many thanks
  10. Hi Folks, just learning guitar and most of the songs at full speed are a little daunting at the moment. Some of the songs are difficult to see the cords with all the single notes in between, is there anything with just chords to build up my chord changing speed?
  11. I have both RS1 and 2014 but two songs I loved on the first game didn't get transfered, the Eric Clapton one as mentioned above and House of the Rising Sun, is there any way to get this one onto 2014 to save me having to go onto the first game to play one song, any help or info appreciated?
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