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  1. Hello again, I have purchased a rockmith DLC but I can't see it in Rocksmith 2014, I do have both games, the only thing is they I play Rocksmith 2014 on a Mac could this be the issue. If this is the issue can I convert the DLC ?
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply, I do own Rocksmith 1 and now i have Rocksmith 2014 and run it on Mac so will I be able to purchase it through steam and use on Rocksmith 2014 both versions show in steam.
  3. Hi I own Rocksmith 2014 but can't seem to find Bohemain Rhapsody on DLC, I have seen one on Steam but its is for the original Rocksmith Game, will I be able to buy this and use it on Rocksmith 2014. Sorry if the question sounds stupid I'm a newbie and still getting used to the game
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