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  1. Someone here brought this song to my attention: Thanks, @Rodman!
  2. Hello folks. I feel I kind of have to chime in this week with some scores This is all the funk I managed to get out today: Not a bass player but gave it a try anyway... Still not a bass player: My tapping definitely could use some work there: I like to play Gary Moore's songs a lot. So maybe I'm a bit biased when I consider this one merely a 5-6 I think most of my misses are from those high-pitched bends that rarely register. And also I'm not sure whether to count this as a 92.4% or 95% score. At lastly, I've got some very fond memories of this old adventure/RPG game
  3. So I decided to keep that initial slide and ended up playing a mix of those two arrangements. Not unnecessarily confusing myself at all... :rolleyes: Anyway, I got 88.6 % on lead with the 4:06 Top Gun chart:
  4. I already had a look at it. The pinch harmonics never made much sense to me anyway, but I do miss those slides. Now I'm gonna put some fresh strings on my guitar and give this chart another try...
  5. Hi all! Here are my attempts on playing lead... 98.3 % on My Generation 92.1 % on Black Winter Day 87.7 % on Top Gun (Maybe gonna practice that tapping section a bit more. Still missed 22 notes (of 101) on my best attempt so far in RR.) 82.8 % Then Came the Last Days of May (how very fitting for this week :) ) I only just noticed that I seem to be playing a different version of Top Gun Anthem (length 4:12) that most others here. Not sure whether there is any significant difference to the 4:06 version. I sure hope my attempt counts. ;)
  6. WIsh I'd had more time to play... especially Gary Moore. Riverboat Song (lead): 85.2 % Cold Day in Hell (lead): 85.1 % Sorry about the image quality. iPhone cam is not well adjusted to projector colors.
  7. So I heard you guys were playing Garbage this week... :D Not a big fan of this Nirvana song. One attempt will have to do: I tried 2 more times and thought it sounded way better than my first attempt, but even so I got a lower score :( Happy Easter holidays and take care! Off to see what else I can play in C# tonight...
  8. So someone apparently decided to choose my number one most played RS song for the championship. :D Even though I had better play intermediate class songs, this happened.... http://up.picr.de/29366190fg.jpg
  9. Am I the only one getting cramps in the left hand from this songhttp://www.emu.name/rocking/The%20Misfits%20-%20Dig%20Up%20Her%20Bones.png... ? I can't believe this is the best I could manage so far.
  10. emu joining in with the beginners... http://www.emu.name/rocking/Wolfmother%20-%20Dimension.png This is my first post here. Hi, everyone! :)
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