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  1. if you reinstalled your OS, there's a very good chance that you should install all of your drivers (video card, audio, etc). An operating system without recent drivers is going to run like dogshit.
  2. It's really rare to be able to get something that isn't just as much cash as a capable laptop or desktop. I'd suggest upgrading.
  3. There is no ne CDLC will always be of various quality. The power you have? You can load up any CDLC and fix it yourself to your liking. That's always there. It just takes a fair amount of learning and time. However, we don't turn away any CDLC unless it's been proven to be unusable (doesn't load, tone bug, etc).
  4. I've owned two. Haven't had to replace any yet, nearly going 2 years.
  5. They have to support their current DLC and original songs,, so i'm pretty sure the current file format (.psarc) will be compatible too.
  6. old search was starting to become a maintenance nightmare, and was pretty much deprecated. A new version of Ignition will be out eventually!
  7. This is awesome. My only ask is.... ALLOW THE DAMN INTRO TO BE SKIPPABLE.
  8. What browser are you using?
  9. Did some tweaking to our database settings, ignition should be a little faster now.
  10. I always get inspired whenever I see a band I really like (and if they perform really well). If I reach that a 1/3 level one day, I'll be super content.
  11. http://www.npr.org/2015/09/23/441531170/first-listen-deafheaven-new-bermuda Love em or hate em, they are bridging the gap between music groups.
  12. The Unknowing would be an awesome CDLC.
  13. Do you know what kind of HD format parallel's uses for the filesystem? FAT? NTFS? or one of the OS X ones?
  14. There's a giant hardware barrier (called the internet) that makes the online play of rocksmith pretty hard. The infrastructure of the US and even the world just isn't fast/stable enough to permit "fun" and accurate multiplayer.
  15. I don't see this happening. It's connecting monetary value to CDLC.
  16. I'm learning react now, node dev at my workplace currently. cool stuff!
  17. Or you know, like the music you like, and let people like the music they like?
  18. use ignition search and post on the respective song record pages any feedback/issues you've found.
  19. What's the reason for the donation goal jump? Did we add on more things? It was around $250 last month and this month its $650... and February was the big "annual" renewal month.
  20. This isn't simple like that. Whether or not a game has a custom tone does not dictate whether or not the game tanks.
  21. it's always hard to tell what causes this, but I'm glad you got your issue worked out.
  22. We'd prefer it you support the artists of the CDLC that you use. That said, anything is traceable/hackable, I don't see any attack vectors coming from CDLC.
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