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Can't wait, sounds pretty good and the band put up a video on youtube with clips of each song. Doesn't sound too shabby, looking forward to hearing some new tales :DAnybody else looking forward to the new album?

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I will be making these into CDLC as soon as i can get my hands on tabs. Currently working on the older albums.

There are no tabs for those song, i seek and i couldn't find anything 

This is the only thing i could find 


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the songs I have heard from there new album disappointed me a bit D: I liked there old stuff much more, I miss all the keyboard they used to use D: that was what made alestorm so special, in my opinion


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All the accordion/brass/flute is still in the new album. Even more then on the previous albums since they have Elliot as well now.

But everyone has their own taste :) I'm gonna see them live in September and October. Can't wait!

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