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  1. We need more power metal like Crystallion and Rhapsody of fire! What power metal bands would you guys like to see in the game?
  2. i used a metronome to get my picking up until i could pick at about 150bpm and then i just put the difficulty all the way up on a song and work on it over a few days
  3. anything power metal is normally pretty easy until a solo
  4. i have a Ibanez Rg421 a strat and a Epiphone Thunderhorse explorer i like the explorer but i want to change the pickups because the sound im getting from the Burst buckers are horrible http://philgc.com/guitar_pics/guitar_pics_7.jpg
  5. I use 52-36-26-17-13-10 for my C Standard guitars but just 10's to 52's for my Eb standard to D Standard tuned and 9-46 on my E standards.
  6. Tunning to like Eb is better for like metal it sounds slightlier heavier but i don't know why people tune higher then E Standard like with Creeping Death its higher then E standard so i just whammy up untill it thinks it the same lol.
  7. yeah man already preordered it from my local music shop about 2 months ago lol
  8. You could always play Cemetary gates by Pantera its fun on Accoustic and E Standard Tuning.
  9. nice dude im a fuckin huge alestorm fan
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