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Dynamic Difficulty and non-DD in one file or multitrack files


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Several separated releases are posted twice, one with Dynamic Difficulty and one without.


I'd like to draw the attention to the possibility of "Bonus arrangements".


This means two different tabs for one instrument in one release.


I find it tedious to enter each time the Riffrepeator to put all section to 100%

It's often easier to learn at 100% at slow speed then with the sometimes strange

notes not aligned to the rhythm with DD


DD has it's advantages, thats why I will put my DD version as a bonus arrangement, and the non-DD as the main one.


This also makes it possible to add DD and non DD in Multitracks releases without ending with 6 different files.


It would be fine to agree on a general procedure




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We discovered that each arrangement can refer to different audio source, so you able to use different multitracks for each arrangement, one thing is that we don't provide this ability in toolkit :)

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Oh that's good to know, hope it will be available soon! 


About DD, i thinks it's easier to allow one file with and one without because one will pick the one he prefer and that will stay that way and the way most of the charter create DD allow to have both file easily. Since most of the time i already use bonus arrangement (5 strings bass or real bonus arrangement), it won't always be possible to add this the exact same way for every custom and i prefer to use the same process and setup for every custom.

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You make a point, but as far as I could see, bonus arrangements stay empty 99% of the time. Happy to hear about different audio sources, hope the guys at rscustom.net find it usefull to provide

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They really dropped the ball with the bonus arrangements in my opinion.  They're separated from the normal arrangements so it takes an extra effort just to see if there is one.  The biggie is that you can't play them in nonstop play.  The combo arrangements from RS1 were so much better.

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