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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 29


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@@Shiroo My tuner always connect with guitar, through Di-Box. And guitar tuned properly. Fails was because strong to pressing strings to fret, strings  flex on fret and detune up on time pressing. Then more strong press, thin string and less tension, those more detune -> miss notes.


 @@Collision If you change str from 9-42 to 10-52, you will need to adjust all. Find master for to do adjust guitar or find video on youtube. It is simple if you have tuner. (Sorry i cant do description, dont know enough words in english)

You will need to learn it himself, if will keep on play guitar long time . every change strings must to adjust guitar.

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I went from 10's to 11-48. Found to be less buzz and better note recognition (especially drop D).

Just change 1 string at a time and you'll be fine. Easy peasy on my Gibby.

You will probably want to adjust the truss rod (tighten by only 1/8 turn at a time then leave to settle) to straighten the neck slightly. I didn't need to adjust my bridge.

Plenty of vids for both on YouTube.. :)

No time to play so far this week. Hopefully tonight.. :D




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5min and 18sec of smashing strings i hope is close to what rocksmith wants. Got 71% but i think i deserve more in the range of 7,1%.  Im not going to try that one again in at lest a few years.



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Puuuuh after hours of practise, finally 100%. My girly fingers hurt :cool:

I'll try the ace of spades tomorrow..




Oh nooo way ! I was trying the song today again, and the FUCKING 2nd harmonics, just keep screwing me over. I almost smashed my computer. Good job mate !

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I would say few months honestly @@MaZtoR if you keep at it and use Rocksmith 2014's tools you will be surprised at how fast you will learn the songs you want to learn. Everyone should be using the lessons that Rocksmith has to offer as they teach a lot more than we realize. Take a look @@Smile he is pushing the limits every week. I am amazed at how fast he is learning and pushing himself. Also look @ she is tearing shit up as well. I am very proud to see everyone learning more and more and each week.  You are also getting better and better each week as it shows with your scores. I myself am noticing that songs that I couldn't play a few months ago I am starting to get the hang of and my fingers seem to be getting faster as well. Its all practice and this is what this competition helps us with which is what we all need.


Seeing everyone participate and seeing the improvements every week keeps me motivated to keep these competitions running. Not only is Rocksmith a great tool for all of us, I believe these competitions give us some extra motivation to keep playing and learning. Without Rocksmith and these forums I don't think I would be anywhere near where I am today in terms of knowledge of guitar and I thank all of you who have joined this competition for it. Without you guys the motivation to learn would not be so strong and I wouldn't have learned as much as I have since picking up this game.  

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@ Thanks for kind words. It is much support for all us, For my, no chance improve my score today in lead Mortorhead, very fast solo. My fingers hang up with this speed. My best now in 2 sections solo is 9 miss notes but average 15. And i now postponed guitar, until didnt read your inspiring post. Now continue practice  :)

Hope after 10 years practice with guitar i can play hard song by Megadeth, i very like awesome sound group and fantastic solo Dave Mustane.


p.s. I am male. (My avatar is guitarist from japan all girls punk group "Lolita №18", love crazy girls with guitar).


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Slight update


96.85% with 94 streak - Ace of Spades Rhythm..

Not sure if it's the song or the game on my computer but it slows down or jitters a bit during this song. VERY off-putting at times.

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Yes, lessons are really cool, bad thing that Nonstop-play is so fun, that I'm not doing much else :P Guitarcade is also very nice (though I got to top100 in DuxRedux few months ago, never got better result since).

Hehe, and I don't like competing. But I want to be able to play Metallica stuff, so I'll keep working on. And it's funnier with great people, like you guys (ladies), around.

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@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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Slight improvement again.. A few silly misses due to non-detected notes. DOH..

I think it's close enough though. It's not as if I'm missing out whole sections!  :)


Motorhead - Rhythm 97.38% 144 streak..


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