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  1. Hey all! Sorry I was not able to participate last week, I was enjoying a long overdue vacation :) Here's my first run this week of war pigs. I love this song so I'll definitely be looking to improve this score!
  2. @ I don't mean to complain, but I actually scored 99.81 on the MC bass, it's the second last post on page 3 last week :(
  3. Still not that 100% I'm dreaming of, but I'm getting pretty darn close :)
  4. Managed a new personal best today :) I'm improving, but I have to practice a lot; I'll probably have at least 25-30 runs by the end of this week :D
  5. @ Yeah I have a feeling i'll be playing this song a lot too! It's a great tune, and I'm having more trouble improving my accuracy than I thought I would - not that I'm complaining :-)
  6. @ That's a great score (especially considering you just started bass a few weeks ago, it took me months before I could play that well!). I have trouble with that fast section too, having to stretch your fingers that much without missing a beat isn't easy!
  7. First run of the day; I might be able to shoot for 100% this week if I have enough time to practice :D
  8. I figure this is about as good as it's gonna get for me this week. The 96.9% was my very first run, and somehow in spite of practicing for days I've managed to double my score while lowering my accuracy :'( I've got everything down except the fast part on the Ab string going from the 7th fret down to 2. I can do it perfectly at 95% speed, but every time I push it to 100% I start missing them left and right lol
  9. @@MilkmanDan Thanks again, that really has helped. I've managed to significantly improve my accuracy so far. The other song where it's a big problem is N.I.B; I've found that in that one I can play the entire song almost perfectly except for the intro, because the bends just come too fast. I've slowed it down now and have gotten better at the bends, but my problem is still the same as yours: I can't tell quickly enough if it's a full or half bend :(
  10. @@MilkmanDan Thank you so much for the tip! I find these bends impossible to hit accurately, I'm not sure if it's me or the game that messes up, but either way it makes welcome to the jungle and many other songs practically impossible to play - at least well. Will try this trick, really hoping it works :smile: For now here's my score for intermediate. I got frustrated at missing all the bends and gave up on MC for now, but I think I'm going to give it another go!
  11. @ Welcome to bass (and my what a beautiful bass it is)! I've been thinking about trying a Yamaha for a while now (I've only had Fenders/ Squiers), I'd be interested to know how it works for Rocksmith :)
  12. @ keep at it! I had to learn about 90% of the song in riff repeater but it was one of the most satisfying experiences I've had musically :D
  13. Managed to beat my old high score and accuracy :D ... on two separate runs... Here they are
  14. @ Thanks I'll have to look into it, I've been trying it get it for a while :) also I think it's a great idea for you to get a bass, I just bought my first guitar yesterday so I'll probably start doing lead/rhythm soon too!
  15. @@Nacholede is hangar 18 in rock smith? I couldn't find it here and when I tried charting it myself I got stuck on the second solo
  16. @@Tim I've found that Five Magics is probably their most difficult track to play - at least on bass. On guitar you're right that a lot of the album is this intense lol
  17. First score so far. There are a couple of sections I need to work on, but it's coming along well. Main reason I chose this song is because I know it will motivate me to get better at it :)
  18. Yay my song was picked for masterclass this week :) I'll post my score as soon as I can
  19. @@Thrallsa That's a pretty great score! I used to have that exact squier bass, I still regret selling it :(
  20. Haven't heard any rumours yet, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a new one this year. I think Rocksmith 2014 is pretty feature complete, but there's definitely still room for them to tweak things/ add new songs and modes.
  21. @@noahfence Keep at it! The opening of that song took me literally dozens of plays to perfect, and from what I can tell it's even harder on guitar than it is on bass.
  22. @@natasftw Thanks! I pretty much just started playing when I got Rocksmith 2014 in January, but I've been dedicating 2-3 hours every single day since. I'm really proud of the progress I've made, but it wouldn't be possible without this game :-)
  23. I didn't know the song fire woman until this week, but I really like it! This is my entry for masterclass and the trooper posted for fun because it's one of my favourite songs :smile:
  24. Slightly beat my old score. I'm really happy with this one, but I might check out some of the other tracks this week as well :-)
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