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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 27


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Da Rules

(Credit to the Ubi Forums for some Ideas!):

1. Anyone may join the contest as long as he's a forum member.

2. You can play "Score Attack" On Hard or "Learn a Song" with all sections mastered (all purple): You may also play a song which does not have DD on Score Attack easy if you cannot get through it on hard as all the notes will still show up on easy but it won't X you out as easily.

3. There are three classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Masterclass. If you enter to the contest the first time, you choose your class.

3.2 You are then leveled automatically as follows: 3x =>90% (3 weeks in a row) or 1x 98% qualifies you for the next class. If you score <=79% on a level two weeks in a row you are leveled down one class. You may choose to follow this rule or not we are very laid back on this rule as some songs are either easier or harder so if a given song in a class is too difficult for you please feel free to enter by playing the song you feel comfortable with.

4. Both instruments are leveled separately.

5. You may only enter in one class per arrangement. (Bass, Rhythm, lead) but you may participate in all available arrangements

6. One Song is chosen for all Instruments and classes

7. Every Saturday new songs are chosen. From all participants of a class, one is chosen at random by Kaijin, Krazyone or Richomat.

8. Every member should put the song he/she would choose in the Song Selection List

9. Only 1 song per class will be selected and only custom DLC's with at least 1 arrangement for guitar and 1 arrangement for bass are allowed. Also Originally included DLC may be selected as well. NO OFFICIALLY RELEASE DLC is supported at this time. . 

10. You only need to change the song in the list if you are selected. If not, you can keep the same choice, or choose another, it's up to each one of you.

11. On Saturday, if your name is picked and you didn't entered any song in the Song Selection List, another member will be chosen.

12. Starting with the publication of the songs, you may enter your score.

13. The scores are entered in the corresponding google doc: Leaderboard Kaijin, Krazyone, richomat and afterdark take care of entering the scores.

14. You must post a screenshot with your score showing the Accuracy %.

15. Ranking is done by percentage first, then by Longest Streak.

16. If you play LAS (Learn a Song), you percentage will be always, xx.00%, if you prefer SA (Score Attack), your percentage will always be xx.xx%.

17. You may choose any song for your class as long as it's provided on the forums and has at least 1 arrangement for each instrument.

18. Every song is up for discussion until Sunday around 23:00 UTC. If you think a song is to hard, please let us know in the thread, so we may discuss it.

19. After Sunday 23:00 the songs are set and are not allowed to change.

20. The contest closes the next Saturday around 18:00 UTC

21. The winners are announced in the OP of the corresponding week's thread.

22. Rules may change without notice. So watch out.


Last weeks winners:

Beginner: MonstaS4
Intermediate: Motive
Masterclass: Thrallsa

Beginner: MonstaS4
Intermediate: Motive
Masterclass: firekorn

Beginner: Izzy
Intermediate: Arcolett2005
Masterclass: doyleman7

Congrats to all the winners and a special recognition to those who scored 100%. Now lets get this new week started.

The songs for this week are:


Beginner: Metric - Sick Muse


Intermediate: Volbeat - Maybelenne I Hofteholder


Masterclass: Fall out Boy - Beat it


Posting this now as I will not be around at 2:00EST to post it. I am leaving the other competition up so you guys still have time to submit scores. Once I have more time tonight I will add the winners of last weeks competition to this post. As always if there is any problems with these songs please post it and we will choose different ones. 

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I must admit that John Mayer is too much for me, but I just wanted to say that the custom doesn't seems to be 100% accurate...

For exemple, on the 4th part of RR we are supposed to play at 10th fret and according to me no fret sounds better...

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@@Collision Just try to learn this song. Beautiful melody and voice. Very easy, I learned it for two evening between business almost 100% without problems.

off the record

Metric -Lead Accuracy 99.56 streak 365



@@steroma  Who is John Mayer?

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I have a few undetected power chords and a section or two to work on but looking ok so far..


@. I found my note detection better when moving from 10 to 11-56.. It's still not perfect - though I've noticed that if I forget to switch my guitar to the correct setting (rhythm/lead) it does make a difference (more missed notes)..

I'm not a death metal fan so won't be giving Intermediate a go..  :)







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Depends.. :)
If I'm only missing notes due to them not being recognised (rather than being able to play them), then I'm not too worried about getting to 100%. I can improve on this score though.

I've also got a wife and daughter to keep happy, so that limits my guitar time, these days. ;)


Slight update.. Happy enough with this..

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I like the Master class choice this week, been on the list a looooong time.  So much so, its now going to be a video project with lead and rhythm.


I've been really putting a lot of hours trying to improve my LH RH integration, economy technique, LH legato, touch and speed.  For too long I've been using way too much pressure on my fretting fingers, and even with warm-ups, 3+ hour sessions, sometimes 2 a day, is causing some sore tendons in my left fore arm.


I know I'm coming up on another plateau of skill, so eliminating bad habits is now a priority, or I risk injury. That being said, I hope to put up some scores this week.


We have some very cool people and some awesome musicians in this friendly competition, and I'm glad I found CF.

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I have never taken a guitar lesson, but i have been thinking about doing so.



Todays result.



It seems yet another weak the intermediate song is to hard for me. Have intermediate been lifted a bit in difficulty or am i just becoming worse at playing each weak?

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Out of interest.. How many people competing here take regular guitar lessons?I'm starting to look for a guitar teacher.. Not sure what to look for.Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk


I'm on an online guitar lesson site. A lot of videos covering every aspect of guitar and music, from gear, general music theory, songs, artists studies, techniques etc. They say there's like 5000 vids and i believe them :D After few months with RS I figured I'll need some theory and guidance because RS wont make me play out of my head, it wont teach me music.

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Yeah, I know there is a load of info online (and I so make use of it) but I don't think it compares to 1 on 1 (or group) tuition..

There is a group class that starts near where I live in September. Wanted to get some 1 on 1 in before then (once a month should be enough. Weekly I think is a bit of a waste of cash).  :)


Slight improvement..



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Out of interest.. How many people competing here take regular guitar lessons?I'm starting to look for a guitar teacher.. Not sure what to look for.Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk

I live in the north, low pop, and no mentors to go work with, even if I could afford the expense.  Disability income isn't much here.


Personally, if you can find a talented mentor you have a good rapport with, it will be very beneficial. Until then, Rocksmith, Utube vids, friends who kick ass on guitar, and a good work ethic has worked for a lot of players.


If nothing else, play because it takes you to a happy place. 

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My first attempt for Sick Muse:


I don't like this one that much... but Beat it is to hard for me and intermediate doesn't inspire me at all this week...

Anyway "may the best man win"!



I use to take some lessons with some teachers and it was for me a total waste of time and money...

May be I wasn't motivated enough, may be I met the wrong people... 

At this point rocksmith was my cheapest and best teacher...

Edited by steroma
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I thought about it and decided that I would not teach : In Flames - "he jester race". Bad tabs, bad tuning C, and dont like the song.


Upd. If will not replaced intermediate song, i will pass this week challenge. MC song have complicated solo for my and crap RR. A pity waste time for long learn it.

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Once again I'm out.  Beginner song too difficult for me on lead and has no rhythm section.  Think I might be out for good this time, don't think I'm cut out for guitar.  Good luck guys.


@@Collision - Don't give up!  Different songs work for different people.  I couldn't even post a score last week, Just couldn't get to grips with it.


I must admit I'm not a hugely competitive person and so it doesn't bother me when I'm at the bottom, but I do try to use it as inspiration to improve.


I look at the improvement @@Smile has made and it gives me hope.  Of course he practices until his hand is about to fall off.  I don't think i have that dedication and time.  He has gone from beginner through to MC in an amazingly short time though.


As long as you can see any improvement over the last month or so then it's worth it!


What are you having issues with?  I only ask as it might be something like note detection or something holding you back and someone might have some good tips to help.

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  • Administrator

Here my part on the MC, too bad there's some problem in the chart but the solo is sooo hard...




Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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