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Rhythm Exercises


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ARTIST...................: YouALBUM....................: NoneTITLE....................: Rhythm ExercisesVERSION..................: 1INSTRUMENT(S)............: Lead, Rhythm, BassTUNING...................: E StandardCUSTOM TONE..............: Sweet Emotion'sDYNAMIC DIFFICULTY.......: YesDIFFICULTY LEVELS........: 20RIFF REPEATER............: YesSCROLL SPEED.............: 1.4PACKAGE ID...............: 248750 CherubPLATFORMS................: PC, Mac, Xbox360, PS3

The original idea was strumming exercises for the guitar, but even though the charts DO have strum up/down indicators the game does NOT show them, and so I decided to call it rhythm exercises instead leaving it to you if you strum up or down, or just all downs.


Rhythm: Open Chords (C, Am, G, F) 1st position.Lead: Power Chords (C5, A5, G5, F5) all over the low-E string for a heavier sounds.Bass: Single notes over the low 3 strings 1st position.


The track is 12 bars each its own 2 independent section without counting the lead-in silence and the out. Well 12 in 4/4 time, you can also think of them as 24 in 2/4... I had to do it this way or there would be over 256 levels of difficulty.


Each section has 20 difficulties each with a completely different rhythm pattern:

    1 & 2 &0:1: *2:   *3:	 *4:	   *5: * *6: *   *7: *	 *8:   * *9:   *   *10:	 * *11: * * *12: * *   *13: *   * *14:   * * *15: * * * *16: *  *  *  1/617: ***	  1/1218:	 ***  1/1219: *** ***  1/12

That should be enough to let you practice almost any rhythm.


Using this page as reference we some example strums patterns using 4 sections:

#1 15 15 15 15#2  6  6  6 13#3  6 13  6 13#4 13 13 13 13#5  6 14 13 14#6  1  7 11 13#7 13 13 13 13 with only the bass strings on the 1st beat of each#8  6 15  6 15 only bass strings on the 1st beat of the 6s#9  6 13  6 13 only bass strings on both beats of the 6s

Basically it is mix and match to form the patterns you want.Needless to say you want Riff Repeater to NOT level your sections up automatically if you want specific patterns, BUT it is fun to get constantly changing patterns too so that's another way to play.


You can totally cheat and just play really fast, but you are only cheating yourself.


Downloads link: PC (Tested) Mac Xbox 360 PS3


Is it just me or does 13 get around?

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These lesson customs are great, thank you very much!




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Total noob here... this is exactly what I've been hoping someone would make to help me practice.  I am a little confused though. 


Do I just get in riff repeater, select the entire song, and set the difficulty in increments of five to get the 20 different patterns?  Or is there something else I'm missing?


Again, thanks for making this!

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Each difficulty is a pattern, they are listed in order. You go into RR and set each section (worth 2 beats) to the patterns you want to practice, and set RR to not level up because that would change the patterns on you - unless you want that. I found the progressively harder patterns lots of fun while testing the package, specially if they start off at different levels.

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