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  1. thinking of taking lessons myself, might give Roc Prodigy a quick bash before going down that route.
  2. Aerosmith - i dont want to miss a thing. kinda ironic lol
  3. Using this rather over priced pick but it works for me : http://s29.postimg.org/8p6v1ds9f/photo_1.jpg http://s29.postimg.org/44komg8k3/photo_2.jpg http://s29.postimg.org/jekjtn42b/photo_3.jpg
  4. really makes me wonder how i can be so bad at googling, the only one i found for guitars you had to pay for. thanks for the link , grabbed the ones i need.
  5. I've seen some good ones and some shocking ones! First one probs would have been britney spears and Aaron Carter when like 10 with my sister and mum. Since then ive seen in no perticular order Muse - Wembley they were amazing best band ive seen who were supported by -Biffy Clyro - were ok, prefer their albums Foo Fighters at wembley, they were really good, pretty sure they were supported by Manic Street preachers who sang rihanna's umbrella song which was actually really good! My chemical Romance - these were ok pidgeon detectives at my local club thingy, like 500 people there brilliant night Take that - watched these when they did their comeback thingy, took the mrs for her 18th if i remember rightly. Atlas - these are a local band who are really good, they supported pidgeon detectives. Most of the ones i really want to see i cant :( : Oasis / Guns and Roses / System of a Down / marilyn manson / Slipknot / Korn/ Queen / iron maiden
  6. Hello Does anyone know what software / sites i can get backing tracks from without the guitar bits in or with the option to remove parts? I have guitar Pro but the sounds awful for the instruments on most of the tracks. Had a google but most of them seem to relate to singing backing tracks.
  7. http://s28.postimg.org/5oe7dn0il/amp.jpg got this yesterday for £35 :) i had to plug another guitar in rocksmith to get past the tuning bit so i could so the sons to play through the amp
  8. thanks, i shall give this a go tomorrow :)
  9. that amp looks neat, i've not got one yet as just playing on rocksmith for now, might have a look into them ones. How you finding learnign guitar?
  10. http://s29.postimg.org/pmb3l0lb7/guitar_1.jpg http://s29.postimg.org/iukoi5wbn/guitar_2.jpg
  11. actually got something quite different, got a ibanez art300 bnc. Cost £320 inc gig bag. Very comfy to play and sounds good.
  12. Hello I'm currently learning to play on an encore strat styled electric guitar that i piked up for £30 2nd hand. It'd pretty tatty and when my brother brought round his les paul styled electric i found it a fair bit nicer to play. I tend to get moaned at when using riff repeater on some songs as it's repating the same bit so was thinking of getting semi acoustic. The one that i like is the epiphone es 335 dot which seems to get good reviews: http://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/epiphone-es-335-dot-213412 This is in my budget (£300 max), i am a big oasis fan so seems great for that as i can use it for the accoustic parts (may not sound perfect but hey ho im not great yet lol) Is there any other suggestions? It doesn't need to be semi accoustic but it'd be a bonus, budget is £300, needs to be fairly easy to play... by this i mean i had an ESP LTD f-50 going back a fair few years and just didn't find it comfy to play. shame as it was in blood red and looked ace!
  13. Dunlop Tortex .73 mm and sometimes 1.14 mm I'm going to try one of those new pykmax ones when they're about in the uk.
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