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Chords visuals broken after remastering?


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So I noticed this problem a way back, but wasn't sure what it was about. Now that I've tested more, it looks like when you repair a CDLC with the CFSM repair tab, my chords in game show each individual chord instead of just showing the 'repeat this chord' lines. Maybe it's a setting or maybe it's got something to do with the DDC. 


Anyone else also noticed this?

Here is an example in a video:


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For your information, DDC v3.2 doesn't break anymore handShapes or chord density statuses on a phrase change.

Oh, very nice, thank you!


I whether a few of my songs wasn't fully repaired because of the fact that I repaired them in batches (so I forgot to repair some of them) or because I used a wrong phase length... Now I'm sure it was the former. :)

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  • 1 year later...

The issue "highdensity bug" still remains in the song manager on many customs released before RS Remastered.

I'm using SM v1.4.1.4. I messaged @@Chlipouni about it.


The problem rises when the DD is not regenerated. (I'm using DD3.4)

It may happen in the toolkit too.


In the Song manager, the option "overwrite existing DD" must be checked in the Repair menu, to avoid the bug.


BUT when the option "Edit Song Information" is executed, DD is never rebuild,

It then creates the highdensity bug,
It can be very annoying not to see the forest for the trees

Some examples of many where it happens :

  • The Zoo, Scorpions (rhythm part)
  • Ghost Bowl, Bonamassa (rhythm part)
  • Cum On Feel the Noise, Quiet Riot
My conclusion would be that the Songmanager and the Toolkit should systematically rebuild DD versions older than the version released after the RS Remastered.


I also wonder why keep an old version of DD in a subfolder of the Song manager,

a link to the toolkit subfolder would be obvious.


Finally, is there a chance one day to be able to select a cDLC in the Songmanager, and start the Toolkit to import it.

(I know it requires collaboration on both sides of programming)


Thank you for reading.

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@@TomSawyer2112 have you tried it with the toolkit? it's main issue with sng file where was some flaw with encoding chord notes or what, should be fixed by repacking the song using update sng flag :)

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Yes, Once I have noticed the bug in RS, and now that I know where it comes from,

I can manually Remove DD, and Repack DD in the Toolkit, and it works fine.


But isn't it annoying to "correct" cdlc in the Song Manager, (edit or repair)

and then notice some other day that arrangements have masses of repeated full drawn chords?


First thing I thought for over a year now (and many users may think that too) :

yet another bad unplayable custom, bad charter, delete it and avoid the charter   :(

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