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Hey there everyone, :)


I have picked up Rocksmith 2014 almost two years, and since day one it got me frustrated but i kept myself trying to push to play guitar but it never got along.


The problem i see is with the song collection in Rocksmith 2014 it seems that it goes from simple powerchords songs to complex songs in no time. And im still a beginner and dont know how to play guitar. The motivation is there but not the knowlegde. I love to listen to Hard rock and Metal and just want to learn the songs that my favorite bands play.


My question is, Is there any like list of songs that start out for beginners and gradully get more complex, like a learning guide ?


I fonund a list on Justin Guitar.com, but i wanted to check out if anyone here can give me help.


Or am I working the wrong way with Rocksmith 2014?


Thank you all for the help already in advanced :(

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You should build up yourself a library of 10-20 songs that you can manage somehow at a speed of about 80%.

Write down your progress, and increase the speed. Train sectors daily in riff repeator, 


Try to memorize, and play them without RS, look your fingers and care about technique.

Use your own tone effect and amp, thats how you hear best your errors.


Build up a library of different styles - melodies, arpeggio's, finger picking, simple chords, rhythm patterns.

Don't forget exercises, you find them in my collection topic.



p.s. my customs are also tagged beginner, intermediate, advanced

and every charter should do so ;)

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Hi Ovoid :) 99.9% of learning to play is playing!IStarted with Rs1 when it 1st came out.I played years ago&only knew bits,beginings&the odd reconisable rift,I wanted to play a track not bits!I tryed&tryed with tabulature,listen to (back then)records of tracks i wonted to learn trying to get the right rythum by following the tabulature&listen to the records(lifting the stylus&putting it back again&again lol),some friends also used to show me bits!The frustration of not being able to link tabulature&listening to the tracks together got the better of me&i stopped playing!I still had that wish to be able to play&1 day i decided to look into getting guitar hero to see if that could help me develop my rythum&therfore help me with playing a real guitar!This is when i found Rocksmith!I started looking on ebay for a cheap guitar!I found&won an Epiphone SG400 Pro,i went to game station the next day&bought Rocksmith,jump on the train to London,payed&collected my SG,got home put RS on(xbox 360 then)started playing(after going through the setup ect)the recommended tracks,Rolling Stone's-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction&Black Keys-Next Girl,obviously being a beginner the DD was on!Sat there single notes twang-twang-twang got more notes twing-twang-twang-twing,tryed some other tracks(there wasn't many tracks i knew or even licked!)again twang-twang-twang!Puff don't think much of this!aint what i was expecting,aint as good as i thought it was going to be!I was disappointed with it but i kept at it cose my passion to be able to play was greater than my disappointment!I found tracks that i could get more&more notes(even tho i didnt perticulary like them)like The Cure-Boys don't Cry,2 top strings mostly!built this track up to all notes(ha im getting somewere!)tryed harder tracks that were way out my skill set(Avenge Sevenfold)but found there were parts of the tracks i was getting!Then i got Rs on pc found Smithy Anvil(which was the cdlc site before this 1)got cdlc's to play,i found Metallica-Am I Evil downloaded it played it&WOW!i played it better than i could ever had emagine!that was a massive turning point in my ability to play!I download tracks now&i have to put all notes in(if they have DD)to be able to play them anywere close!That is my experiance with Rs&i can now see that all the twinging&twanging in the beginning was wurth it!The slow buildup of notes help you move around the fret board,get familiar with positioning your fingers on certain fret's or strings untill you automaticilly position you finger on the 5th fret 4th string&slide to the 9th or power chord the 6th&5th strings on the 3rd&5th fret&jump to the 5th&4th string on the 7th&9th fret!Keep a it!IT WILL!come in the end if you really wont it to,as you get more familiar with the fret board you will start to learn different technics,palm mutting ect!Then 1 day you will find that you can play(like me not brilliant,but you can)&then tracks you play WILL!start sounding better the more you Play!Hope this give's you the incouregment to continue! :)These people are very helpfull    https://www.facebook.com/groups/801980203218983/?ref=bookmarks

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Another trick to try, if you have the money to spare, is get a bass and horse around with it for a while. I wanted to play bass, started with it and now fool around some with baritone and the occasional regular guitar, but it gives you something to work up with.


Especially since if you play bass, it gives you a mechanical advantage in going to guitar, namely guitars are much smaller and have little delicate strings. I can reach 7-8 frets on a guitar and bend a tone and a half if I want to. There's no way I could physically do anything like that after only a year and a half only playing guitar.


And who knows, you might get the short straw setting up a band and be stuck playing bass. ;) Just kidding. Bass is a very different instrument, musically, but it is much easier to get into playing cool songs on bass, as long as you're not a huge fan of Rush or Dream Theater. Both of those groups are ... well, Geddy Lee is why I play bass. 

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I just downloaded a bunch of CDLC  and tried to play a few songs but its as if they are on expert and at full speed. I'm completely new to playing guitar and Rocksmith. I've turned off the dynamic difficulty and the other options listed below it. Is there any other way to slow it down and less notes and Chords until I feel more comfortable with advancing?


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  • Administrator

@@Monte Motorsports Dynamic difficulty is what reduce that amount of note and chord complexity on each song so if you deactivate it, you won't get it obviously but you can always use the riff repeater to slow down section of the song to play them.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

@@DavieScars you really should join us at the Championships - Each week you get a new song to master on lead, rhy and bass if you want, there are others to compete against and in no time you will see you reach the next level.



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-= Put the Songs you want to be played into SONG SELECTION LIST =-


On 11/8/2016 at 8:32 PM, Vodka said:

I hated Royal Republic prev. time. I hate it this time too.

UPD: OK. I hate every song. I guess I need to stop.


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