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Having an issue


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So got the song all synced, everything all done.. sections all done. Generate the DD.


So I go to test it in game.. I notice a few of the first notes in the song are not showing and the first section that a few of the notes are missing from, is also not showing. (the song is trapped under Ice by Metallica) the first few notes that refuse to show are Palm Muted Open E String, and first two double stops of the song (A Open, D Open then A 3, D 3). At first. I had them and the next part labeled as Intro and nothing was showing in the intro section.. so I broke it up with another section that I randomly named. And then the second set of double stops were showing now correctly after I gave it it's own section.


So Now its just the first note and two double stops that refuse to show.

​So I go into riff repeater and turn the difficulty all the way up and then click on resume and the game crashes.


I have tried just about everything to fix this.


Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Never had this problem before.


Anyone have any suggestions or fix this issue before?

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Is there any empty beats left at the beginning of the song to allow EOF to properly create the Count In phrase?


Note that i never encountered such issue myself so it's more of a guess than anything.

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No, unfortunately the first note is on the first beat in the tabs, there is no empty space at the beginning of the song. The only empty space is from where I added the leading silence.

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If you run into problems with the leading silence function, picking the option to re-encode the audio often helps. OggCat (provides for the stream copy option) is nice, but it doesn't work well with some OGG files.


Just to localize the problem, create a DDC-free chart and see if the problem still occurs. DDC has some rules you have to follow and this could be a quick way to find out if that's part of it.

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Okay it works without the dynamic difficulty, going to try to fiddle around with the settings in Dynamic difficulty generator to see if I can get it working.

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Don't know if anyone else had this issue, but when I use the "push offset back" feature I get some chords that donesn't have the repeated strum pattern on them(even with "HD" enabled on them) so that's why I stopd to use this feature.

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