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  1. Rockfirstlast's post in Song on display was marked as the answer   
    In EOF:
    Song -> Create Preview Audio
  2. Rockfirstlast's post in Slide on one note in power chord was marked as the answer   
    Here's the notes, tech note view, and in-game example

    Just get rid of the normal slide in EOF and go into tech view (F4 for tech view).
    Create a tech note on the A string and press ctrl+up to create a slide.  Enter 8 for the slide end.
    Create a tech note on the D string and press ctrl+up to create a slide.  Enter 10 for the slide end.
    Purple highlights are the handshape lanes.  Optional, but it makes the chart look ODLC.  You can create them by pressing ctrl+shift+h until it turns purple.
  3. Rockfirstlast's post in How do I create this? was marked as the answer   
    Select note (or range of notes)
    Press CTRL+SHIFT+O
  4. Rockfirstlast's post in Chord strumming slide? was marked as the answer   
    Oops.  If you want to quickly strum all the notes a bunch of times during the slide, yeah tremolo will work.  CTRL+O.
  5. Rockfirstlast's post in 'changing' tuning, ie renaming away from 'custom tuning' was marked as the answer   
    Here's one way of updating it.
    Open the latest version of Rocksmith Toolkit. https://www.rscustom.net/builds
    Click on the CDLC Creator tab.
    At the bottom click "Import" and select the psarc file.
    In the Arrangements box double click Bass.
    In the tuning drop down box select Eb drop Db.  Press OK.
    Hit "Generate" at the bottom and you'll get an updated file.
  6. Rockfirstlast's post in Songs With BPM Changes was marked as the answer   
    You can create a tempo map in EOF.  Here are a couple tutorials:
  7. Rockfirstlast's post in How to make a chart with 16 difficulty levels into a chart with only 1 difficulty level in EOF ? was marked as the answer   
    Under the DDC tab in the toolkit you can remove DD.
    Select Config File: ddc_merge_all_levels then click Generate.
  8. Rockfirstlast's post in New to EOF - Need Help was marked as the answer   
    There are many tutorials here, but if you want to limit your reading check these two out:
    Regarding slides:
    Left click a note to select it.
    Mouse scroll up/down to change the note length (or press "[" and  "]"  )
    Press CTRL+UP for a slide to a higher note.  A popup box will ask where you want the slide to end.
    Press CTRL+DOWN if you want to slide to a lower note.
  9. Rockfirstlast's post in Newbie question: Fingerprint zones? was marked as the answer   
    Handshapes.  Select the range of notes and press CTRL+SHIFT_H.
    More specifically:
    Using EOF click the first note you want in the "fingerprint zone"
    hold shift
    click the last note you want in the "fingerprint zone"
    let go of shift
    Now the notes are selected.
    Press CTRL+SHIFT_H
    You'll see the range of notes get highlighted.
    Click the first note and press F
    define the handshape the way you want it.
  10. Rockfirstlast's post in Modeling Software was marked as the answer   
    You could use Rocksmith and use the tone you are going to add to the custom.
    This does not work if you are using audio through HDMI or USB or Optical.
    This does not work with some motherboards.
    This usually works with Windows machines using the green line-out port.
    Load up your tone in the game.
    When you switch over to EOF the sound from Rocksmith will cut off.
    Open up the windows Sound menu (Either right click the speaker icon in the bottom right or type "sound" in the start menu and it should pop up)
    Switch to the playback tab.
    "Speakers" (or something named similarly) will be selected as the default device.  Select a different device listed and click "Default Device".  You'll lose all audio from your speakers.
    Click speakers and make them the default device again.
    You'll get your audio back but this time you'll still hear your guitar in Rocksmith while other windows are active.
  11. Rockfirstlast's post in Song Ends Before Starting, But Doesn't Freeze/Crash was marked as the answer   
    I did some forum searching and I can't redistribute wwise on these boards, but you can still download the version that works with the toolkit.  On the wwise download page click "Older Versions".  Unfortunately you have to register on the site, but if you feel uncomfortable giving them your e-mail address just use a throwaway.
    Download 2015.1.9 build 5264 (stable) and the autoinstaller will put it on your machine.  You do not have to delete the old version, just point to the right directory in the toolkit (likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise v2015.1.9 build 5624).  FYI, I just installed this version and it works on my machine.
    Now you will never have to open Wwise again, and you are less likely to make a mistake during the conversion process (a common error when the song doesn't start properly).
    I bet that will fix the problem, but if it doesn't we'll go from there.
  12. Rockfirstlast's post in My CDLC keeps crashing was marked as the answer   
    Tried again and it worked.
    Here's exactly what I did (without skipping any steps):
    - Opened up the notes.eof file using the latest version/hotfix of EOF
    - Deleted the tech notes starting from 196 seconds to 212 seconds
    - Saved and quit
    - Provided a placeholder album art file
    - Loaded up all arrangements in toolkit v2.7.1.0-60593c68 beta and filled in any blank fields
    - Created psarc file (I did not have Dynamic Difficulty generated)
    This may or may not be related, but I would put an INTRO section/phrase at the first note.  Not having a section there will mess up riff repeater (possibly mess up DDC too).
  13. Rockfirstlast's post in Import to EOF was marked as the answer   
    Using the Rocksmith Toolkit:
    -Click on the Packer/Unpacker tab
    -Tick SNG->XML and Decode Audio
    -Click Unpack
    -Select the file then choose your directory
    Using EOF
    -Click FIle-New
    -In the Audio-Windows folder you unpacked select the ogg file that is larger in file size (there may be 2 files)
    -Enter the Artist and Title  and press OK
    -Click Songs-Track-PartRealGuitar22
    -Click File- Import- Rocksmith
    -In the songs-arr folder you unpacked select the guitar arrangement
    Some info may be lost, but not too much.
  14. Rockfirstlast's post in Custom Song Preview was marked as the answer   
    Delete both wem files and let the toolkit recreate them using your wav files.
    Don't rename anything.
    It has to be in this format (EOF will do it automatically):
    The tookit will generate Wonderwall.wem and Wonderwall_preview.wem which will be used when packing the song.
  15. Rockfirstlast's post in Song causing game to crash was marked as the answer   
    Narrowing it down even further:
    At 189 and 302 seconds there are about 60 tech notes tied to a single note.  Deleting these fixes the crash.  Vibrato status works well as a replacement.
    Off topic; this is a cool song.  Sounds like something out of Dark Side of the Moon.
  16. Rockfirstlast's post in Error with Toolkit Configuration (DDC) was marked as the answer   
    Started the DLC template from scratch and the problem no longer occurs.
  17. Rockfirstlast's post in How to make PSARC file? was marked as the answer   
    From scratch?
    Here is one of the tutorials for making a psarc file:
    More here:
    Long story short:
    Create Beatmap in EOF, import Tablature, generate PSARC file with Rocksmith Toolkit, test and refine.
  18. Rockfirstlast's post in Maximum Bend Strength was marked as the answer   
    Here's a test chart:
    And this is the result:

    As everyone suggested, pitch detection works but the display maxes out at 3 arrows.
  19. Rockfirstlast's post in Slide not showing in rocksmith. was marked as the answer   
    If the slide doesn't have an end note defined (maybe that's why there is a question mark?)
    Click the note
    Press CTRL+UP (or down if you're sliding down)
    enter the end note for the lowest note in the chord.
  20. Rockfirstlast's post in Timing and notes out was marked as the answer   
  21. Rockfirstlast's post in Notes moving too far down or up the chart was marked as the answer   
    You are dragging notes left and right, and they are moving in giant steps?
    If so, it's probably the grid snap.  You can disable it by pressing g, but you should probably just set it to 1/32.
  22. Rockfirstlast's post in frets above 17 considered mute? was marked as the answer   
    Change this setting in EOF to 24
  23. Rockfirstlast's post in Tone changing was marked as the answer   
    Double click the arrangement in the toolkit and make sure the TONES SELECTOR boxes are filled out.
    More info here: http://customsforge.com/topic/15706-tone-changes/
  24. Rockfirstlast's post in Sections and Phrases in Riff Repeater, one note missing? was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, you got it right.  SmellyOrc has a pretty detailed topic with lots of input from other users here:
    As for the missing note, it could be a millisecond off the grid.  Click the note and press CTRL+SHIFT+R and it will line up with the grid properly.
    If there are no triplets, funky rhythmic patterns, or ultrafast notes feel free to grid snap the whole song with Edit->GridSnap->1/32 selected.  If you get an error message saying notes are gonna combine, cancel out.
  25. Rockfirstlast's post in How do I get fret hand positions to show up in EoF? was marked as the answer   
    F11 for options
    tick the hand positions box
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