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Are you talking about MIDI tones? You can edit the MIDI instrument number used by editing the eof.config file while EOF isn't running. Other than that, your options are to install a different software synth (the built-in Windows one has many limitations) or connect a hardware synth to the computer and use that.

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I wasnt very clear and apologize for that. When Im doing any charting, I generally have my guitar at hand at the same time playing along with the tabs. I use the real tone cable then click "listen" in the recording device within the windows system sounds. Unfortunately the default playback drivers sound very muddy and Im looking for software like Guitar Rig or similar to run the guitar thru while working with EOF. Im doing bass charting and do not have an amp so at the moment, external sound sources are not available.


Thanks for the reply

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You could use Rocksmith and use the tone you are going to add to the custom.


This does not work if you are using audio through HDMI or USB or Optical.

This does not work with some motherboards.

This usually works with Windows machines using the green line-out port.


Load up your tone in the game.

When you switch over to EOF the sound from Rocksmith will cut off.

Open up the windows Sound menu (Either right click the speaker icon in the bottom right or type "sound" in the start menu and it should pop up)

Switch to the playback tab.

"Speakers" (or something named similarly) will be selected as the default device.  Select a different device listed and click "Default Device".  You'll lose all audio from your speakers.

Click speakers and make them the default device again.

You'll get your audio back but this time you'll still hear your guitar in Rocksmith while other windows are active.

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