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  1. I will give that a try... Thank you
  2. I wasnt very clear and apologize for that. When Im doing any charting, I generally have my guitar at hand at the same time playing along with the tabs. I use the real tone cable then click "listen" in the recording device within the windows system sounds. Unfortunately the default playback drivers sound very muddy and Im looking for software like Guitar Rig or similar to run the guitar thru while working with EOF. Im doing bass charting and do not have an amp so at the moment, external sound sources are not available. Thanks for the reply
  3. Does anyone know of any modeling software that will work with EOF? the default tone that the windows driver gives is annoying beyond belief. All you other charters know what I am talking about.
  4. Terry, Mine has updated also but no ill effects are taking place. CDLC's are playing fine on my end. I havent tried generating anything since the patch came out and I should. Lacey has been working on a lot of stuff and Ive been helping her out with a few. I havent rebooted my PC since the update either. We'll see what happens in the near future. -Tank
  5. I have the same problem with my G930 headset. The crackle gets worse when someone uses the microwave but that is the wireless frequency. What annoys me the most is the low volume. I was hoping that when UBI updated to remastered, they would have worked a fix for the headset.
  6. Just go to the File menu in EOF and choose Load. Then find my notes.eof. If the guitar.ogg is in the same directory, EOF will automatically use it. :) @@avdocatwork Sorry Terry, I gave you a BAD example. Yeah, what Lacey said.... LOL
  7. I'll be happy to provide the other files, but they really aren't necessary. The moment you load the notes.eof file into EOF and then save, the other files (the XMLs) are created by EOF automatically. Here they are: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-Jas3sMyFUbRTZXMEJSX1hVc2c By the way, I've completed Girl by the Beatles and will probably post it on Friday, if not sooner. Not sure I'll be doing any more Beatles, unless it is multitrack versions of songs that have already been posted here. (I love me some multitracks!) I can set up some multitrack WAVs for some of the Beatles tunes, and
  8. @@avdocatwork Terry, Things are going well in the state north of Chicago. 3 weeks off from work is wearing thin but I'm starting back Monday morning. No more graveyard shift. Going to feel like a real person for a change. I've picked up EOF and have been helping Lacey out doing QC on a few of her tunes. The weather is nice up here man, woke up this morning to a blistering 69 degrees. Windows open, no a/c running. Michelle has family scattered from Frisco to Keller so when we visit I will most definitely bring the bass and the beer. Tell Lisa we said "hello"
  9. Well guys, Texas was in my rear view Friday the 19th. Terry, Im sorry that I hadn't come by to see you and Lisa before we left. Work kept us busy until the last minute. Manchot, Im about 60-70 miles north of you. Maybe one of these day I can make the trip down there. Weather in Wisconsin is very nice compared to Texas. Its good to be settled and up and running. Was jonesing for my bass for 8 days and played the hell out of it yesterday. Now my index finger is blistered and killing me. LOL Time to get back to work.
  10. Im going to be 3 blocks from the big lake in Ken-no-where. We'll play it by ear. Im really hoping to get with Avdoc one more time before I move.
  11. Manchott66, Im moving north of you in late August right on the north side of the state line. Can probably meet up before the weather gets real crappy.
  12. Had a chance to meet up with Avdocatwork last night. Drank a few beers, made some noise, and probably pissed off the neighbors til 1am. Had a great deal of fun. Ripped off Avdoc's CDLC collection as well as sharing mine. Hope to do it again soon. Glad to see Lisa and Michelle got along too. Sorry CRC... No pics. LOL
  13. Terry, I ran thru the bass on Margaritaville. There are wrong notes and as posted on another title, it is incomplete. I can help if you would like. I have nothing else to do tonight. All I would need is the guitar.ogg and note.eof files. The call is yours. -Tank
  14. Avdocatwork, I ran threw threw the jungle and the only thing I can see wrong with it is, the CDLC doesn't place with the other CCR tunes. Nice work.
  15. Just tried out Green River on bass and all looks good to go. Took 3.5 tries to reach the 100% mark. LOL Not sure about the tone. Think its a little low and muddy, seems like it could be punchier but thats me. Well done Advocat.
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