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Import to EOF


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Using the Rocksmith Toolkit:

-Click on the Packer/Unpacker tab

-Tick SNG->XML and Decode Audio

-Click Unpack

-Select the file then choose your directory


Using EOF

-Click FIle-New

-In the Audio-Windows folder you unpacked select the ogg file that is larger in file size (there may be 2 files)

-Enter the Artist and Title  and press OK


-Click Songs-Track-PartRealGuitar22


-Click File- Import- Rocksmith

-In the songs-arr folder you unpacked select the guitar arrangement


Some info may be lost, but not too much.

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@@Juggernaut72 It's SHIFT+click to select all the note in between, CTRL is for precise selection. Slides are either unpitched or pitched (as you can see in that pdf : http://static2.cdn.ubi.com/ncsa/rocksmith/website/guides/Notehead-tail%20guide.pdf ).


Unpitched slides are made with CTRL+U which will prompt you to enter the ending fret for the slides


Pitch slides are made with CTRL+UP/DOWN and it will prompt you to enter the ending fret too.


I suggest you press F1 to find all those shortcut and to carefully look into the menu a lot to find out all the things you can use/do.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Ok now I am trying to recompile the .psarc.  I installed WWise  2016.2.1.5995 and am fairly sure I have it pointing to the right directory 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise 2016.2.1.5995\Authoring\x64\Release\bin 

But i get an error stating that Wwise will not run.

I am really hoping once I get this all running it is fluid.  Argh.

Thank you for your help.


When running generate it tries to open oggcut.exe and oggdec.exe with no luck.

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