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Maximum Bend Strength

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this is technically a game limitation but I thought the EoF forum was the best place to ask...


Is there a maximum bend strength?


In my recent Gilmour Solo custom one of the complex bends I set in EoF does not appear in game - well the note/bend appears but there is no complexity to it.  At first I thought it was cause I accented the note, but there are other complex bends with accentuation in the same chart.


I am now beginning to think that it is because it contains a bend strength of 5 half steps?



Incidentally, it's one of Gilmour's massive bends in Another Brick solo.  I spent ages on that one bend, expecting it to look epic...  then a big damp slap in the face for Plum.  Boo!

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I think it might be 3, but I'd need to test.


The complex bend worked when I erased the 5, but it didn't work perfect.  I suspect the 4s too.




And the imported bend strengths are correct.  It is indeed, a fkn brutal bend :D

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@@raynebc - Since it's possible that they are different, are we talking about what the game displays, or what the game detects?


If we're talking about what the game displays, then I quote the Tech Notes tutorial:

"--> 3 arrow head maximum and the ghost string indicator described in the next question will not surpass 1 full step (i.e. deflect by no more than two strings in-game)."

It's possible that the game may be able to detect stronger bends, but it sounds like the displays won't help much past 1.5 steps.


For testing what the game actually can detect... I don't think I could get close to testing out 2 or 2.5 steps myself. Could maybe try fooling note detection with slides, slide-bends, picking the starting and ending note (if that's enough to fool the detection?), or something else.

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