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  1. Having some problems with the midi tones for palm mutes and harmonics eof_midi_synth_instrument_guitar_muted = 28 eof_midi_synth_instrument_guitar_harm = 28 since this was added to the ini and i have midi tones on, those two midi tones get stuck in an endless loop when they are played from EOF. Even after i disable midi tones using the key shortcut they still stay on without fading out. midi 28 fads out fine. I than have to minimize the EOF window and maximize it back to have those two midi sounds stopped playing. I changed both midi sounds in the ini back to 28 with the default guitar playing and that works fine now. It might be just a problem with the midi player of my soundcard after all.
  2. i usually author palm muted chords as repeats. There are situations in a few Metallica songs for example that need a crazy on some but in most cases a repeat fits best i would say.
  3. I think the admin had to restore an old backup of the forum database, thats why those posts are missing
  4. What do you want to implement? That if the sustain touches the next chords its a repeat but if there is a gap between the sustain and the next chord that next chord will get a crazy status on it?
  5. good hopefully the toolkit and EOF will run too
  6. I only upgrade if RS2014 works if not ill stay with my current OS. No RS2014 no upgrade^^
  7. Thats because a lot of charters just slap the gp tab into EOF and call it finished. If someone is not able to place with his own ear a simple thing like a rest then i have doubts that the custom will have a good quality. Im dont want to even think about tab errors in such a custom.
  8. I don't know if official Rocksmith charts always make such a distinction between two repeat chords when there's a short rest between them. As an author you have the option to explicitly use the "sustain" status on a chord to make the chart display tails for the notes in the chord and it will be obvious how long each chord in a handshape is to be played. If you want a separate handshape it's as easy as putting the crazy status on that next chord, or manually marking handshape sections. As far as i know Ubi notetrackers dont author rests, if i remember correctly they argued that it could clutter the screen and that the guitarrist would know after a few plays when to rest by themselfs. I dont agree with it, i always put a crazy when a rest is needed and when there is a sustain on a chord that i want to highlight i use as you said a sustain status on it. about sustain cuts in EOF, i always cut sustain from chords and notes. Its usually 1/16 or 1/12 that i cut but it varies depending on the BPM of the song and the distance of the notes to each other. I feel that the result is always clearner and looks that way more professional. Slides, bends and other special cases are a different story. You just need as a notetracker enough experience to know when to use what.
  9. I have noticed that after this rev all older project that i have loaded in EOF after updating to this rev are full with yellow bars. They basically needs to be resnapped again, all tracks. I always do a full resnap at the end of the project so im not sure if its an issue or just a sideeffect of you fixing the accuracy. Kind of odd if all tracks in the project where before already snapped without yellow bars showing up why now those tracks are full of yellow bars. you can use the .eof that i send you the last time. If you open that one you will see that nearly 70% of the notes are full with yellow bars. before rev 1404 this project had actually exactly only one yellow bar.
  10. I have only had in the last couple project 4/4 songs but does the "use accurate TS" now import exotic TS like 7/8 or 3/4 correctly so we dont need to double the bmp anymore during those measures?
  11. change in the toolkit the song volume of -7 to -5, its the number below the Album name. If its still too low go to -4 or -3. In general 0 is a very high volume while -12 would be very low.
  12. confirmed, xml output is all -4 and in the game its C Standard. Ill repack my other stuff and see if its working too but it looks like you fixed it. Big Thanks. :)
  13. i did a fresh install but again in the default tuningdefinition.xml c standard is already inside because its officially supported by the game. If i add a bass arr the tuning gets automatically selected by the toolkit, there is no tuning Editor popping up. Anyway i got it to work, what i did was to open the tuningdefinition.xml and delete the c standard tuning inside it. After that i added the arr and the tuning editor popps up. I changed all strings to -4, added a name and hit ok without "add as new tuning" pretty much as you said. I now unpacked the bass arrangement from the custom and the toolkit wrote it like this: <tuning string0="-4" string1="-4" string2="-4" string3="-4" string4="-4" string5="-4" /> so it looks exactly like from official DLC with all strings filled. In the game the arr is displayed as C Standard instead of Custom Tuning. Its a nice workaround but it will hopefully be fixed correctly. Edit: The workaround does have a weakness, after generating the project the tuning gets automatically stored in the tuningdefinition.xml even without adding it with the "add as new Tuning". The next project would need to having the tuning deleted again from the tuningdefinition.xml else the toolkit will again write 0 to string 4 and 5. To have the workaround to work you basically need to delete the stored tunings every time you create a project.
  14. Just a low priority thought, how doable would it be to add a third piano roll?
  15. Slayer - Angel of Death is all strings -1 Avenged Sevenfold - 2 weeks is all strings -3
  16. I dont get it, in the description above it mentions eb but eb is already in the toolkit. In my case the tuning is C standard and C standard is already in the toolkit too. When i add the arrangement in the toolkit, the toolkit does already autofill the tuning as C standard, there is no tuning Editor popping up. I just hit ok and thats it. When i look in the tuningdefinition.xml there is then this entry: <TuningDefinition Version="RS2014" Name="C Standard" UIName="C Standard" Custom="true"> <Tuning string0="-4" string1="-4" string2="-4" string3="-4" string4="0" string5="0" /> </TuningDefinition> it was automatically added after i hit generate. So its actually a bug?
  17. @@Alex360 how do i add a bass arrangement right. I unpacked one of the official dlc and it does show the bass tuning like this: <tuning string0="-3" string1="-3" string2="-3" string3="-3" string4="-3" string5="-3" /> string 4 and 5 have offsets like the other strings my custom does have the bass tuning like this (yeah i know different tuning): <tuning string0="-4" string1="-4" string2="-4" string3="-4" string4="0" string5="0" /> string 4 and 5 have the offsets at 0. Shouldnt string 4 and 5 also be at -4? The game does show that arr as custom but it should be actually c standard in the game. If i edit the arr in the toolkit and add -4 instead of 0 for string 4 and 5 after i hit ok they still stay at 0
  18. That 5 Pack is pretty much perfect. I hope that they get the distortion sound right.
  19. confirmed, that generate works fine now. I need to test the generated psarc in the game but it looks good so far. Size of the psarc is a little bit smaller by a few bytes, i guess that its because of the showlights improvement done in the last revisions. Anyway big Thanks guys :) No problem im a heavy user of the toolkit and EOF, its in my interest to help as much as i can ;)
  20. nope still the same, even if i dont use the old template and create a new one with the latest toolkit. Did you read the post above? The problem started with rev c19c79f369, what was added there seems to cause wwise to get called again when hitting generate
  21. Tried a few toolkit revisions, the problem starts with rev c19c79f369. This revision does have when hitting generate the cmd popping up again. Revs below that one work.
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