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  1. Welp, nevermind. I guess I should have looked at the pinned topic as I was still under the impression someone was developing it. But out of curiosity, was the old search just too demanding on cpu/memory/db queries? I know the pinned topic cites security issues, but I'm guessing it's to prevent bots from abusing the search url?
  2. You can't on the link you get when clicking on the song popup.http://i.imgur.com/C4wMJXm.png Try it. http://ignition.customsforge.com/search/browse?filters={%22member%22%3A%22firekorn%22}&group=artist Can't sort your search results even if I group by the uploader. http://i.imgur.com/dydnrdL.png And search preferences doesn't apply to searches... http://i.imgur.com/ayk1ZlC.png
  3. Can you re-add clicking on the column/row inside the search result to insta-search for whatever you click on without grouping? Or add a preference to never group searches because grouping results is the worst thing ever. Before I could click on an uploader and see all uploads with one click, now I've gotta click on the row, get the popup, then click the uploader's name, then try turning off grouping because I want it sorted by upload date. Also, why is sort order so hard to find: Is sort ascending or descending anywhere? I always want to see the newest upload first, but I have to click
  4. Why not add a dropdown where the section name is?
  5. http://i.imgur.com/JrYXmBv.png Tried loading two packages from songs that previously generated fine.
  6. Rather than calling something "retarded" because you don't understand how it works, why not just turn off the option under the Ignition settings? It's pretty easy. How about reading the topic so you can understand what we're talking about. http://customsforge.com/topic/3023-faq-support-for-the-requests-work-in-progress-list/?p=11161 We're talking about this page ^ right there. It appears to refresh the entire iframe that houses the request page once you type something in. You lose focus and god help you if you hit backspace.
  7. I believe it's because the stupid page does a refresh on the entire page when it "searches" as you type... which is retarded.
  8. Not sure if this applies: http://customsforge.com/topic/19801-chord-sustains-even-though-not-charted-with-sustains-sorta-answered-but-i-have-suggestions/
  9. Just tried out coolsoft's synth. Better, but still very delayed. Wonder if it's possible to add a delay compensation feature to i guess send notes X ms before it is supposed to. Also is there a hotkey to mute the waveform audio? I did notice that bends/slides don't work though. I did find a few bugs in my gp5 import that I needed to tweak caused by ghost notes, so I guess it is still pretty handy.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/view/9amzdrwff86ibb5/Screenshot%20for%20bobby.png Was trying to help a friend get the toolkit working.
  11. Here might be some useful links to existing tabs: https://www.youtube.com/user/chunzprocessor/search?query=Demetori I actually manually transcribed his video tab of Necrofantasia into tuxguitar/guitar pro and used that for the 2nd version of my Necrofantasia custom. The accuracy of a lot of these tabs leaves much to be desired. https://marisastoletheprecioustab.wordpress.com/ also has some ascii tabs.
  12. Speaking of MIDI tones. Is it just me, or do they play out of sync?
  13. I am curious as to why you are seemingly against it, if you feel like indulging me to your reasoning. Also, previewing the sustains based on the crazy status doesn't have to be transparent, a darker/lighter shade can just as easily perform the same function of indicating that a chord will sustain ingame. If you manage to add it in, then I think the most intuitive thing for charters to do when trying to shorten the preview, would be to use the scrollwheel and attempt to reduce the sustain, which doesn't do anything unless crazy is enabled... I guess I'm just thinking ahead. Anyway, I'm just
  14. Not sure what you mean by addition of space. I was referring to the sustain. For example, If i was transcribing a piece of sheetmusic/tab directly from paper into eof. I add one chord and three beats later, the same chord. Eof currently automatically makes the latter a repeat chord. I'd like it to automatically add sustain lines between the two, since that's how it appears ingame. If i had chords that spanned 10 seconds apart or whatever, i'd have to do a great deal of scrolling/zoom adjustment in order to see if the latter chord was marked correctly if it was even the same chord. If i selec
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