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  1. Welp, nevermind. I guess I should have looked at the pinned topic as I was still under the impression someone was developing it. But out of curiosity, was the old search just too demanding on cpu/memory/db queries? I know the pinned topic cites security issues, but I'm guessing it's to prevent bots from abusing the search url?
  2. You can't on the link you get when clicking on the song popup.http://i.imgur.com/C4wMJXm.png Try it. http://ignition.customsforge.com/search/browse?filters={%22member%22%3A%22firekorn%22}&group=artist Can't sort your search results even if I group by the uploader. http://i.imgur.com/dydnrdL.png And search preferences doesn't apply to searches... http://i.imgur.com/ayk1ZlC.png
  3. Can you re-add clicking on the column/row inside the search result to insta-search for whatever you click on without grouping? Or add a preference to never group searches because grouping results is the worst thing ever. Before I could click on an uploader and see all uploads with one click, now I've gotta click on the row, get the popup, then click the uploader's name, then try turning off grouping because I want it sorted by upload date. Also, why is sort order so hard to find: Is sort ascending or descending anywhere? I always want to see the newest upload first, but I have to click the last page button all the time.
  4. Why not add a dropdown where the section name is?
  5. http://i.imgur.com/JrYXmBv.png Tried loading two packages from songs that previously generated fine.
  6. Rather than calling something "retarded" because you don't understand how it works, why not just turn off the option under the Ignition settings? It's pretty easy. How about reading the topic so you can understand what we're talking about. http://customsforge.com/topic/3023-faq-support-for-the-requests-work-in-progress-list/?p=11161 We're talking about this page ^ right there. It appears to refresh the entire iframe that houses the request page once you type something in. You lose focus and god help you if you hit backspace.
  7. I believe it's because the stupid page does a refresh on the entire page when it "searches" as you type... which is retarded.
  8. Not sure if this applies: http://customsforge.com/topic/19801-chord-sustains-even-though-not-charted-with-sustains-sorta-answered-but-i-have-suggestions/
  9. Just tried out coolsoft's synth. Better, but still very delayed. Wonder if it's possible to add a delay compensation feature to i guess send notes X ms before it is supposed to. Also is there a hotkey to mute the waveform audio? I did notice that bends/slides don't work though. I did find a few bugs in my gp5 import that I needed to tweak caused by ghost notes, so I guess it is still pretty handy.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/view/9amzdrwff86ibb5/Screenshot%20for%20bobby.png Was trying to help a friend get the toolkit working.
  11. Here might be some useful links to existing tabs: https://www.youtube.com/user/chunzprocessor/search?query=Demetori I actually manually transcribed his video tab of Necrofantasia into tuxguitar/guitar pro and used that for the 2nd version of my Necrofantasia custom. The accuracy of a lot of these tabs leaves much to be desired. https://marisastoletheprecioustab.wordpress.com/ also has some ascii tabs.
  12. Speaking of MIDI tones. Is it just me, or do they play out of sync?
  13. I am curious as to why you are seemingly against it, if you feel like indulging me to your reasoning. Also, previewing the sustains based on the crazy status doesn't have to be transparent, a darker/lighter shade can just as easily perform the same function of indicating that a chord will sustain ingame. If you manage to add it in, then I think the most intuitive thing for charters to do when trying to shorten the preview, would be to use the scrollwheel and attempt to reduce the sustain, which doesn't do anything unless crazy is enabled... I guess I'm just thinking ahead. Anyway, I'm just trying to make EOF better, so I hope you don't take any offense from my suggestions.
  14. Not sure what you mean by addition of space. I was referring to the sustain. For example, If i was transcribing a piece of sheetmusic/tab directly from paper into eof. I add one chord and three beats later, the same chord. Eof currently automatically makes the latter a repeat chord. I'd like it to automatically add sustain lines between the two, since that's how it appears ingame. If i had chords that spanned 10 seconds apart or whatever, i'd have to do a great deal of scrolling/zoom adjustment in order to see if the latter chord was marked correctly if it was even the same chord. If i select the first chord and use the mousewheel to reduce the sustain line, I want it to automatically make the second chord crazy. If people are fine with the sustain/handshape/repeat indicator, they do nothing and eof functions as it currently does. I don't think there would be a case where anyone would prefer eof to NOT mark it crazy if you didn't want a full sustain to the next chord. The above applies regardless if you truncate chords or leave in the sustain, after all, eof currently ignores chord sustain unless crazy is enabled on the following chord.
  15. is there a chord after that chord? IF so, mark that following chord as crazy to remove the sustain from the previous chord. Guitar pro imports take whatever the first bpm in eof is set to. For example, if you had a gp5 file that's set at 100 bpm, and eof is at 80, all your beats will be off. You need to set them both to the same, ASSUMING the gp5 file is actually the right bpm. At which case you want to make the eof bpm the correct bpm.
  16. Nice find rockfirstlast. I do think we might have skipped over my UI display suggestion: http://i.imgur.com/5ElEMSy.png Regarding previewing the sustains based on the crazy status? For example I have a chord and a repeat chord not marked as crazy. I'd like for eof to show the sustain lines, possibly faded/or a distinct color representing that they've been automatically added in the 2d/3d view, between those two chords. With that UI improvement, if the user manually tries to reduce the length of the sustain, what if you had a dialog box popup saying something along the lines of: "reducing the sustain of this chord will force crazy status on the following chord to make this possible", which change the sustain lines to normal colored lines and enables crazy on the following chord.
  17. Uh. If I'm reading this right, it sounds like your not backing up the entire database? You're just backing up certain tables then? Assuming mysql: mysqldump --all-databases > dump-$( date '+%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S' ).sql -u (USERNAME) -p(PASSWORD) That command should backup the entire database. OFC your sysadmin/dba equivilent will probably wanna read up on it before doing anything: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysqldump.html
  18. I'm a DBA, but I mostly specialize in MS SQL and Oracle. I'm guessing this site is running MySQL since MS SQL and Oracle licenses are expensive. Especially Oracle. Anyway, Sounds like you guys don't have binary logs turned on? Backup file + logs = can roll forward the backupfile with log files to any point in time you want after the backup was taken. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/point-in-time-recovery.html
  19. @@firekorn. I edited my post above with some further discussion points. Ok, lets say eof imports chord lengths as sustains. Whole note-chords take up a whole beat or whatever and so on. All other logic that messes with the sustains of chords is removed. IF the sustain of one given chord touches the next chord//in the 2d view. >>>IF the next chord is the same chord as the touching previous chord. >>>>>>>THEN mark as a repeat chord. >>>ELSE IF the next chord is different >>>>>>>THEN do nothing. //The previous chord maintains the sustain it has. >>>ENDIF ELSE IF there is no sustain touching the next chord, do nothing. //It should display a single chord pane with no sustain in-game
  20. Welp. Looks like I inadvertently started a massive debate. How about we break it down to sub-issues? 1) gp5 import rest handling. If there is a rest after a chord, look for the next note. If that next note is a chord, check to see if its the same chord as the previous chord. If it is, mark as crazy. I don't think there will be a case where you would want rests ignored. If so, please give an example and let us analyze the merits and debate it. 2) Some sort of preview that correctly shows sustains in EOF when they're automatically added due to the lack of crazy status on the next chord. See photoshoped screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/5ElEMSy.png 3) look-ahead logic improvement? I'm a bit new to this, but I'd probably suggest the look-ahead to only check the next note/chord, not beat, after the current chord, because there's no point in checking 10 seconds worth of notes just to decide if it's the same chord and plop down a repeat chord thingy. However, I think the crux of this problem will be: do we want the import logic to import chord sustains? 4) gp5 import chord sustain handling? Why bother with invisible sustains when we can just have eof figure out chord sustains when they are imported? If the gp5 shows a whole-note sized chord, bam we get a whole beat of sustain. I really fail to see how chords or notes imported via gp5 can be 1ms. All notes have a note length based on bpm. Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, sixteenth notes, 32th notes and so on. Unless the bpm is like 1000bpm and we've got like a 1/1000th speed note, i don't think it's possible to even get a 1ms note. I guess one of the things this really boils down to is note length. In music scores, all notes have a length. Quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, and so on. Right now there seems to be a divide with rocksmith's single note display (without sustain tail). So the best question we want to ask is, what note type should we make "single note without tail" vs notes with tails? 16th notes based on bpm? or quarter notes? What do you think. Answering this will probably shed some light on how we want to handle chord sustains.
  21. I guess after I've played around with toggling crazy throughout my song, I guess I am inclined to agree, but I think my two suggestions still stand. The guitar-pro import logic will automatically add in crazy when needed, and the preview would potentially help visualize how it will actually look in-game. I think it should have the vertical sustain lines for whatever strings are in the chord in addition to the blue bar. As well as sustains lines http://i.imgur.com/5ElEMSy.png Perhaps the sustain lines should be lighter/darker to represent that the chord sustains are over-ridden by the lack of crazy being set on the next chord? If i have a gp5 score that is 100% accurate, isn't it the tool's job to import that as accurately as possible? Why did I transcribe rests after chords into gp5 if EOF is just going to ignore them?
  22. "When EoF exports your song to the XML file, it looks ahead of every chord, and if it finds the same chord within 10 seconds (at least, I believe it is 10 seconds), it will lengthen the chord's sustain all the way to the next chord. This was done to reduce screen clutter in the RS1 era (as far as I know)." quote from the link here: http://customsforge.com/topic/9858-most-common-problems-with-customs-a-few-things-that-a-charter-should-care-about/?p=79315 Assuming SmellyOrc is right about that 10 second thing.... why not default it to only do the current sustain-ignoring thing when the notes are connected by sustains? I might as well just mark my entire project as crazy notes since practically all the notes in it are like this. I don't think over-riding sustain length is worth the reduction in clutter. What's the point of basically ignoring mutes by default for chords in a game that strives to be as accurate to the song as possible? How about this as a suggestion then: Make the note highway/preview display the forced sustains for chords. This way everything is consistent and there is no confusion as to why eof is doing something it's not showing. Second suggestion. Make the guitar pro import logic interpret rests after chords auto-toggle crazy on the next chord if it is the same chord before the rest. This way, the high-density mode is activated when theirs sequential chords without rests, yet rests are preserved.
  23. Anyone have any idea why these notes have sustain until the next note/chord when it's clearly not charted this way? http://i.imgur.com/uUqHvol.png http://i.imgur.com/oOl0THl.png I get the exact same if I change the notes in EOF to: http://i.imgur.com/RBIL81l.png
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